Grapefruit, coconut, and mango ‘Tai, Loc’ are very popular

Each pair of mango and coconut shaped like a letter for VND 300,000-500,000 was ordered by many customers early.

The raging epidemic caused this year’s Tet season, the number of unique products sold to the market decreased sharply. Some households are determined to produce, but the quantity is also reduced by 50% compared to last year. Therefore, the quantity of goods in the market is scarcer and more attractive.

Sharing with VnExpress , Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam, from Chau Thanh (Ben Tre) said that this year the disease was complicated, he and farmers in the province only brought to the market about 1,000 pressed coconuts and 1,000 mangoes. release letters and 500 pomelos to form a “Tai, Loc” gold bar, halving compared to last year.

Gold bars, coconuts and mangoes printed with the words Tai and Loc are very popular
Pressed coconut in Ben Tre. Photo: Huynh Tam

This year’s quantity is limited, the price is reduced by 20-30%, so Mr. Tam said that the goods have been ordered almost all.

Also produced in limited quantities, Mr. Hieu in Dong Thap said, this year instead of linking up with growers, he only produced in his home garden on a small scale with only a few hundred fruits. “This year, the price is 30% lower than every year and suitable for consumers’ pockets,” said Mr. Hieu.

Currently, the price of a pressed coconut with the words Tai Loc, Van Su Nhu Y costs 200,000 VND, the mango releases the word 300,000 VND a pair, the pressed gold bullion pomelo costs 700,000 VND a fruit. Most of the above products weigh more than 1 kg.

Grapefruit gold bars at Mr. Tam's garden: Photo: Huynh Tam
Grapefruit gold bars at Mr. Tam’s garden: Photo: Huynh Tam

According to Mr. Tam, producing these products takes a lot of time and effort. Each pressed coconut or gold bullion takes 4-5 months to take care of and create a new shape for the desired product. On the other hand, these fruits want to be uniform and have enough weight to care for twice as much as conventional products. In addition, to press and release the letters on the fruit must also have technique. Therefore, if the technique is lacking, the product made will not be beautiful.

Each mango releases words weighing up to 1 kg.  Photo: Thanh Tam
Each mango releases words weighing up to 1 kg. Photo: Thanh Tam

The survey shows that wholesalers from gardeners have begun to accept orders for fruits in the shape of the Tet holiday from customers. The price of pressed coconuts to retail buyers is expected to be about 300,000-350,000 VND per fruit, which can be increased if demand is high. Gold bullion pomelos retail for up to 1 million dongs. Particularly for mangoes, the retail price fluctuates around 200,000-300,000 VND per fruit.