Find a new wild feeling at Hon Lon island, Nha Trang

Hon Lon Island Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination with craggy cliffs, primeval forests, and calm beaches. If you have the opportunity to travel to Nha Trang, you can try to change the wind to this unspoiled island!

About Hon Lon Island, Nha Trang 

Hon Lon Island Nha Trang is located in Van Phong Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world when possessing many pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and a mild climate. Hon Lon Island is located in Van Ninh district, about 50km from the city center. This place fully converges many factors that make many guests who have been to once do not want to return. About Hon Lon Island, Nha Trang Big Island Nha Trang About Hon Lon Island, Nha Trang The water here is very clear 

Hon Lon Island has an area of ​​about 46km2 with peaceful and quiet beaches. Because of that, many boats often visit here to avoid storms. Coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy swimming, watching corals, climbing mountains, …. The brilliant coral reefs and rich marine ecosystems are great gifts that nature bestows on you. this place. About Hon Lon Island, Nha Trang Hon Lon Island is very airtight 

Hon Lon Island in Nha Trang appears majestically with a vast landscape, three sides are hills and mountains coincide with very sharp cliffs. If you come here to participate in mountain climbing and adventure activities, be careful. It sounds very dangerous at first, but once you conquer it, the result you get will be a wonderful view of the island from above.About Hon Lon Island, Nha Trang 3 sides of the island are covered by hills 

The right time to go to Hon Lon island Nha Trang 

According to Nha Trang’s travel experience, the most suitable time to visit Hon Lon island is from April to August. At that time, the climate is mild, with little rain, clear blue sky, very suitable for many fun activities. play, explore the outdoors. The right time to go to Hon Lon island Nha Trang You can come here in the summer 

How to move to Hon Lon island Nha Trang? 

There will be 2 ways to get to Hon Lon island: 

First: Starting from Van Gia port, you hire a fisherman boat and then move to the island with a distance of about 16km. 

Second: Departing from Dam Mon, you board a fisherman’s boat at Son Dung beach to the island. This route is about 7km long. How to move to Hon Lon island Nha Trang? The way to the lighthouse on the island 

Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang 

Dive and see coral

Surely many of you posed the question to e ả o Nha Trang Hon Lon nothing to play? There are quite a few interesting tourist attractions here. Among them, diving to see the coral at Wow beach is a top favorite experience. The seawater at the island is very clear, there are colorful coral reefs below, about 10m from the shore, so it is ideal for you to explore the amazing ocean world.Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang Dive and see coral

Overnight camping

If you travel during the day, you will certainly not be able to fully explore the beauty of Hon Lon island . Don’t be afraid to spend a little more time experiencing overnight camping right on the coast on this island. Then you will find that every moment of life passes so gently, peacefully and full of relaxation. Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang Overnight camping

Freshwater spring bath 

On Hon Lon island, there is a freshwater lake and stream flowing down from the top of the mountain, very clean and clear. Here you can have fun and enjoy the stream. Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang Freshwater spring bath 

See the unspoiled nature 

Not only swimming in the sea, bathing in streams, coming to Hon Lon island, you also have the opportunity to explore majestic mountains, mysterious caves, or pristine primeval forests. Standing from the top of the mountain, looking out into the distance, you will see the endless ocean, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the sound of the wind blowing,… All of these bring wonderful emotions. . Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang See nature from the top of the mountain 

Admire the lighthouse 

A place that you cannot forget to visit when coming to Hon Lon island, Nha Trang is the lighthouse tower with a height of 16m. This is also one of the five oldest lighthouses in our country built-in 1890. With two striking contrasting black and white tones, Hon Lon lighthouse acts as an indicator for ships operating far offshore. The shore knows the location of Bich Dam island. From there determine the direction to go to Nha Trang port. Located on a high mountain with a height of 16m, from this position you can enjoy the panoramic view of Dao Duong, majestic mountains, and Van Phong Bay. Interesting activities in Hon Lon island Nha Trang See the sea from the 16m high lighthouse 

What to eat when coming to Hon Lon island, Nha Trang?

Hon Lon Island in Nha Trang is still very unspoiled, so it will be difficult for visitors to find a place to eat here. The most useful way is to buy seafood from fishermen and ask them to process or prepare seafood in advance and then go to the island to organize a barbecue.What to eat when coming to Hon Lon island, Nha Trang?Seafood is a must-try dish 

Hon Lon Island Nha Trang is a place with wild beauty, thorns and fresh air, ideal for relaxing and resting after a long day of hard work. 

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