The groom pushes the basket boat to pick up the bride on the day of the flood

Prolonged heavy rain caused many roads in Quang Ngai city to be flooded, but the wedding day was set, Ngoc and Vy still decided to organize.

At 7:00 am on October 24, Minh Ngoc put on a wedding suit, held flowers in his hand, and his parents and a team of young men wading through water 400 m from the alley to Nguyen Cong Phuong street, Quang Ngai city to board the car. go get the bride. Pants rolled up as high as they could, but everyone was still drenched to thigh level. About 3 km away, the bride Khanh Vy was already dressed in a dress, the hair and makeup stages were also completed.

“The water is getting higher and higher, but not receding,” sighed Mrs. Thanh Thao, 46 ​​years old, the bride’s mother.

30 minutes later, 14 members of the groom’s family Minh Ngoc were present at the bride’s house. Not flooded as deep as the groom’s house, the alley more than 100m long from Truong Dinh street to the bride’s house is only flooded through the individual’s eyes.

The formalities in the wedding ceremony were held in the correct order, at 9 o’clock, the bride Khanh Vy returned to her husband’s house. On a normal day, it takes 10 minutes to go from the bride’s house to the boy’s house, but now it takes more than 30 minutes because the car has to take a detour to avoid deep flooded sections. Arriving, the car stopped at the beginning of the alley, the bride and groom and the group of people waded into the house.

“When it’s flooded, I’ll carry you,” Minh Ngoc turned to his wife. Moving 50 m, the groom’s family borrowed a basket boat, the bride was given priority to sit on it, the groom pushed the boat from behind, occasionally reminding his wife to hold on tight.

“It’s strange that in the middle of Quang Ngai city, you can pick up the bride by basket boat,” said KyLu Nguyen, who took photos for the couple. As a service worker, he is no stranger to weddings by boat and basket boat in suburban communes and districts, but this is the first time he has witnessed prolonged flooding in the city, forcing him to travel by boat.

Just taking pictures, arranging the formation, and struggling to move into the country made the male photographer face many difficulties. “It’s been hard, but it’s a memorable one,” he said.

Contrary to the uncomfortable and worried mood when having to hold a wedding in the rainy season, Ngoc and Vy are happy and excited. “The weather didn’t affect our fun day,” the groom said.

The bride Khanh Vy is sitting on a basket boat.  Groom Minh Ngoc stood behind pushing the boat to bring his wife home on the morning of October 24.  Photo: KyLu Nguyen
The bride Khanh Vy is sitting on a basket boat. The groom Minh Ngoc stood behind pushing the boat to bring his wife home on the morning of October 24. Photo: KyLu Nguyen

Minh Ngoc and Khanh Vy have been in love for a while, after the distance orders were eased, the two families closed the engagement ceremony and married on October 24. But from the 23rd, the central provinces experienced prolonged heavy rain, especially Quang Nam and Quang Ngai where the rain was over 300 mm, causing many roads in the city to be submerged in floodwater. Mr. Nham Xuan Sy, Director of the Quang Ngai Provincial Hydro-meteorological Station, said that the rainfall in the past two days exceeded the 2009 record. From the evening of October 22 to the night of October 23, the rainfall in the center of Quang Ngai city was 532 mm. higher than the old 2009 record of 525 mm in 24 hours. Quang Ngai had to evacuate 2,500 people because of high flood water.

“The water does not recede, sometimes the wedding date has to be delayed”, the Ngoc – Vy family calculated. But the table was booked, the invitations were also sent, and it was impossible to postpone the wedding. All night 23, the bride, groom and families on both sides could not sleep. Partly because of feelings of recovery, the rest are afraid of heavy rain and high water, affecting the wedding reception.

Knowing that her daughter was brought home by her husband in a basket boat, Mrs. Thao laughed when she saw the creativity of her children. “As long as the children are happy, the rain and floods are nothing,” said the 46-year-old mother.

As for Khanh Vy, she said that getting married on the day of high flood water is an unforgettable memory. Currently, the groom’s family is still busy preparing the table, making a party for guests on the evening of the same day, although the front yard is still flooded to the calf.

The video of Minh Ngoc and Khanh Vy’s wedding in a basket boat, after half a day of posting on social networks, has received nearly 2 million likes and hundreds of thousands of shares. Many people who do not know also commented to send their blessings to the young couple.

“The wedding is so impressive, the way to welcome the bride by basket boat is really creative on a flooded day. The bride and groom will never forget this day. Wishing you both happiness,” a user named Ky Duyen left. comment