Visit Dong Lai Zen Monastery – the unique Banh Xeo pagoda in the Seven Mountains region of An Giang

An Giang is a land famous for the mysterious That Son mountain range, the temple of Ba Chua Xu sacred mountain Sam, the famous Hang pagoda near and far, and especially… the unique Banh Xeo pagoda.

The pagoda named Banh Xeo An Giang is called Dong Lai Zen Monastery or Lying Buddha Pagoda. This is a religious building with a peaceful and quiet space, where Buddhists come to worship the Buddha to pray for peace and luck for their families and loved ones. But the unique and outstanding feature of this temple is the tradition of making free pancakes to serve visitors from all over the world.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - culinary beautyThe temple has created the beauty of cuisine and culture of the people of the West. Photo:

Although served for free, the Western pancakes through the skillful hands of Buddhists and local volunteers have a delicious and attractive taste. So if you are planning a trip to the West, intending to visit An Giang, and want to find a quiet place to enjoy delicious vegetarian pancakes, then visit the temple. Before making a real-life trip, let’s explore this famous spiritual destination with LuhanhVietNam today, besides other An Giang tourist destinations!

Where is Banh Xeo Pagoda located?

The temple named Banh Xeo is located in the area of 7 mountain An Giang, also known as the That Son range. More specifically, the ancient temple is located in Xuan Phu hamlet, Tinh Bien town, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province. It can be said that this is a familiar stop for tourists when coming to this land because it is both a sacred place and possesses a pure and peaceful space and a tradition of hospitality, especially making pancakes for free. service for tourists from far away to visit.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - at the foot of Cau MountainThe pagoda is located at the foot of Cau Mountain. Photo: tourdulichmientay

If you come from the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can follow the following directions to reach the pagoda :

Visitors start from the city center, follow QL1A (also known as Dai Han highway) and then go straight to Trung Luong expressway CT01 along the route QL62 – DT829 – DT844 – DT954 and finally cross Chau Giang ferry. to get to the city. Continental Director. Here, you follow QL91C and QL91 to get to the temple named Banh Xeo. If you have trouble finding your way, you can refer to the directions on Google Maps or ask for more directions from the friendly and enthusiastic locals along the way.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - the tradition of treating guests with vegetarian pancakesThe temple has a tradition of treating guests with vegetarian pancakes. Photo: vntrip

The history of the formation of Banh Xeo pagoda

The pagoda named Banh Xeo or Dong Lai Zen Monastery is located at the foot of Cau mountain – the place where the first abbot chose to practice in a cave when going from Long An. Later, around 1959, the temple was donated by people to build a larger area. Since then, the Venerable Thich Thien Dao has been on behalf of local Buddhists to start building a temple.Visit the Banh Xeo Pagoda - The Statue of Buddha PointingStatue of Buddha pointing to the sky in the temple grounds. Photo: Vnrtrip

According to the elders, at first, the temple consisted of only the main hall and the ancestral house, which was built quite simply with thatched roofs and thatched walls. Three years later, the abbot of the temple built an additional statue of the Buddha nirvana (also known as “the temple of the reclining Buddha”). Today, in addition to the two names Banh Xeo and Dong Lai Zen Monastery, the pagoda is also known as the Lying Buddha pagoda based on this particular work. Since 1999, the pagoda has been rebuilt with a more dignified and solid architecture.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Dong Lai Zen MonasteryDong Lai Zen Monastery. Photo: Thamhiemmekong

Architecture of Banh Xeo pagoda

The campus of Dong Lai Zen Monastery is quite large and airy because there are many ornamental plants planted. When coming here, you definitely have to visit the pagoda, make a pilgrimage and especially admire the 6-meter-long reclining Buddha in the Nirvana position.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Reclining BuddhaThe 6 meters long reclining Buddha statue in the temple. Photo: canhchuamientay

Quan Am station is located to the left of the main hall, with a statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara standing on a lotus platform. There is also a rockery standing behind with a murmuring waterfall, flowing day and night, both pleasing to the ears and creating more beauty for the temple scene.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Architecture of Zen MonasteryArchitecture of Dong Lai Zen Monastery. Photo: nucuoimekong

Behind the main hall is the dining room, and the kitchen is in the innermost part. Particularly, the dumpling area is located to the right of the main hall, away from a separate path. This layout both helps separate areas and avoids causing heat to the dining room.

Why is it called Banh Xeo pagoda?

