Going to the wild but poetic Con Nhan beach of the coconut land of Ben Tre

Ben Tre not only attracts tourists near and far with Cai Mon fruit garden, Lan Vuong tourist area, … but also Con Bong beach, poetic Con Nhan sea, still keeping the rustic, fresh beauty of nature. Southwest nature.

About tourism in the coconut land is to return to the green land of the garden, the typical mangrove forests, the four dunes of Long, Lan, Quy, Phung, and many famous eco-tourism areas near and far. Not only that, but recently Ben Tre tourists have also discovered many beautiful and interesting beaches that few people know about. Let’s travel with LuhanhVietNam to Ba Tri-Con Nhan, one of the top 5 beautiful beaches in Ben Tre that is attracting a lot of tourists from near and far.Explore Con Nhan beach - Check inCheck in Con Nhan Ba ​​Tri. Photo: FB dulichmientay

How to go to Con Nhan beach?

As a beautiful beach in Ben Tre, Con Nhan is not known by many tourists like Con Bong beach or Thua Duc beach. This beautiful western beach is located about 50km from the center of Ben Tre city, in the territory of Bao Thuan commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province.

To get to Con Nhan, visitors move to Ba Tri district – which is located far from Ho Chi Minh City. Ben Tre is about 40km. If you come from the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, you have to ride along the National Highway 1A, through the territory of Ho Chi Minh City. My Tho then turns towards QL60 to reach the city. Ben tre. Then start from here, continue running through DT885 road to the beautiful beach of Ba Tri district. Particularly if you go by car via Trung Luong Expressway, it only takes 2 hours to get there.Explore Con Nhan beach - the way to the seaRoad to the sea. Photo: thichdulich

In addition to self-driving or rented cars, you can take passenger cars of tourist car companies such as Thinh Phat, Hong Phuong. This is a high-quality bus route from Ho Chi Minh City to Ba Tri with a ticket price of 180,000 – 200,000 VND/way and the travel time is only about 2 hours.

If you want to go to the beach by motorbike, it will take more time, specifically, it takes about 3 hours to travel. However, if you go this way, you will have ample time to explore the famous fruit orchards in the West in Cai Mon, Cho Lach or Chau Thanh and stop at the famous tourist attractions in Ben Tre. hours and then go out to the next sea.Discovering Con Nhan beach - An unspoiled destinationA wild but poetic destination. Photo: Vo Cam Tu

Another tip for you when traveling to Ben Tre and checking in Con Nhan is that you remember to visit Bao Thuan Ba ​​Tri market when you come here because this place is only about 4km from the market. This place is considered a paradise of fresh seafood that has just been caught by local fishermen. In addition to seafood, the market also has seafood that has just been caught from nearby rivers, canals or bottoms.Discover Con Nhan sea - cheap seafoodEnjoy cheap seafood. Photo: FB of Ba Tri beach

Discover the pristine beauty of Con Nhan beach

Con Nhan is considered one of the most worthy beaches among the famous tourist destinations in the West because it possesses the wild and unique beauty of a mangrove sea.Explore Con Nhan sea - pristinePristine nature. Photo: FB of Ba Tri beach

In general, the Ba Tri district in Ben Tre province has a coastline of more than 20km and is still quite wide and open. As a mangrove and semi-mangrove area, there is no coconut or fruit-laden orchards such as Cho Lach, Mo Cay, and Chau Thanh. However, Ba Tri is favored by nature for many beautiful and pristine beaches from Ba Tri beach to Con Nhan.Exploring Con Nhan beach - Dreamy sceneryThe romantic scenery. Photo: Viet Fun travel

As soon as you set foot on this beach more than 40 km from Ben Tre city, you will feel the fresh air, the wild beauty of a sea in the southwest of the country. Unlike Nha Trang, Vung Tau, or Mui Ne beaches, this place is completely absent of restaurants, hotels, and luxury resorts. The four sides are just the sea and mangrove forests. With such poetic and pristine scenery, Con Nhan is an extremely ideal destination for souls who want to find nature.Explore Con Nhan beach - Beautiful beachThe beautiful beach should not be missed. Photo: Love to Explore

What to play in Con Nhan beach resort?

Going to the sea, of course, everyone wants to swim and experience coastal entertainment services. And you will not be disappointed when coming to this beautiful Ba Tri beach because, in addition to the wild beauty, this place has also been reinforced and built a number of small items to serve the entertainment needs of visitors. There are also many free freshwater areas for you to bathe after going to the beach to bathe.Explore Con Nhan beach - PeacefulPeace in the afternoon. Photo: FB Ben Tre

Con Nhan has a large space and is not too crowded, so it is very suitable for organizing outdoor fun activities such as camping and barbecue. You can buy freshly caught seafood from the sea-going boats of the people of Bao Thanh, Ba Tri. Then ask the coastal shops to process it for a surcharge of about 40 to 50,000 VND.Explore Con Nhan sea - Fish hot potDelicious fresh fish hotpot. Photo: vntrip

In addition, visitors can also go to the sea to catch snails or scratch clams and bring them up to cook with a hot pot or steam at the restaurant. But remember to ask permission first.Explore Con Nhan beach - Market timeMarket time from 2pm every day. Photo: vntrip

After swimming, playing, and eating to your heart’s content, don’t miss a trip to the market to experience local life. Note for you that the market time is from 14:00 every day, the market will be most crowded at 15:00. Therefore, to buy fresh seafood at extremely cheap prices compared to other big markets, you should remember to watch the season. In addition, visitors can also ask for a phone number to order in advance if they want to bring a large quantity to eat gradually or as a gift for relatives and friends. The market sells ready-made boxes for you to store seafood and ice along with it.Explore Con Nhan sea - Fresh crabs Delicious fresh crab. Photo: yeubentre

It can be said that at the present time, Con Bang Thanh Phu beach, Binh Dai beach along with Con Nhan Ba ​​Tri Ben Tre are the three most beautiful beaches in coconut land, especially Con Nhan, promising to be a tourist destination. Great beach tour in your summer excursion. If you intend to go to Ben Tre and check-in at Ba Tri, then remember to take the time to visit Con Nhan, not only to swim, visit the mangroves, but also to enjoy many delicious seafood dishes and learn more. The unique life and activities of the people in the sea!Explore Con Nhan beach - buy seafoodYou can buy seafood to bring to the sea thanks to processing by coastal stores. Photo: yeubentre

Attractions near Con Nhan beach

Con Nhan is located quite close to other famous tourist attractions of Ba Tri such as Vam Ho bird sanctuary , Bao Thanh salt village, Bao Thanh market, the famous Son Doc puff pastry processing place… so after swimming and having fun. , eat comfortably, you can visit these places according to your schedule and time.Explore Con Nhan beach - Meeting pointMeeting point for young people. Photo: FB Ben Tre

If you belong to a team that likes to find wild and fresh nature, loves cheap fresh seafood, and craves a short trip not too far from Saigon, choose Con Nhan Ba Tri beach as a destination for your trip to the West of Vietnam. me, buddy. Wish you have a smooth and impressive trip.

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