Experiences not to be missed in Vung Tau

BA RIA – VUNG TAU – Visitors should not miss the Robert Taylor antique weapons museum, Bach Dinh, enjoy stingray hotpot, check-in many beautiful cafes… when coming to Vung Tau.

This weekend, if you want to find a place to enjoy the experience, Vung Tau is one of the interesting destinations for you to make your plans.

If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City at 6 o’clock, around 9 o’clock you will be in Vung Tau, so you can immerse yourself in the clear sea water; lying on the fine white sand under the gentle, warm sunshine typical of the southern winter.

Visit the Museum of Ancient Weapons

Vung Tau has many famous attractions such as the Lord Jesus Christ statue, Lighthouse, Pig hill, Nghinh Phong cape, Hon Ba temple… but there is one destination you should visit in this journey. That is the Robert Taylor antique weapons museum.

Morning is an interesting time for you to visit the Robert Taylor antique weapons museum. This is the largest private museum of antique weapons in Vietnam (Vietnam Record Organization, 2011) with about 4,000 antiques of all kinds of ancient weapons, military equipment, and tools dating from the 12th to 20th centuries. collected by Mr. Robert Taylor (museum owner) from many countries around the world.

A display of a collection of firearms at the Robert Taylor Museum of Antique Weapons.  Photo: MAG
A display of a collection of firearms at the Robert Taylor Museum of Antique Weapons. Photo: MAG

As for antique weapons, Mr. Robert Taylor has more than 1,000 artifacts such as guns, swords, swords… all of which are original versions. The museum also displays life-sized wax figures of soldiers wearing military costumes of many countries, spanning many periods.

Located in an ancient French villa of 1,500 m2 at 98 Tran Hung Dao Street, the museum is divided into 3 zones corresponding to 3 historical periods: ancient, medieval, and modern. Each artifact on display is a historical story that took place in the past.

Discover Bach Dinh

Bach Dinh is likened to a miniature Europe, located on the windy slopes of Big Mountain of Vung Tau city. This two-story white villa was built in 1898, on the foundation of Phuoc Thang fortress of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Panoramic view of Bach Dinh from Big Mountain.  Photo: Fat Fold
Panoramic view of Bach Dinh from Big Mountain. Photo: Fat Fold

This place used to be used as a resort for the Governor-General of Indochina, Emperor Bao Dai… This is also the place where the French colonial government imprisoned King Thanh Thai for 9 years, from 1907 to 1916. Up to now, the whole The mansion after more than 100 years is still intact as when it was newly built and has become one of the famous tourist attractions, attracting tourists.

Enjoy stingray hot pot

After visiting the two museums, you will discover Vung Tau cuisine. Many tourists think that going to Vung Tau without eating stingray hotpot is considered as not coming here. Stingray hotpot is a specialty of Vung Tau for many years, with many large and small eateries all over the streets of this coastal city.

Stingray hotpot - one of the must-eat dishes when coming to Vung Tau.
Stingray hotpot – one of the must-eat dishes when coming to Vung Tau. Photo: MAG

If you want to eat delicious stingray hotpot, you should go to Nguyen Truong To street, because this is a street of “stray hot pot” with many shops that have been open for more than 30 years. The stingray hotpot of each restaurant will have a different taste, the spiciness and sourness of the other hot pot, but also the uniqueness of the fish meat, depending on the source of the fish, the way the restaurant’s spices are seasoned. Take a look at some restaurants that process according to heirloom recipes and are very crowded with 7 Luom, Battle, Hoang Minh, Ut Muoi…

Check-in at beautiful cafes

After a full stomach, you can find a cafe to check in. In Vung Tau, there are many sea view cafes. You can go to Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Café (at 90A Ha Long Street), with space decorated in Mediterranean style, beautiful sea view. In the evening, the bar serves live music played by DJs.

Meanwhile, Milla Nakedsoul Coffee is located on the rooftop of an old French-era house at 30 Ha Long Street with romantic views of the sea at sunset. Relaxing with a cup of coffee, resting your head on the arm of the chair watching the waves lapping under the purple-red afternoon light gives you a memorable moment.

Milla Nakedsoul Coffee has a very romantic view of the sea at sunset.
Milla Nakedsoul Coffee has a very romantic view of the sea at sunset. Photo: MAG

Ba Ria – Vung Tau is open to welcoming and serving tourists with the condition that they have a Covid-19 green card (injected with 2 doses of vaccine and 14 days have passed since the last injection), have negative rapid test results. calculated in advance of the departure date and committed to doing “one route, two destinations”. Meeting these conditions, you will have memorable moments when you arrive in Vung Tau. Follow (vnexpress)