Ha Giang Orange- a specialty that holds back customers from afar

HA GIANG – Each ripe, succulent crockpot orange is one of the specialties in the top regions of the country that captivates visitors.

About 300 km from Hanoi, Ha Giang attracts tourists not only thanks to its majestic natural scenery, ethnic cultural identity but also many famous specialties. Besides mint honey, au tau porridge, buckwheat cake, tam ventricular, pomelo…, it would be a mistake to come to the rocky plateau without mentioning the crockpot.

The type of Orange in Ha Giang is concentrated in 3 districts of Bac Quang, Quang Binh, and Vi Xuyen, with an area of ​​up to 7,000 hectares at times. Mr. Tan Phong – a gardener in Bac Quang district, Ha Giang said – thanks to favorable weather, climate, and soil conditions, the orange variety here produces a uniform and high-quality fruit.

The green oranges are grown in many places in Ha Giang such as Bac Quang, Quang Binh, and Vi Xuyen.
The green oranges are grown in many places in Ha Giang such as Bac Quang, Quang Binh, and Vi Xuyen.

Ha Giang’s Orange is impressive because of its large round fruit, rough skin, dark orange color, and many brown spots on the peel. When ripe, the fruit will turn to a beautiful yellow color, sweet taste, fragrant aroma. Orange fruit has a thick pulp, so it can be kept for more than half a month without being damaged; can be eaten directly or squeezed to get water, making smoothies, juices …. all give a characteristic delicious taste. “We adhere to the planting technique to bring the Ha Giang orange brand that is famous everywhere and loved by many tourists,” Phong said.

From December to March of the solar calendar every year is the time when Ha Giang oranges enter the ripening and harvesting stage. At this time, the green color of the leaves and the bright yellow from the oranges adorn the sky and the top land of the Fatherland. Farmers are busy picking oranges, sellers and buyers, busy transportation… makes the atmosphere here more full of joy and vitality.

Ha Giang crockery is ripe yellow for large, succulent fruits, sweet and fragrant.
Ha Giang Orange is ripe yellow for large, succulent fruits, sweet and fragrant.

Thanks to its high nutritional value and health benefits, today, Ha Giang Orange is known by many tourists and has become a famous specialty. Many visitors commented that they like to enjoy Ha Giang’s gourmet oranges and have a very special impression. “The earthy orange here when ripe has a beautiful yellow color. The inside is red, the shrimp is the large, succulent, sweet taste, characteristic aroma … making me eat once but remember forever”, Ms. Ngoc Anh (HCMC) shares.

Mr. Dinh Hien – one of the orange garden owners said – in addition to gifts of Orange, Ha Giang is also impressive thanks to the planting of yellow oranges, especially in Dong Yen commune (Bac Quang). Orange is loved for its distinctive sweet taste and eye-catching yellow color, which is one of the typical products here. When it is late autumn, the weather will be chilly, when the yellow-orange orchards full of fruit in Ha Giang are ripe, giving people a bountiful harvest.

The yellow oranges have an eye-catching color and a rich sweet taste.
The yellow oranges have an eye-catching color and a rich sweet taste.

“On the top land of the country with three-quarters of stone, oranges with delicious taste are a special product, because of the convergence of the quintessence of heaven and earth, every drop of sweat and effort of the compatriots. has worked hard to research and cultivate. Orange trees not only help people get out of poverty but also get rich in their homeland”, Mr. Hien concluded.

When coming to the rocky plateau, visitors who love the eye-catching colors and delicious flavors of Ha Giang’s signature oranges and yellow oranges can stop at the garden houses to enjoy. Or visitors will buy oranges as gifts for relatives and friends and freely take pictures to check-in, owning “unmatched” photos at many large orange gardens. From the potential and advantages of developing orange trees, according to Ha Giang Department of Information and Communications, the province has a policy of developing an orange-growing area. The goal is that by 2015, this locality will strive to increase the area of ​​oranges in the whole province to 3,000 hectares by 2020, reaching 4,500 hectares. In 2004, the trademark “Ha Giang Orange” was established and protected by the National Office of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. In 2005, Ha Giang registered for protection of the trademark Ha Giang Orange. In 2014, Ha Giang Orange was in the top 10 products trusted by consumers. Ha Giang Orange has been certified by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology for the title of “Vietnamese culinary quintessence”. In 2016, Ha Giang tangerine orange variety was registered for the protection of geographical indications. Follow vnexpress