Let’s go back home to raise fish and grow more vegetables at Greenfield Farmstay

Greenfield Farmstay campground is a new attractive entertainment spot of Vung Tau. Only about 6km from the center of Ba Ria City, you will experience the feeling of being in harmony with green nature, playing with friendly animals, and leaving the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Introducing Greenfield Farmstay

Greenfield Farmstay is a unique and extremely chill campsite in the heart of Vung Tau city . If you want to find a place to escape the dust and hustle on the weekend, then this is the perfect destination for you.

Greenfield Farmstay campsite is located on Road 22, National Highway 56, Hoa Long Commune, Chau Duc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. This place is far from the city center. Vung Tau is about 20 minutes away by car and just over 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh City. Originally a unique green farm designed in Japanese style, it has since developed into an attractive eco-tourism area. Come to Greenfield to discover it now.Greenfield Farmstay campground is very chillGreenfield Farmstay campsite is extremely chill in the middle of Vung Tau city

What’s at Greenfield Farmstay Campground?

Back home to raise fish and grow more vegetables

Greenfield Farmstay Campground is a harmonious combination between green nature and the modern amenities of a unique homestay.

At Greenfield Farmstay, you will experience extremely interesting activities such as horseback riding, shepherding, growing vegetables, cycling by the lake,… A true peaceful life “back to the countryside to raise fish and grow more plants.” vegetable”.Super beautiful aquarium at Greenfield Gardenfarm campsiteSuper beautiful aquarium at Greenfield Gardenfarm

Green Field Farm Stay operates under a working farm model with a modern breeding system. Animals are diverse and abundant such as horses, cows, goats, sheep, porcupines, etc. Here you will learn more about the techniques of caring and raising lovely goats and sheep. Or milk the cows, ride horses across the green grass and feed them yourself. Especially for children in the city who are only used to looking at pictures on TV, online or in books, now they can touch these funny animals with their hands.animals at greenfield gardenfarmCheck-in with a super cute sheep

animals at greenfield gardenfarm

`At Greenfield Farmstay, you will see horses “in the flesh”animals at greenfield gardenfarmChildren will have a great time riding a horseanimals at greenfield gardenfarmThere’s even a star deeranimals at greenfield gardenfarmAnd feed the sheep

The paved roads will connect the livestock area and the clean farm area of Green Field Farmstay . Find out if you have a talent for growing and harvesting vegetables and fruits. Cantaloupe, tomatoes, collard greens, etc., and dozens of other vegetables are professionally fertilized in a modern process. And of course, it’s all green, clean, delicious home-made food.The cabbage garden at Greenfield GardenfarmExtremely large broccoli garden is well cared forCantaloupe at Greenfield Gardenfarm . campgroundCantaloupe at Greenfield Gardenfarm . campgroundCantaloupe at Greenfield Gardenfarm . campgroundSuper giant melon

Campfire and outdoor BBQ party

The huge green lawn is a great place for a gentle weekend picnic, or camping and sleeping in a tent under the starry sky. And of course, a campfire and delicious BBQ parties are indispensable. No need to go too far from the city, no need to worry about preparing food, a place to sleep. Greenfield Farmstay Campground is all available for your convenience.Set up a tent at Greenfield Gardenfarm . campgroundCamping tent in the middle of green grass

Especially, the food here is completely clean food grown at Green Field Farm Stay itself. Thanks to that, you can be completely assured of freshness and food safety. What’s better than after a tiring day of fun, all sitting around the red fire and singing, grilling, making a few bottles of beer or Strongbow. A chill weekend!BBQ party at Greenfield GardenfarmLet’s prepare for a very chill outdoor BBQ party

Unique resort

Staying at Greenfield Farmstay campsite will give you a lot of choices: a comfortable modern-style resort, a vacation with a bungalow immersing in nature or a perfect combination of both.

If you are a lover of romance and modernity, then a space decorated with a classic European flair with separate rooms will be the perfect choice.Resort at Greenfield Farmstay Modern style room with a direct view of the super beautiful campsite

If you want to experience a new and unique feeling, book a Treehouse room right away. Treehouses are wooden houses built on top of trees, with stairs leading up and windows looking out all around. You don’t get it wrong, it’s the treehouses that you often see on the internet in foreign countries. It’s great, isn’t it!Greenfield Farmstay campsite's unique treehouse Greenfield Farmstay campsite’s unique treehouseGreenfield Farmstay campsite's unique treehouse A wooden house built with unique architectureGreenfield Farmstay campsite's unique treehouse Stairs to Tree houseGreenfield Farmstay campsite's unique treehouse Super pretty little corner

At Greenfield Farmstay campground, there are 10 different types of rooms for you to choose from. Especially you can rent a large room for the whole family. Give the children the opportunity to interact with nature, plants and animals more. Useful and interesting outdoor activities will help children have more love for the world around them, instead of plugging in their Ipad or TV or computer.Have fun at Greenfield Farmstay campsiteChildren will have fun at Greenfield Farmstay campground with many interesting activitiesThe swimming pool at Greenfield FarmstaySuper nice swimming pool at Greenfield FarmstayThe swimming pool at Greenfield FarmstayFull swimming pool system for children and adults

Meanwhile, you can relax in peaceful moments, leaving behind the work pressures of the dusty city. The whole family explores the natural world, reads books, rides bicycles, swims in the pool. And spoiled selfie-shooting is still not over the beauty of this place. Greenfield Farmstay is one of the most beautiful check-in points in Vung Tau .Check-in at Greenfield FarmstayA super fancy check-in cornerCheck-in at Greenfield FarmstayGreenfield Farmstay is the perfect place to relax with friends

Check-in at Greenfield FarmstayYou will surely have a lot of interesting experiences here

Cuisine Greenfield Farmstay

At Greenfield Farmstay campsite, there will be no luxury restaurants and lavish parties. There are only delicious warm dinners with dishes made from clean vegetables, clean meat, … natural. With a diversified farming and husbandry system in the style of “self-sufficiency”, you will enjoy dishes from specialty to rustic with great taste. A cozy meal with family or a small party with friends will be a great experience for a great weekend.restaurant and cafe at Greenfield FarmstayThe coffee restaurant system at Greenfield Farmstay is also very stable

Some notes when having fun at Greenfield Farmstay campsite

  • Do not tease or tease the animals. Do not arbitrarily feed them strange foods because unsuitable food can affect their health.
  • Climbing in trees, or climbing over railings, is not allowed at Greenfield Farmstay. Make sure you have purchased your ticket and have been guided by your guide to the zoo.
  • With children under 12 years old, parents should pay attention and watch them carefully. Because here there are many animals, swimming pools, trees. Make sure your baby is always within your sight.
  • Exploration in the summer will be very hot and sweat a lot. You should bring simple and cool short-sleeved sportswear, soft shoes. Also, prepare a long-sleeved shirt for sun protection.
  • In addition, basic picnic items such as hats, glasses, sunscreen, anti-mosquito spray, insect bite cream … are also the animals that you should bring with you when you stay at the Greenfield Farmstay campsite. .

Signage at Greenfield FarmstayBesides, follow these cute signposts so you don’t get lost

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With a prime location not too far from Saigon or Vung Tau city center, Greenfield Farmstay is really an attractive destination to have an extremely chill weekend for you and your family.

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