Symphony of Photography in Da Lat

Coming to Da Lat on this occasion, visitors can attend a photo exhibition of Dalat Rendez-vous by 5 authors at Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 2.

The love of photography connects 5 authors (Le Nguyen Huy, Nguyen Huu Thong, Vo Rin, Nguyen Ngoc Thien, and Kmon Nguyen) to meet in a mountain town to open an outdoor photo exhibition. Compared to a symphony of photography, this year’s Dalat Rendez-vous will be held from December 19 to March 2022, curated by two photographers Phan Quang and Ly Hoang Long.

The exhibition takes place at the newly launched Stop and Go Art Space Contemporary Art Center at 88, Ly Tu Trong, Ward 2. This is part of a series of 6 Da Lat art shows in December.

The above work is titled Dai Lao Early Sunshine , taken in Dai Lao Commune, Bao Loc City by author Le Nguyen Huy (HCMC). “Perhaps just every weekend, after hard working days, come up here to enjoy a morning cup of coffee in the chilly air, capture the wonderful moments of nature in the foggy city that makes me forget. all worries in daily life,” Huy said.

The work of Lonely Pine Tree by Dan Kia Lake – Golden Stream is fanciful in the mist, attracting photographers to work. The lonely pine tree has long been famous in the city of love, not only because of the name but also because the landscape here is very beautiful and peaceful, many couples come here to take pictures to stay young.

The above work is called A Little Spring, made by Nguyen Huu Thong in the spring days of 2019. Author Nguyen Huu Thong (Bac Giang), who is in love with the rocky highlands of Ha Giang, brings to the exhibition. colorful photos. He said, “first teacher, first lover, first job” are the things that can shape who you are. To me, all three are Ha Giang, where I devoted my youth days after graduating from college, cherished life values ​​, and nurtured my love for photography.”

In his photography career, Nguyen Huu Thong has won over 40 national and international awards, with most of the shooting scene in Ha Giang.

The photo of Spring crop was taken in 2018 in Dong Van when he wanted to find something different from iconic things like wall houses, yin and yang tile roofs, stone fences, markets…

“That led me to wander out into the fields that were in the midst of a new crop. The first days of spring are also the first day of the planting season of the highland people, I was fortunate to meet a very “love” context, a family planting corn seeds, next to a peach tree and a plum tree surrounded by by piles of stalks. dry corn, what I felt at that time was warmth,” he shared.

Works Paints and women are his views implemented in 2015 in Ha Giang, the upland right from birth has faced numerous challenges, but they still exist, develop and proliferate. In addition, the author also brings to the exhibition works related to his photography career such as Breakfast at the market, On the wall of childhood, or Spring on Pho Cao.

Meanwhile, Vo Rin (Da Nang) participated in the exhibition with the photo series “The beauty of Vietnamese birds”. He said he has been taking photos since 2006 with many genres, but only entered the genre of “wild nature bird photography” in September 2018. Starting with the exciting experiences and first approach to the birds, when standing in front of their brilliant beauty, he realized that he needed to take a lot of photos to give everyone beautiful pictures of the world of feathers. dance.

Pictured is the Dance of a Stilt Bird, a migratory bird with long legs and beaks. During the migration season, stilts often feed on the waters at the foot of Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang.

In the photo is a mallard flying in Tram Chim National Park, Tam Nong, Dong Thap. Tram Chim is an ideal destination to admire the wild natural world with your own eyes, as well as a stopover in the dry season of the rare red-crowned crane.

The crested swiftlets take care of their babies at Yok Don garden, Dak Lak. This bird is small, about 20 cm long, the male has a prominent pale brown face and upper neck, with an erect crest and long gray wings.

“Visitors should choose the time between February and April to go to Yok Don garden, at this time the forest trees have lost all their leaves to cope with the dry weather of the Central Highlands, so it is easier to observe and photograph birds.” Mr. Vo Rin said.

Author Nguyen Ngoc Thien (HCMC) participates with photographic works taken under the sea that bring a unique breath. The work Hide and Find Nguyen Ngoc Thien was taken during a scuba diving trip in Hon Cau, Con Dao.

“During the dive, the group encountered a large jellyfish swimming in the clear water above the reef, one female member was very interested in watching the jellyfish. At this time, I took advantage of moving the underwater camera to capture the interesting moving moments of the jellyfish. Observing, the large body of jellyfish is like a mobile shelter, sheltering the small fish safe from dangerous predators, “he said.

Works Seahorses and plastic bags were taken during diving at Hon Mun MPA, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

“Through this image, I express my concern that sea creatures may die, given the fact that plastic bags from tourist boats or from the mainland are discharged into the ocean. This type of plastic waste will float for hundreds of years without decomposition, reducing the biodiversity of marine ecosystems, directly or indirectly affecting human health.”

In addition to the above nature and landscape photos, the series of photos by author Kmon Nguyen (HCMC) brings a new perspective on Vietnam through a minimalist photography style. According to him, today’s life is too complicated and there are many things to think about, worry about, minimalist photography helps us live slower to experience the things around us. Closer moments are so beautiful that we ignore them.

Mr. Kmon Nguyen’s works are all named Simple Shooting. “I use street style photos to connect you with a happier, more positive perspective in life. Moreover, I hope my works can inspire you to break some of the rules when taking pictures,” he shared. Follow (vnexpress)

Photo: provided by BTC