Ba Moi Vineyard – beautiful maze in Ninh Thuan

Traveling to Ninh Thuan, many people will probably immediately think of red vineyards. Here, it will not be too difficult for visitors to find a vineyard to visit and explore. The most famous of which is the Ba Moi vineyard. Let’s discover what this place has to offer!

About Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan 

Ba Moi Vineyard is located in Hiep Hoa Town, Phuoc Thuan Ward, Ninh Thuan District, about 7km from the center of Phan Rang. This is considered one of the leading famous eco-tourism areas in Ninh Thuan and also one of the first vineyards in the cluster of viticulture villages in Phan Rang. About Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan (Photo: kuls91)

Ba Moi vineyard has a total area of ​​​​up to 2 hectares, in the garden are planted about 13 types of grapes, including 9 types of fruit. The remaining 4 types are used to make wine. About Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan (Photo: kshakhuyen)

Moving to Ba Moi Vineyard 

Starting from Phan Rang, you follow Highway 27 towards Thap Cham. Go to Thap Cham intersection, turn left and go straight to Mong bridge area. After crossing the bridge, turn left, go about 400m more to Hiep Hoa Primary School. Here visitors can ask people about Ba Moi vineyard farm and someone will show you the way. Moving to Ba Moi Vineyard You can ride a motorbike to see the beautiful scenery along the way 

The right time to visit Ba Moi vineyard 

Because grapes are a suitable plant for Ninh Thuan’s weather conditions, the vineyard has fruit in every season for you to visit, enjoy and buy as gifts. However, according to Ninh Thuan tourism experience , depending on each month, the amount of grapes is more or less, ripe or green. According to the owner of the garden, there will be three main grape crops each year: Spring-Summer (January – March: harvest in April); Summer-Autumn crop (May – July: harvest in August); Autumn-Winter crop (September – November: harvest in December). In the last months of the year, rain often occurs, so moving and walking in the garden is somewhat more difficult. Therefore, the most ideal time to come to Ba Moi vineyard is in April, when the grapes are harvested the most. The right time to visit Ba Moi vineyard April is the time when the vineyard is in a bountiful season 

Ticket price to visit Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan 

Visiting at Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan, you will get completely free admission. Although there is no fee, there are always enthusiastic guides to guide visitors in the garden. The parking area is spacious enough to park both cars and passenger cars. Not only visiting the vineyard, you also have the opportunity to hear about viticulture, how to make wine, and enjoy free wine. The most interesting thing when coming here is that you will see the unique colors of grapes such as: green grapes, black grapes, purple grapes and pink eggplants hanging on the rig. Ticket price to visit Ba Moi vineyard in Ninh Thuan This is a completely free travel address (Photo: lily.sna)

Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard 

Visiting the wine making process

According to the owner of the garden, the ripe grapes are at the stage of being harvested and selected. The time of picking has a definite effect on the acidity, sweetness, and flavor of the wine. To determine the harvest time, it requires experienced grape growers. The sweetness and acidity of grapes have a certain balance, but sometimes it depends on the weather. Grape harvesting will be done entirely by hand. Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard Hand-picking grapes 

Grapes, after being harvested, will have to go through a selective clustering stage. Any fruit that is diseased or damaged will be discarded. When sorting is complete, they are given up drinking and pressed. Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard The process of making wine is not easy 

Vineyard tour 

Away from the rush of life, coming to Ba Moi vineyard, you can enjoy the fresh, cool air along with the gentle aroma of grapes. Experience camping, picnic right in the garden will be extremely interesting. Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard Visiting the vineyard is an extremely enjoyable experience 

Check in every corner of the garden

The beauty of the Ba Moi vineyard will surely make many tourists excited. Right from the moment you step inside the garden you feel very comfortable before the aroma of ripe grapes. In addition, standing in any corner of the garden, you will buy yourself a photo album for life. Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard (Photo: cuongkhii)Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard (Photo: xbigbabol)Interesting experiences in Ba Moi vineyard (Photo: thuyhoan.tht)

Coming to Ba Moi Vineyard, you can have free entrance tickets and have a lot of fun manually harvesting grapes. Why not schedule a visit here right away?

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