6 Sweet Soup dishes that guest like in Ho Chi Minh City

Ba Ba, three-color, water-drifting… are desserts praised by Canadian tourist Katie Kalmusky.

According to Katie, this is one of the best desserts in Vietnam, with sweet bananas, rich coconut milk, crispy pearls, sesame seeds and fragrant crushed peanuts.  Enjoying a small bowl of Salty Banana Tea is a must for any traveler who enjoys sweets, says Katie.
Katie Kalmusky, a Canadian, has come to explore and learn about Vietnam for a long time. Here are the Sweet Soup dishes in Ho Chi Minh City that Kaite loves and recommends on the travel website Culutre Trip .
Banana Sweet Soup
According to Katie, this is one of the best desserts in Vietnam, with sweet bananas, rich coconut milk, crunchy pearls, sesame seeds, and fragrant crushed peanuts. “Enjoying a bowl of salty banana Sweet Soup is something that any tourist who likes sweets should not miss,” Katie shared. Photo: Taste
Three-color tea
Three-color Sweet Soup
This famous dessert consists of three layers: yellow-green beans, red beans, and green pandan jelly topped with crushed ice drizzled with rich coconut milk. Tricolor Sweet Soup is usually placed in a tall glass cup, eaten with a long spoon. Katie calls it “a multi-colored masterpiece” and she often eats in the local markets. Photo: Authentic food quest
Corn sweet soup
Corn Sweet Soup
This dish consists of sweet corn, glutinous rice, tapioca flour, coconut milk, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The flavors of sweet corn and coconut milk combine with glutinous rice to create a unique dessert experience, according to Katie. The best time for this dish, according to Katie, is from March to September, when the corn is at harvest, still fresh and sweet. Photo: Grantourismo Travels
Ba ba tea is one of the most typical mixed tea dishes of the South.  From the recipe of tapioca pudding, the recipe only includes coconut milk, green beans, potato flour, sweet potato... she added to it universal ear, jujube, lotus seed, wood ear... a total of all from 9, 10 new ingredients in a cup of tea make up ba ba.
Ba Ba Sweet Soup is one of the most typical mixed Sweet Soup dishes of the South, including rustic ingredients such as: coconut milk, green beans, sweet potatoes, wood ear, lotus seeds, jujube… There are about 9 -10 kinds of toppings in this bowl of Sweet Soup. Diners can enjoy this Sweet Soup in any weather, from hot to cool. Photo: Nomad Paradise
Floating tea
Water floating Sweet Soup
dessert sweet, delicious is usually served hot. They are made from rice flour, mung bean paste and are soaked in a broth made of sugar and fragrant ginger. Photo: Delightfulplate
Chi Ma Phu is black sesame soup,
Chi that Phu
This is black sesame Sweet Soup, a typical dish of the Chinese living in Vietnam. It is transliterated in Sino-Vietnamese as Chi that Phu. This Sweet Soup is good for digestion, good for the health of the elderly, pregnant women… Photo: JustGola

 (According to Culture Trip )