Invite each other to ‘hide’ at Paradise Vung Tau campsite to relax and have fun

Coming to Paradise Vung Tau campsite, you will be delighted to have fun with team building activities, campfire, grill food and swim in the sea. Many interesting experiences are waiting for you to discover at the famous poplar forest campsite in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau. Let’s just explore. Let’s go!

Locating the coordinates of Paradise Vung Tau campsite 

Paradise Campground is located at 1 Thuy Van Street, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City. This is an attractive camping and entertainment place for tourists to relieve stress after stressful working and studying days. Coming to Paradise Vung Tau campsite, you will enjoy the fresh air, the beach stretches along the golden sand. Paradise is truly the top resort paradise in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau.
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - whereParadise Vung Tau Campground is a favorite destination of many tourists

How to get to Paradise Vung Tau 

Experience going to Paradise Vung Tau campsite , to reach this resort you can choose the following types of vehicles:

– Hydrofoil: First of all, you need to move to Bach Dang high-speed pier to go hydrofoil. Go all the way to Ha Long, Thuy Van, you will reach Paradise. The ticket price for a hydrofoil is about 200,000 VND/person. 

– Bus: Departing from Saigon to Vung Tau, you can take a car at the Eastern station and stop at Vung Tau bus station. From here, it is about 3km to Paradise, so you can call a motorbike taxi or take a taxi.

– Motorbike: Vung Tau is about 100km from Saigon, so you can travel by motorbike to actively travel. You can follow Ba Thang Hai road about 11km or April 30 road with 9.7km to reach Paradise Vung Tau.
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - moveHow to get to Paradise Vung Tau 

Camping price at Paradise Vung Tau 

Camping in Paradise Vung Tau , visitors can refer to the price list of camp services below:

– Entrance ticket (including the cost of lighting, electricity, domestic water, security, sanitation, beach use): 35,000 VND/person

– Iron frame tent (accommodating about 10-15 people): Price 250,000 VND / unit

– Campfire firewood: Price 500,000 VND/heap

– Opening time of the resort: 24/24
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - ticket priceVisitors will have to pay the entrance fee to Paradise resort

Explore Paradise Vung Tau campsite  

What does Paradise Vung Tau Campground have ? The main activities at Paradise Vung Tau include: Camping, swimming, team building, campfire, grilling food.

Camping in the poplar forest

The first is a campsite in the poplar forest with a large area and a capacity of up to 5000 people. The entire campsite is covered with immense green poplar forest, providing a beautiful natural setting. In particular, this campsite in Vung Tau is located close to the beach, helping to catch cool winds all year round and beautiful views. 
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - camping spacePoplar forest campsite has a large and fresh space

Camping equipment you can bring from home or rent at the resort. After setting up camp, you can organize attractive team building games such as: Kayaking, tug of war, canoe… In the evening, organize a campfire and sing around a blazing fire.
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - have funThe venue for interesting teambuilding activities. Photo: travelgear
Paradise Vung Tau campground - virtual livingBeautiful virtual check-in paradise at Paradise Vung Tau. Photo: travelgear

In terms of dining, you can organize a BBQ party with all kinds of delicious outdoor dishes. Besides, you can also enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood at very cheap prices. A review of Paradise campsite said that if you do not want to cook your own food, you can order a meal at a hotel near the campsite.
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - diningEnjoy an outdoor BBQ partyParadise Vung Tau campsite - campfireOrganize a campfire and sing all night. Photo: chiasemonngon

Paradise Beach Vung Tau

Coming to Paradise Vung Tau campsite, you can relax and cool off at the beautiful beach. It possesses a fresh atmosphere, and the fine white sand along the coastline offers beautiful scenery. The beach here is not too crowded, ideal for enjoying relaxing moments. You can take a walk under the sand to enjoy the sun of Vung Tau and the salty taste of the sea.     

Services at the beach you can choose from:  

– Freshwater bath: Price 20,000 VND 

– House with mats: 500,000 VND – 1,000,000 VND 

– Chair: 50,000 VND 
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - beachLive virtual and relax at Paradise Vung Tau beach. Photo: travelgear

Other services at Paradise Vung Tau 

Besides team building activities, campfire, swimming, and grilling food. You can refer to some other services at Paradise campsite below:

– Paradise Hotel: If you don’t want to camp, you can book a room at Paradise Hotel. The location is about 50m from the beach, impressive with a beautiful view. The hotel has beautiful architecture, fresh space with an ideal lawn for fun and groups. Room quality is rated 3 stars.
 Paradise Vung Tau Campground - hotelParadise Hotel serves the needs of tourists

– Paradise Resort: In case you have plenty of money and want to enjoy luxury resort services, you can book a resort. Paradise Resort is impressive with the design of the communal house in the Central Highlands, the location is close to the beach with a beautiful view. From the resort’s room 

– Paradise golf course: At Paradise resort, there is also a golf course with a spacious space with 27 holes designed in different shapes. So, if you love this sport, you can relax at this golf course.
 Paradise Vung Tau campsite - golf courseParadise golf course is an attractive place to relax

Notes when going to Paradise Vung Tau campsite 

Exploring Paradise Vung Tau campground, you can refer to some notes below: 

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid affecting your trip. 

– After leaving, remember to clean up the garbage at the camping area.

– Please plan ahead to prepare necessary items such as camping gear, beach bathing suits, personal items… 

– Bring a camera to check in beautiful virtual living.

– Should marinate the barbecue before going to have a more fun time.

– If you intend to rent a hotel or resort room on the occasion of the Tet holiday, you should proactively book your room 1-2 weeks in advance. 

– The most ideal time to explore this campground is 2 weekends. 

Above is the entire experience of going to Paradise Vung Tau campsite in detail, hoping to help you have the most interesting discovery trip. In addition, you can refer to more useful Vung Tau tourism information to have the most complete fun.

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