Lost in a fairy tale in Ta Xua forest

The magical beauty of the primeval forest on the way to the top of Ta Xua made Tran Van Linh immersed, forgetting about his 15 kg backpack.

Located at a height of over 2,800m on the highest peak of Ta Xua Mountain, Ta Xua Primeval Forest looks mysterious and mesmerizing in the clouds. Let’s explore the impressive beauty of Ta Xua Primeval Forest through the lens of Vietnamese photographers.

The route to the top of Ta Xua is famous in the travel world thanks to its enchanting and majestic scenery. Ta Xua Peak is 2,865 m high, bordering the two districts of Tram Tau (Yen Bai) and Bac Yen (Son La). Ta Xua captivates every travel-loving soul with its billowing, white sea of ​​white clouds among the high mountains. The image was taken by photographer Tran Van Linh (born in 1994) at sunset at the first shack. This fairy-like scene was the moment he dreamed of seeing with his own eyes.

Tran Van Linh is a travel photographer with a deep connection to nature. Wearing a tool backpack weighing 15 kg, he did not seem to get tired of trekking through the forest on the way to the beautiful, fairy-tale Ta Xua peak.

Linh was bewildered since she took her first steps into the forest. The sun shining through the old trees makes everything half real, half bad. Describing the feeling at that time, Linh used the word “happy” because everything was more beautiful than what he expected before the trip.

Linh’s main purpose for this trip is to capture soulful photos, depicting the wild beauty of Ta Xua primeval forest. He hopes to inspire friends at home and abroad to experience wildlife photography trips in Vietnam.

When there is no sun, the primeval forest is dark and mysterious. The primeval forest with ferns spread across the forest floor, some of the trees had changed color. The trip to Ta Xua was carried out by Linh in November, when this is the season’s change, the photographer can capture the yellow and red colors of autumn in the middle of the forest-covered with green moss.

Linh shared, the forest is diverse in terms of flora. The most prominent are the twisted rhododendrons, bearing strange shapes full of fairy tales.

The total distance of Linh climbing is about 37 km. He shared that his journey took longer than usual because he was filming and taking photos while walking while the road was continuously steep. Natural trails, many steep sections, slippery rocks, testing the endurance and patience of visitors.

To capture beautiful and soulful forest photos is not an easy task. Linh shared that in the surrounding forest there are dense trees, the space for placing equipment is quite narrow. In addition, the forest in the mountains has an altitude of nearly 3,000 m, so the wind is strong, making it easy to shake trees and leaves. The sunlight in the forest is very weak, so it is necessary to know how to balance camera parameters to have a quality photo.

Clothing and shooting equipment should be optimized to be compact and effective to avoid loss of strength. There is no food service on the mountain, so Linh has to carry enough water and food for the number of days she lives on the mountain.

Like a happy fairy tale, Linh broke down when she arrived in the forest at the highest peak of Ta Xua at 2pm on the third day of the journey. The fairy forest gave him rays of sunshine as a gift of victory. His dream of conquering Ta Xua peak was brilliantly fulfilled.

According to Linh personally, in order to have a beautiful forest photo, three main factors must be achieved. Firstly, it is natural, describe the forest space truthfully. Second, it is to combine all kinds of outstanding plants, beautiful light, color, and space into the same frame. Finally, the layout should be neat and uncluttered.

“Located” in the fairy forest, Linh also had interesting experiences. For the first time, he had to experience eating and resting in the high mountains. Everything is made simple, maybe not as delicious as a regular meal but then they are as delicious as eating in a restaurant. In addition, he can also eat extremely strange forest fruits on the way, must have instructions from the locals to avoid being eaten by miscellaneous. At night, he looked up at the sky to see the moon. At this height, the moon is bigger and brighter. Ta Xua forest and sky are so impressive that when going down to the foot of the mountain, Linh still can’t get the fairy images out of her head. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Tran Van Linh