Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops

Since the end of November, many cafes in Hanoi have decorated the space for the Christmas season with pine trees, Santa Claus, laurel wreaths and shimmering lights to attract diners to check-in.

If you are in Hanoi, you should go to the beautiful cafes below to be able to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere in the cold weather of the capital. Not only can you admire the beautiful scenery, but you can also comfortably take “million-view” virtual live photos.

Spotted coffee & kitchen

Located on Thai Thinh street, the restaurant has 1 floor but is quite deep, so when you go alone or with friends, it is suitable because the table arrangement is quite reasonable, talking without fear of affecting other tables.

Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 1
This place is also an ideal place for you and your loved ones to have romantic moments together this Christmas season (Photo: Trang Ly).
Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 2
With the main red color, inspired by Santa’s brilliant red suit, this is definitely the first color you will think of when it comes to this holiday. This color also warms the typical cold space of winter (Photo: Trang Ly).

Drinks at the shop are also highly appreciated by young people, peach tea with a layer of cheese cream on top is delicious, stirring with tea is very suitable. Cinnamon orange with a beautifully decorated latte.

Diamante – Tea & Coffee

The shop has a black-gray theme, famous for its grilled milk tea. At the shop, there are many Christmas check-in areas, lovely spaces, both outdoor and indoor.

Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 3
It can be said that Diamante – Tea & Coffee is one of the sparklingly decorated cafes that you cannot miss this Christmas. Stepping into the shop, you will feel like you are lost in the land of the beautiful sparkling Santa Claus (Photo: Minh Percy).
Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 4
Milk tea here is characteristically greasy and delicious. The tea is fragrant, sweet and greasy with egg cream without being fishy, ​​mixed with black sugar pearls and added strange-tasting popcorn (Photo: Minh Percy).

There is coconut milk with pearls, black sugar, and creamy nuggets that are sweet and fragrant for those who like a lightly sweet drink.

G-Kim’s Coffee & Tea

It is the most famous coffee shop in Tay Ho area. Designed in an elegant and luxurious style, G-Kim’s Coffee and Tea is a stopover for many young people who are passionate about virtual living. The restaurant has two indoor and outdoor spaces with a view of West Lake that makes diners excited.

Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 5
With pine trees, snowflakes, and lights decorated everywhere, creating a shimmering beauty for this place (Photo: Linh Linh).

You can also enjoy delicious cups of coffee in a romantic setting with melodious music in your ears, which will be an ideal Christmas place for visitors.

Muni Kafe & Milk tea

This is a cafe for everyone, with a play area for children, so it is suitable for people with families. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated.

Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 6
Muni is located in an adjacent villa complex in Long Bien with 2 facades and a space filled with light, the Christmas atmosphere will make you impressed from the first time you set foot in (Photo: Quan Bean).

The menu at Muni Kafe is diverse, from traditional to specialty coffees, from cold brew to fruit dishes, from machine to hand-brewed coffee and even milk tea.

Greenhouse Coffee Grinder

The shop is located at the intersection of Van Phu – Ha Dong urban area, the space of 2 floors is airy and quiet.

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Sharing on social networks, young Nguyen Phuong Thao said that she did not take the initiative to go to the shop, but happened to come home from work and found the shop so beautiful, so she turned in with her best friend (Photo: Nguyen Phuong Thao).
Christmas atmosphere is filled with Hanoi coffee shops - 8
The second floor has a reading area, young people can come here to read or work (Photo: Nguyen Phuong Thao).

“I really like the Christmas decoration of the shop, it’s quite strange with 2 reindeer on the roof, both floors are decorated with Christmas so feel free to live virtual”, Thao shared.