The beauty of Long Hai four seasons of the year

The Long Hai sea area of ​​Ba Ria – Vung Tau has a diverse landscape with many different flowers and weather.

Long Hai is a town in Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, just over 90 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City. The sea here is blue, running long and winding around the foot of Minh Dam mountain. Along the coast are undulating rocky beaches, creating a wild and natural look.

This place is favored by nature with a warm and fresh climate all year round. Thanks to that, the ecosystem develops in a rich and diverse manner, with trees typical of the seasons. If you have the opportunity to come to Long Hai four seasons of the year, visitors will admire the colorful picture.

Apricot pea flowers bloom in the Tet season in Vung Tau.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
The apricot blossoms are known to the people of Vung Tau as tropical cherry blossoms. Photo: Huynh Nhi

In spring, the coastal road is filled with apricot blossoms. Driving a motorbike on this road, one side is the mountain and the other is the sea, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, listen to the murmuring waves of the sea and the pink color of the flowers.

Visitors here can also attend the Nghinh Co festival, which is usually held on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the second lunar month. This is one of the biggest festivals in the South, held according to traditional rites, praying for national peace, good weather, favorable weather…

The phoenix flowers bloom red in the summer.  Photo: Envato
The phoenix flowers bloom red in the summer. Photo: Envato

Summer comes, the red phoenix flowers on the streets of the town bring the feelings of youth years, arousing fond memories. The coastal climate of Long Hai also helps the summer weather here become fresher and cooler. Tourists coming here will be immersed in the fresh nature, smooth white sand beach, cool and clean water of the sea.

In autumn, the space of Long Hai is covered in purple by the mausoleum. One morning, wake up to watch the sunrise on the sea, watch the boats rushing to the shore, choose fresh seafood, taste the unique dishes of the sea in the middle of cool weather. Guests will feel the rare autumn atmosphere in the South.

Lilac flowers show off purple color.  Photo: istock
Lilac flowers show off purple color. Photo: istock

In winter, the trees change color, the weather is cold. The cold in Long Hai is just for tourists to put on an extra coat, not as harsh as the North. This is also the ideal time for people to feel the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the winter sea.

Choosing Long Hai as a resort destination for four seasons of the year, visitors can learn more about some resorts and experiences. One of them is the 5-star Cross Long Hai beach resort real estate complex with full facilities to help visitors discover and experience the tourism and culture of this sea area.

Perspective of Cross Long Hai project.  Photo: Cen Group.
The perspective of the Cross Long Hai project. Photo: Cen Saigon.

The project is expected to be handed over, put into operation, and welcome guests from the fourth quarter of 2022. Currently, Cross Long Hai is being introduced to the market with prices from 1.73 billion VND and many attractive incentive programs. : discount up to 8%, revenue sharing policy 35:65 in the first three years, profit sharing 85:15 from the fourth year; banks financial support up to 70%, 0% interest rate in 24 months; along with gifts with a total value of up to 3.8 billion VND

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