Apricot cherry in the suburbs of Da Lat

LAM DONG – The areas of Mong Dao Nguyen, Da Nhim, Lac Duong district… are full of pink cherry apricots, attracting tourists to take pictures.

Nguyen Van Quang, 30 years old, has just had a photo hunting trip in the cherry apricot blossom season in the suburbs of Da Lat. On December 23, he went to the Mong Dao Nguyen area on the slopes of Langbiang mountain, about 20 km from the center of Da Lat.

From the center of Da Lat, visitors move in the direction of Langbiang to Lac Duong district, meet Langbiang roundabout, turn left along road 19/5, go straight for about 5 km and then turn right along a small trail to Mong Dao Nguyen.

Mong Dao Nguyen cherry blossom forest located on the mountainside of Dan Kia, Lac Duong is blooming beautifully and lasts through the New Year.

Springtime path when cherry apricot blossoms dot the fields in Dan Kia. “Three years ago, the trail went up the jagged mountains, just fit a motorbike. It was hard to take pictures, but because of passion, I was still eager to hit the road. When I go, I bring water, bread, wander around taking pictures without getting bored. Going down to the coffee garden to shoot up, climbing on the forest slope to take down all the corners, many memorable memories. This year, the road is leveled, so it’s a little easier to walk,” Quang shared.

Apricot cherry is considered a spring leopard flower, as well as about to send a year away. According to Mr. Quang, this year’s flower season blooms at the right time. The blooming areas are Dan Kia, Da Nhim, Lac Duong and Cau Dat areas. In the inner city, especially around Xuan Huong Lake, the flowers bloom later, lasting until the Lunar New Year.

Kim Tuyen, from Binh Duong, said she wanted to save the best photos of youth in the cherry blossom season in Da Lat.

The rhythm of spring life next to the wooden houses of the Cil people in Da Nhim. In order to successfully hunt flowers, visitors need to find out information from locals and Dalat photographers to come to the right occasion and when the flowers bloom in each place and area.

Cherry apricot blooms, flowers bloom for two weeks when the weather is dry, cold, and sunny. However, if it turns to rain, the flowering season lasts only about a week.

Currently, the epidemic situation in Lam Dong is basically under control, so the return travel demand of tourists increases. Many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ngai, and Lam Dong province took pictures of cherry apricots on the morning of December 25. The temperature in the Langbiang mountains in the past days fluctuated between 17-20 degrees Celsius, no rain, convenient for sightseeing and photography.

When wandering in the cherry apricot growing areas in Da Nhim commune, visitors can see children playing and climbing the trees happily. Follow(vnexpress)

Photo: Nguyen Van Quang