According to the An Giang travel experience of many of you, the reason why people call Dong Lai Zen Monastery is a pagoda named Banh Xeo because it is famous for serving thousands of free vegetarian pancakes for Buddhists and tourists. tourists from all over the world visit the temple. The origin of this activity was in 1999, when a large number of Buddhists from all over the world came to the temple to make offerings. At this time, the monks in the temple came up with the idea of ​​making vegetarian pancakes to entertain guests from far away.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Quan The Am Bodhisattva StatueStatue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Photo: canhchuamientay

At first, the monks only worked in small quantities and on a small scale so that Buddhists could enjoy it as a mid-meal snack, so that guests would be less tired when going on excursions and visiting temples. Later, more and more guests from far away fell in love with this special dish. So, gradually, from a few pans to this day, the pagoda has up to 40, moreover, it operates continuously all days of the week.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - thousands of vegetarian pancakesThe temple serves thousands of vegetarian pancakes for free. Photo: Thamhiemmekong

If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang and hate to visit the Reclining Buddha Pagoda, you will feel right from the first step into the kitchen, the overwhelming feeling of the atmosphere of pouring pancakes is extremely exciting. Skillful and flexible hands, quickly turn the cake continuously from side to side and so on, each delicious and beautiful cake comes out of the oven. The image of the stoves constantly red and hot and the oil pans constantly turning the cake has left a deep emotion in the hearts of every visitor when visiting the temple.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - Delicious pancakesDelicious delicious pancakes on the dining table. Photo: dulichmientay

Currently, the temple has more than 10 people volunteering to make vegetarian pancakes for guests every day. In the kitchen, there are always 2-3 people available to fill each rack with 10-12 pieces arranged in a semicircle. After each cake pouring shift, there will be 3 people to replace each other. The number of cakes poured on a daily basis ranges from about 6,000 – 7,000 pieces. As for the full moon days, big holidays and weekends, the amount of cake to be poured increases 3-4 times, so the temple has to mobilize a larger number of volunteers to serve the needs of Buddhists and An Giang tourists to worship and worship. visit.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - Close-up of the cakeClose-up of vegetarian pancakes in the temple. Photo: Vntrip

Also made from flour mixed in certain proportions such as specialties of Tra Vinh , Can Tho, Soc Trang, the vegetarian pancakes at Dong Lai Zen Monastery are also rustic dishes but extremely delicious. The crust is made from rice flour mixed with coconut water, adding a little turmeric powder, so it is both fragrant and fatty and has a beautiful yellow color. The filling includes many delicious and healthy plant-based ingredients such as whole green beans, tofu, and bean sprouts. There are also more chopped mushrooms and cassava roots.Visit the banh xeo pagoda - The men pour the cakeThe men poured the cake skillfully. Photo: dulichmientay

Although it is a collective kitchen, the temple pays great attention to food hygiene and safety, so visitors are always extremely assured when enjoying this typical vegetarian dish. Especially, the vegetables served with Banh Xeo are all clean vegetables picked on the mountain or planted by the hands of Buddhists and people around and brought as gifts.Visit the pagoda of banh xeo - Bong crazy classicDandelion cotton is a unique ingredient to make Banh Xeo in Tinh Bien. Photo: monngonmientay

When finished, the pancakes will be delivered to Buddhists and visitors as quickly as possible to keep their deliciousness hot. If the restaurant is too crowded, you can bring your plate to the cake filling area and receive the cake.

Attractions near Reclining Buddha Temple

Banh Xeo Pagoda is located quite close to Tinh Bien tourist sites , religious facilities, and other historical sites, so you can combine and arrange a visit in the same session depending on your schedule and time. . That is:

– Lau Pagoda (Phuoc Lam Tu)

– Tree of Heart Notes.

– Cuu Trung Dai, Huynh Quang Pagoda and Phuoc Hai Pagoda are located on Highway 91.

– Thanh Xuan Pagoda.

– Linh Son Pagoda.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Temple of Ba Chua Xu Mountain SamBa Chua Xu Temple on Sam mountain. Photo: nucuoimekong

In addition to the points near the pagoda mentioned above, you can also visit other famous places of An Giang on the same or next day:

Ba Chua Xu Temple in Sam mountain is the most famous and sacred place in the West.

– Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau (also known as Son Lang) – a rare intact architectural work typical of the Nguyen Dynasty remaining in the southern land.

– Tay An Co Tu – the oldest temple in An Giang (about 5km from Chau Doc city).

– Tra Su Melaleuca forest (about 18.4km from the temple).

– That Son Range – the name of a region consisting of 7 mountains: Cam Mountain, Ong Ket Mountain, Co To Mountain, Tuong Mountain, Dai Mountain, 5 Well Mountain, and Nuoc Mountain.Visit Banh Xeo Pagoda - Ta Pa LakeTa Pa Lake An Giang. Photo: Vntrip

– Ta Pa Lake – is likened to the Great Love Cup of An Giang.

– The destination cluster is located right near the center of Chau Doc city: Chau Doc market, Chau Doc Be village, Chau Giang Cham village, Da Phuoc Cham village…Visit the pagoda of banh xeo - That Son Seven MountainsThat Son Seven Mountains. Photo: vntrip

Traveling to An Giang, after visiting famous landscapes, trying famous Western delicacies in Chau Doc market or famous restaurants, you should remember to visit Banh Xeo pagoda to both visits the pagoda to pray for peace and taste the food. The famous delicious cake has become a tradition of hospitality, representing the aromatic heart of the temple and the people of this land for 18 years. Wish you have an impressive and interesting trip to the West

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