Traveling to Ba Lua Islands – Kien Giang

Ba Lua archipelago attracts tourists with its wild and rustic beauty bestowed by nature. The sky, blue seawater, is an ideal destination for picnics or weekend trips.

About Kien Giang Ba Silk Islands

Ba Lua archipelago is located in Son Hai commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province, Vietnam. The center of the archipelago is about 6 km west of Hon Chong cape. This group of islands is also known as “Little Ha Long” of the South.

Traveling to Ba Lua Island with its unique features will bring you a feeling of being extremely close and friendly to nature because of the wildness and nature as inherent in nature, without much human intervention and planning. like other famous tourist spots.

Ba Lua Island from April to October is a period of bad weather, often with storms. However, thanks to that, the price and service are also much cheaper and you will save a lot of money on the trip. So if you still want to travel to Ba Lua island at this time, you need to carefully monitor the weather forecast.

The time to travel to Ba Lua Island from September to March of the lunar calendar is the most favorable, and especially from November to January of the lunar calendar when the weather will rainless, the sea will be calm.

Experiences not to be missed in the Ba Lua island tour:

1.Visit the islands

There are many small islands here, without experience, it is really difficult to know which one to go to. Come visit the 3 most beautiful islands here, which are Hon Duoc, Hon Gieng, Hon Dam Duong, etc. Between these 3 islands, there is not far distant.

2. Experience the feeling of camping on the island

Have you scheduled your trip to Ba Lua island yet, remember to add a fun camping program there too, it will be really great. Together camping on the sea, lying down to listen to the waves, making campfires, grilling squid, grilling seafood, watching the stars, moon and stars in the sky, …

3. Enjoy the feeling of watching the sunrise and sunset on the island

The most beautiful moments are in the early morning sunrise or the evening sunset. Watch the sunrise from the sea, and watch the sunset down from above. The scene is poetic with gentle waves lapping the white sand, the sound of the wind blowing softly in your ears. Take the best pictures together.

4. Enjoy the culinary taste of the sea

Of course, on island trips, the culinary flavor is something that you will have to enjoy, which is the dishes of the sea, the fresh seafood dishes. Visitors can catch the originals, oysters, clams, etc., and bake them to eat right by the sea. In addition, we can enjoy special seafood dishes such as grilled squid with satay, seafood porridge that people on the island have for sale.

Traveling to Ba Lua island will be an interesting island trip. Coming to a wild beauty, with many large and small islands. Enjoy the feeling of exploring the island, camping overnight on the sea, watching the sunrise and sunset on the sea, enjoying the delicious flavors of the island’s cuisine, taking the best photos together .

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