The flower garden in Binh Dinh attracts visitors at the beginning of the year

Huynh Pho flower garden in Tuy Phuoc district grows sunflowers, flashing stars, builds houses from beer shells… attracting hundreds of visitors every day.

Huynh Pho flower garden, located on the border between Phuoc Nghia and Phuoc Thuan communes of Tuy Phuoc district, about 12 km from Quy Nhon city, is the “center of gravity” attracting young people to admire and check-in. On the morning of January 1, the garden attracted about 100 guests.

Mr. Le Duc Doanh, 44 years old – the garden owner, said that the garden is about 5,000 square meters. He grows many kinds of flowers, which, mainly butterfly flowers and sunflowers. In addition, the house also planted a few beds of green vegetables.

Mr. Doanh said that at first, the garden planted fruit trees, but the trees had not yet been harvested, so he brought back flower varieties for short-term care. The owner of the garden started planting four months ago. A week ago, when the flowers began to bloom, he opened the door for guests.

Most of the guests take pictures in the Tuy Phuoc district. Some people from Quy Nhon City, when they saw pictures of flower gardens on social networks, also came to play.

The garden has many miniatures for guests to take photos such as cyclos, bicycles, wells, houses made of beer bottles. Children are excited when their parents take them out to play.

The miniature of the house from 19,000 beer bottles is the highlight of the garden. Mr. Doanh said he saw houses online from plastic bottles and beer bottles, so he collected materials to make “bricks” to build houses.

The gardener takes jeans as a “pot” to grow sunflowers.

Many recycled tires are used as miniatures by the garden path.

From December 24, 2021, the garden is open to attract about a dozen visitors per day. On January 1, right on the occasion of the holiday and the weather was sunny, there were about 100 visitors.

The garden owner said that each person to visit costs 30,000 VND (the entrance fee), this is the cleaning fee and for reinvestment. The garden house also gives guests a bottle of mineral water.

To ensure safety during the epidemic season, the garden owner also arranges disinfectant water and places tables and chairs far apart for guests to rest. Follow (vnexpress)

photo: Nghia Binh