There is such a wild and charming Xuan Thieu beach in Danang!

Not only known as a beautiful land possessing many famous landscapes, Da Nang also conquers visitors with excellent beaches, of which Xuan Thieu beach is a prominent name. This place becomes a peaceful resting place, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and relax.

About Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang 

Xuan Thieu Beach is located in Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, about 3km south of Nam O Beach. Many people also call this place the Red Sea, because when it comes to sunset or dawn, the whole sea suddenly becomes brilliant, wearing a red shirt full of power and charm. About Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang 

Although Xuan Thieu beach has a steeper slope than other sea areas, the water here is calmer and clearer due to a part of the water from the Han River. The taste of the water is also not too salty like in other places. Tourists coming here should also note that the sand in Xuan Thieu compared to My Khe beach is steeper and shorter, so there is more danger when playing. About Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang The seawater here is quite calm 

Coming to Xuan Thieu beach , you will be able to freely admire the vast and immense natural scenery. On one side is the majestic Hai Van mountain , on the other is the poetic Son Tra peninsula. This is truly the place where heaven and earth intersect, making everything so vast and endless. Every day, countless ships go in and out of the bay, creating a peaceful fishing village scene. About Xuan Thieu Beach Da Nang This place is also known as the Red Sea 

Directions to Xuan Thieu Beach 

Xuan Thieu Beach is only about 13km from the city center. This place has hardly had a profound impact on humans, so it still retains the original wildness, peace, and enchanting beauty. To get to Xuan Thieu beach and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of this place, you need to move from the city center, follow Nguyen Tat Thanh street. When you come to Lien Chieu district, you can see the clear blue Xuan Thieu sea in the distance. The way to Xuan Thieu beach Along the way to the beach, you will see much beautiful scenery 

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Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang 

Unlike many other famous beaches, Xuan Thieu beach attracts tourists thanks to its wild beauty and peaceful and romantic space. This place will definitely be a relaxing spot that will bring you many interesting experiences. Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang Peaceful scenery at Xuan Thieu beach 

Beach walk 

Stepping to Xuan Thieu beach , you will feel a very quiet and peaceful space with the scent of the cool sea breeze. There is nothing more wonderful than walking leisurely along the pure white sand, inhaling the chest to enjoy the salty sea smell and the breeze blowing. Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang This place is very quiet 

Standing on the beach, visitors can zoom their eyes into the distance to see the majestic Hai Van mountain and Son Tra peninsula. Not only that further away is the sea mouth, where the mountains and the sea meet. At that time, you will be completely immersed in that endless space. Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang Dropping your soul into the ocean will make your emotions more peaceful 

Watch the sunrise

Xuan Thieu Beach is considered the top place to watch the beautiful sunrise in Da Nang. When the sun begins to reveal itself, a whole area of ​​red light shines directly on the water surface, creating a mysterious, brilliant scene that is extremely attractive. That charming scene makes anyone who has experienced it once, will have to stay forever. 
 Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang Sunrise at Xuan Thieu beach

See the sunset

When the sun gradually falls on Xuan Thieu beach, both the sea surface and the surrounding space are tinged with a bright red color. The clouds at that time also seemed to turn into cotton candy that was dyed in the late afternoon sun. The whole blue sky is mixed with vibrant orange, yellow and pink tones. Later, the sun gradually sank into the sea. That scene will probably make many people excited and want to admire it a little longer. Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang The red sunset dyes the sea surface 

Join the sea games

If you have the opportunity to come here, don’t forget to participate in many attractive sea sports games such as: jet skis, canoeing, tug of war, soccer on the sand, beach volleyball,… These diverse services will definitely bring visitors an interesting, fun, and not boring vacation. Interesting experiences at Xuan Thieu beach in Danang Water motorbike is an attractive experience in Xuan Thieu beach

What to eat when coming to Xuan Thieu beach?

A complete excursion to Xuan Thieu beach cannot be complete without delicious specialties, bearing the flavor of the sea. Along the beach, you can freely choose for yourself a restaurant that suits your needs and preferences to discover a rich culinary paradise including dishes from Vietnam – Europe. This place is famous for fresh seafood taken directly from fishing boats such as crabs, crabs, fish, squid, … What to eat when coming to Xuan Thieu beach? The seafood here is very fresh 

Peaceful, pristine Xuan Thieu beach with hidden beauty is known and loved by many people. If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang , definitely do not miss the opportunity to visit this attractive place!

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