Review of Melia Ho Tram resort – enjoy a floating breakfast on the ‘lemongrass’ swimming pool

Do not ignore this review of Melia Ho Tram resort if you want to have a dream vacation with beautiful check-in photos in the coastal city of Vung Tau.

Introducing Melia Ho Tram resort  – Vung Tau

Many Vietnamese stars have reviewed Melia Ho Tram resort – a beautiful resort in Ho Tram – Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This place fully converges the beauty of a high-class resort, convenient services, and countless interesting experiences for visitors.  
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauMelia Ho Tram is 37 km from Vung Tau city

Have you ever wanted to escape the noisy, busy life to a beautiful sea? Have you ever wanted to “lazy” rest all day long without working? If ever, give yourself a trip to Ho Tram and stay at Melia Ho Tram resort. 

 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauThe resort is located next to the pristine Ho Tram beach

This 5-star resort is located at Ho Tram beach, Phuoc Thuan commune, Xuan Moc district. From Vung Tau city center to here is about 37 km. Thanks to the advantage of being far from the center, the resort space here is peaceful and relaxing, helping visitors enjoy the most comfortable moments next to their loved ones. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauMelia Ho Tram is 5 star standard

Melia Ho Tram is lucky to own a wild and romantic Ho Tram beach. This beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Vung Tau, suitable for swimming, camping, walking or simply taking a few photos as a souvenir. 

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Review of Melia Ho Tram resort – a beautiful resort located on the beach

Before deciding to “close the room” here, please read through this Melia Ho Tram resort review to get the best overview of the beauty, amenities and available services of this 5-star resort. 

 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauResort style luxury, modern

Melia Ho Tram is designed according to international standards, with a luxurious and modern style. Every day of your stay here, you will feel the breath of class and luxury shown in each room, every meal and every service. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauThe beach resort holds many romantic parties

The first time you set foot in Melia Ho Tram, you will be attracted by the delicate, courteous, and elegant decoration of the resort. This entire resort in Vung Tau has a harmonious beauty between traditional Vietnamese architecture, a little mixed with modern Western civilization. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauGreen space of Melia Ho Tram

The resort owns a large, spacious space, completely separate from the hustle and bustle of the inner city of Vung Tau. Here, visitors are nestled in the sea, enjoying playing on the stretch of beaches. Or if you are lazier, you can hang around all day in the villas. 

 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauYou can enjoy a series of comfortable and poetic days here

Melia Ho Tram uses the main white and blue colors, using modern and classy furniture to decorate the inside of the villas and rooms. The harmonious combination of modern equipment and green trees creates a comfortable and pleasant resort space for visitors. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - resort paradise in Vung TauThe swimming pools with beautiful sea view

A special feature of this resort is the view of the villas facing the sea. You can sit in the room and watch the sea, watch the clouds, and catch the cool breeze coming in. If you have ever seen the reviews of Melia Ho Tram resort by many famous people, you will feel somewhat the beauty and space here. 

Melia Ho Tram’s luxury room system

Deluxe Room

Melia Ho Tram is a 5-star resort with a diverse system of rooms. In particular, the Deluxe room class is chosen by many tourists. You can book a Deluxe room with an area of ​​47 m2, a balcony overlooking the sea to breathe the fresh air. This room type has a king bed or 2 single beds. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsThe resort has many different room types

Also deluxe, but ocean view room offers more romantic view for visitors. You can fully enjoy the beauty of Ho Tram beach, the lake, and the vast space beyond. The room has all the amenities, with the highlight being a bathroom with a bathtub and a luxurious shower. 

Supreme room with garden 

There have been many reviews of Melia Ho Tram resort recommending this room class. Supreme is designed in the midst of the green natural space of a tropical garden, with an area of ​​54 m2. Supreme has an extra-large bathroom with an outdoor shower and premium rainfall showerhead. 

Junior Suite Room Types

Like many other 5-star resorts in Vung Tau, Melia Ho Tram designs many types of Suite rooms for guests to choose from. The first is the Junior Suite with luxurious and sophisticated beauty. This room type has an area of ​​66.2 m2 with a balcony and a separate lobby from the bedroom. 

