The hobby of ‘dry firewood’ before Tet

HANOI – After one night, plum branches as thin as sticks suddenly bloomed with white flowers with green buds… becoming the new joy of urban people.

This is the first time Cao Thanh Thuy, in Hanoi, played with plum branches, also for the first time feeling the miraculous change of a “dry wood branch”. She said that when she first bought it, the plum branch worth 600,000 VND was thin and black, but every morning she woke up, she saw a little change, the buds started to get bigger and wrong.

“Plum pluging is a little dramatic, a little unexpected. After a week, the wood branch put on a new shirt as bright as the stars,” Thuy said.

Ms. Quynh Trang, In Ha Dong, likes to plant plums after being “mesmerized” by the beauty of the vast white plum forest in the Northeast and Northwest provinces during her trip five years ago. Since then, every season, she buys a few branches to display alternately in the house.

When I first received it, the plum branches were moldy, rough and thought to be dead, but over time, the flowers bloomed and the buds sprouted. “Spring comes, spring goes is the law of creation. Life and death, suffering and happiness are the circles of fate. Humans from the moment of birth are rarely happy for a life without suffering, vice versa. But no one suffers all their life, can’t find happiness. I like to plant plums because I feel such meaning,” shared Quynh Trang.

Having been playing plum blossom for three years now, Luu Nhung in Ha Dong district is becoming more and more fascinated by the beauty of this flower. “When planting plums, I feel the beauty of time in the moss of the branches, the beauty of the white color in the petals. Sometimes watching the green bud pop up is also very interesting,” she said. speak.

Also fell in love with the firewood “thrown on the street, no one even bothers to pick it up”, but this season, Bich Ngoc, Thanh Xuan district, has planted the third branch. Every day, seeing the branches change, her heart suddenly feels happy.

Buy this plum branch for 700,000 VND, Ms. Tran Dieu Thuy , in Ha Dong district has been playing for more than two months. “I put it in the house from the time it was a gray firewood tree until it bloomed white like cotton, then green leaves and chit fruit sprouted,” she shared. Being a flower lover and playing with a lot of flowers, fruits, and branches, the plum branch alone surprised her with its intense vitality.

When planting plums, Ms. Nguyen Mai Sinh in the Tay Ho district feels a gentle demeanor, very suitable for the chilly weather at the end of the year. She often chooses mossy branches, mixed with flowers and leaves.

The plum blossom season usually lasts a month before the Lunar New Year. Along the streets of Hanoi, there are a number of places to sell, and there are many online groups, so it is not difficult for families to own a branch.

According to Ms. Kim Anh, a seller in Tay Ho district, on average, 600 branches are sold each week, the price fluctuates from a few hundred thousand to several million dongs. In particular, she once sold a branch of 25 million VND. “These plum branches are bought from people in the highlands, which are grown on hills. Old trees that give little fruit are cut down to sell and plant new trees, not related to natural forests,” Kim Anh said.

Having four years of experience in providing plums and peaches during Tet, Ms. Ha My, from Ha Dong, shared that bringing plums or peaches from mountainous areas to the city for sale is the same as Tay Tuu farmers planting flowers for sale. Most of these trees are planted and sold by local people for income. The annual pruning also helps the tree to grow new branches and grow better.

To ensure that the plum branches purchased bloom evenly and flower a lot, Ms. Luu Nhung advises starting playing from the first week of December, because then the flower buds are old enough to bloom.

There are 2 types of old branches and young branches, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Old branches with moldy moss look very beautiful, but if you are not careful, you will choose dry branches, flowers do not bloom. Young branches have many buds, fresh, but the aesthetic will not be high because there is no moss attached, so it is not beautiful. “So if you want to have plum branches that meet the two standards of moss and flowers when choosing, you should check by lightly pressing the tops, if you see fresh and many small buds, then choose”, Nhung revealed.

If you want flowers to bloom quickly, large flowers, plug with warm water and grind a little more B1 medicine. Many people even put the vase next to the sunny window to bloom faster.

Not because of Covid-19 that this hobby affects, on the contrary, players seem to like it more and more. Only about 100,000 VND can own a small branch, playing in the house for a whole month. In the picture is a flower vase of Ms. Hong Tuyen in Bac Tu Liem, bought for 450,000 VND. Although at first she was teased to plant branches, but after a few days, the flowers bloomed white, making everyone in her family admire.