Check-in hand fatigue at the virtual live cactus gardens that are hot ‘tingling’ online

These are beautiful virtual live cactus gardens that have “made rain and wind” all the time, attracting young people from near and far to check-in.

1. Ba Vi Cactus Garden – the famous virtual living cactus garden in the capital 

One of the hottest virtual cactus gardens in Hanoi is the cactus greenhouse in Ba Vi National Park. This is a destination in Ba Vi district, about 50 km from the center of the capital. When you reach the gate of the national park, you just need to go straight for about 1km and you will see this garden on the right.
 Ba Vi greenhouse is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenBa Vi cactus greenhouse is about 50km from the center of the Hanoi capital. Photo: @minhthuy1908

Do you love prickly cactus? If yes, please prepare a full camera, phone, and nice clothes to enjoy checking in here. This garden has up to 1200 large and small cactus plants of different types that are planted and cared for. 
 Ba Vi greenhouse is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenThere are 1200 large and small cacti. Photo: @zumidori

To ensure the best growth and development of cacti, the Ba Vi National Park Management Board has built a separate glass cage system to grow all kinds of cacti. Therefore, this place is like an isolated oasis, just full of large and small cacti, all unique and interesting shapes. 
 Ba Vi greenhouse is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenUnique and poetic space inside the cactus greenhouse. Photo: @phuong_hip_9077

Coming to Ba Vi virtual cactus greenhouse , you will be mesmerized by the variety of cacti here. From the large cactus of Southeast Asia such as cereus, Echinops, … to the rabbit ear cactus, round cactus like the globe. All are interwoven with each other, opening up a very beautiful world.
 Ba Vi greenhouse is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenCountless virtual check-in corners for visitors. Photo: @yen.lee.vivu

There are tall and proud cactus bushes, as well as many beautiful little pots nestled in a corner. Whether beautiful and proud or small and charming, the cactus here are carefully taken care of, opening countless beautiful check-in corners for visitors to visit. 
 Ba Vi greenhouse is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenWhen you come to Hanoi, remember to check in the Ba Vi cactus garden for beautiful virtual live photos. Photo: @vann.trangg

Not only beautiful and attracted by countless types of cacti, this Ba Vi cactus greenhouse is also designed with a very beautiful backgroud. Curved walkways, soaring glass walls combine harmoniously, creating a quality backdrop for you to shoot. Here to suit all your styles, from classic vintage to fresh, modern are suitable.

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2. Cacti Zone – a virtual live cactus garden is beautiful in every corner, super quality pictures

In addition to the cactus garden in Ba Vi, the Hanoi capital also has other excellent cactus coordinates that you can visit and check in. That is Cacti Zone located right at the foot of Nhat Tan bridge in Ngoc Chi village, Vinh Ngoc commune, Dong Anh district. This place is known as a corner of “miniature Da Lat” in the heart of Hanoi.
 Cacti Zone is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenCacti Zone is located right at the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge. Photo: @ninhthuvuong298

If the virtual living cactus garden in Ba Vi is developed in a greenhouse model, the Cacti Zone is an open space. This place opens up a poetic garden with countless species of cacti, scientifically arranged, both good for plants to grow, and creating a series of extremely good check-in corners.
 Cacti Zone is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenThere are many types of large and small cacti planted into a large garden. Photo: @mimamimaii

Visiting Cacti Zone, visitors will be satisfied with a diverse world of cacti. These are familiar cacti such as round and cylindrical cactus, … to special varieties such as rainbow cactus, dragon god, rabbit ears, golden ball dragon, …
 Cacti Zone is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenJust sit in and have good photos to take home. Photo:

Each type with a different shape and form blooms together, creating a garden as beautiful as a wonderland. In addition to the “main character” being a cactus, in the Cacti Zone cactus garden , there are also beautiful small succulent plants. Coming here, visitors can spend time walking, sightseeing, and comfortably taking many beautiful photos. 
 Cacti Zone is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenIn addition to cacti, this garden also has stone lotus. Photo: @yenphuong_1908

Cacti Zone virtual cactus garden was built to serve the needs of visitors. Therefore, the space inside is carefully invested. Among the cactus clusters are coated rocks of all shapes and sizes, making the space here like a miniature desert.
 Cacti Zone is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenMany couples come here to take wedding photos. Photo:

Besides, gardeners also cleverly spread dust and small pebbles underneath the cactus corners, making the garden cleaner and more wild. Just find a small corner and sit down, and you will have great photos just like taking pictures for a magazine.

3. Kombi Land Dalat – The hottest virtual cactus garden in the city of thousands of flowers 

Another very famous virtual cactus garden that young people often check in recently. That is the garden of the Kombi Land Dalat coffee shop. If Cacti Zone and Ba Vi greenhouse are the only places to grow cacti and serve visitors. At Kombi Land, visitors are also served with drinks.
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenKombi Land is a famous coffee shop in Da Lat. Photo: @ngbkhanh

Kombi Land Da Lat has only appeared about 2 years ago. The shop is located at Mimosa Pass, Ward 3, Da Lat City. This is a destination in Da Lat that is both beautiful, poetic, and unique, promising to bring many interesting experiences to visitors. A beautiful space, many check-in corners and cacti are waiting for you to explore.
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenImpressive space inside the restaurant. Photo: @vnm.trip

The beauty of Kombi Land has different color compared to the rest of the cafes in Da Lat. This space is built to become an oasis with white sand, cacti, and many tropical plants. Combined with the cactus garden are the yellow and orange patches of old cars, creating a very cool background. 
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenThe background for taking photos is as good as a magazine. Photo: @thuyynt

The first time you visit this virtual cactus garden, you will be surprised as if you are traveling abroad. The miniatures are elaborately designed, as realistic as a small corner of the desert. Turn your eyes to any corner, you can also see clusters of fresh cacti that are green in the sun. 
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenCome here, you will surely have a good check-in photo to bring back. Photo: @minnie.lyn

At Kombi Land cafe , visitors can spend time exploring the space filled with cacti. It is a giant round cactus buried in the sand, a cluster of tall cacti standing proudly in the sky. Then somewhere are small bushes that are interwoven, drawing a very personal, very quality scene.
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenKombi Land designs many beautiful angles for guests to freely take pictures. Photo: @kmgiac

Because it is a cafe, Kombi Land has many tables and chairs arranged in the area around the lake, in yellow and orange cars. Visitors can both sit to sip drinks and take advantage to take a series of quality photos. 
 Kombi Land is home to a beautiful virtual cactus gardenJust drop the pose to have a good photo. Photo:

Each virtual cactus garden in Hanoi and Da Lat has a unique beauty and imprint. But all are well taken care of, well-planned to bring interesting experiences for visitors. If you love this thorny plant, you should definitely visit these gardens once to admire and take many beautiful photos. 

Photo: Instagram