 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsSwimming pool and garden surround, creating a relaxing space

The advantage of this room type is its prime location, which opens up a large space to catch the sunrise and sunset on Ho Tram beach. This place is an ideal room class for travelers who love to live slowly, experience moments of peace and romance. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsDepending on your needs, you can choose the right room class

The next Suite room class is a family suite with ocean views, including Junior Suite combined with Deluxe. Guests can experience the master bedroom with 1 double bed and the second bedroom can accommodate up to 3 single beds. If you travel to Ho Tram with the whole family, this is the right room class. 

 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsModern, sophisticated and elegant interior

Next is The Level Romance Suite room with a private swimming pool with an area of ​​​​up to 120 m2. Guests will experience a private swimming pool up to 20 m2. Especially where there is a sun terrace, a bathtub and a large living and dining area. Couples who want to have a romantic vacation can definitely not ignore this room class. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsLarge villas have many private rooms, meeting the needs of visitors

The 2-bedroom suite is also the quality room that Melia Ho Tram brings to visitors. The room is 88 m2 wide with a 360-degree view, covering the wild and poetic scenery of Ho Tram. Inside the bedroom, large bathroom and dining room, luxury lounge. 

Villa The Level 

At Melia Ho Tram Resort , Level villas have become the high-class choice of domestic and foreign tourists. There are many different types of Level villas that you can choose from, typically: 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsLarge villas will have swimming pools on site

The Level 2 bedroom villa with swimming pool up to 220 m2. These villas are located along the banks of the lake and beautiful tropical gardens. Staying here, guests also enjoy the most luxurious and high-class services. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsEvery minute of your stay at Melia Ho Tram is an enjoyable experience

The Level 3-bedroom villa with a swimming pool of 350 m2 owns a large swimming pool of up to 40 m2, with a landscape garden and an extremely classy gazebo. The villa has an elegant and sophisticated style, bringing great moments of relaxation for you and your loved ones. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsChung Huyen Thanh’s family rests in Melia Ho Tram

The Level 3 bedroom sea view villa is truly the choice for those who want to go a few steps to the sea. There is a 40 m2 swimming pool, beautiful green garden and sunbeds.  
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class roomsEvery moment here is beautiful and memorable

Finally, The Level 4-bedroom beachfront villa is considered the most classy with a luxurious and streamlined design. The villa is up to 465 m2, with an infinity pool, a large terrace and direct access to the sea. If you travel to Vung Tau  in a large group, you can choose this villa area to relax.

High-class services at Melia Ho Tram 

Luxury restaurant system

When reviewing Melia Ho Tram resort , many visitors introduced the high-class restaurant system of this 5-star resort. Accordingly, Melia Ho Tram has many restaurants and coffee shops to serve the culinary needs of tourists.
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class facilitiesThe restaurant system meets the diverse culinary needs of visitors

You can visit Sasa restaurant to enjoy Asian cuisine, visit Salt restaurant to try Vietnamese delicacies. Besides, Breeza Beach Club specializes in serving fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, Elyse Café will bring light refreshments with a peaceful atmosphere.

Sports facilities

YHI Spa is built with 10 treatment rooms providing relaxing treatments for guests. You can enjoy the bath, jacuzzi, sauna and outdoor relaxation area at this spa.
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class facilitiesGuests can walk, practice sports in the resort

Relaxing treatments, massage at this spa help guests improve health, purify the body and awaken all senses. When you are stronger and more comfortable, the journey to experience many interesting activities will begin. 
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class facilitiesRelax with your loved one in a 5-star resort

At Melia Ho Tram, there is also a gym with full machines and modern equipment, meeting the training needs of visitors. In addition, you can experience sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis or jogging, practicing yoga in the resort space. 

Other facilities of the resort 

As a 5-star resort, Melia Ho Tram offers a lot of amenities for visitors. You will be attentively served with a series of high-class facilities such as:
 review Melia Ho Tram resort - class facilitiesYou will be served a romantic dinner while staying here

  • Swimming pool: 3 outdoor pools, with sunbeds around.
  • Indoor and outdoor children’s play area with a variety of activities for children such as swimming classes, painting, cooking, sand castles, cooking lessons, language learning, movies, etc. 
  • Conference room with a system of meeting rooms fully equipped with modern equipment for visitors
  • In addition, visitors can also buy gifts at the souvenir shop after finishing their stay at this luxury resort.

review Melia Ho Tram resort - class facilitiesMelia Ho Tram is truly a resort paradise you should visit once

Hopefully, this Melia Ho Tram resort review has provided all the necessary information for visitors, giving you an overview before deciding to come here to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones. 

Photo: Fanpage Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort