Two days traveling around Tuyen Quang

Visiting Tan Trao banyan tree, Na Nua shack, Tan Lap cultural village, and trekking on Red mountain are appropriate experiences in the time of Covid-19.

Tuyen Quang is a province in the Northeast region, more than 130 km from Hanoi capital, convenient to move. In the epidemic situation, if you want a destination with fresh air, not crowded, in harmony with nature… then Tuyen Quang is not a bad choice. The suggestions below are for a 2 day 1-night trip.

It takes nearly 3 hours to drive from Hanoi to Tuyen Quang. For young travelers who love to travel, riding a motorbike can also be an attractive option. The easiest way to go is straight on Pham Van Dong street – Thang Long bridge – Phuc Yen – Viet Tri – Doan Hung – Tuyen Quang.

Play in Tuyen Quang

Trekking Red Mountain

Red Mountain is located in the Son Duong district, near the Tan Trao’s tourist area. The trekking route to the Vau forest in the primeval Hong mountain is about 10 km long. The journey is divided into two parts: the first part leads to an empty field on the mountainside, where people stop to rest… The second part from this field to the Vau forest is quite steep, more difficult to walk. But in general, this trekking route is considered by many tourists as easy and safe. The climbing time both up and down is about 3-4 hours, excluding rest.

At the top of the forest was a large rock. People call it “lonely stone”. Legend has it that single people who take pictures on this rock will soon have a couple.

Road to Hong Mountain.  Photo: Phuong Anh
Road to Hong Mountain. Photo: Phuong Anh

Tan Trao tourist village

The village is located right at the foot of Hong Mountain, about 10-20 minutes by car from the trekking point. The village is mainly inhabited by Tay people, and most of the traditional stilt houses here are used as homestays to welcome guests.

Coming here, you can wander around the village, enjoy the fresh, peaceful air and visit the preserved historic Tan Trao banyan tree right at the top of the village. Also at this same banyan tree, on the afternoon of August 16, 1945, General Vo Nguyen Giap, on behalf of the National Uprising Committee, read Military Order No. 1 and ordered troops to march towards Hanoi.

Na Na shack

Belonging to Tan Lap village, Tan Trao commune, Son Duong district, Na Nua shack is the place where Uncle Ho lived and worked from the end of May to August 1945 to lead the August General uprising to seize power throughout the country. This is also the place where Uncle Ho said his immortal sentence: “At this time, the favorable time has come. No matter how much you sacrifice, even if you have to burn down the entire Truong Son mountain range, you must resolutely win independence.”

The shack is located in Na Naa forest, belonging to the Red Mountains, and is discreetly located under the dense trees, meeting Uncle Ho’s requirements: near the water, gradually, far from the national highway, convenient for forward and backward. The shack is built in the style of a mountain house on stilts, the walls are woven with bamboo, the upper half has small openings to get light. Below, the top floor of the shack is a wide, flat stone, where Uncle Ho often sits and works, typing when it’s dark.

Uncle Ho's shack - where he lived and worked in Tuyen Quang.  Photo: Phuong Anh
Uncle Ho’s shack – where he lived and worked in Tuyen Quang. Photo: Phuong Anh

Rafting at Na Naa Lake

Near Na Nua shack is a large lake. Visitors can come here to experience rafting on the lake, as well as listen to the singing performed by the Tay ethnic people. You can contact the site manager to book in advance. If going on a tour, this activity will be included in the tour.

Safe Historical Site ATK . Area

Dinh Hoa ATK, located in Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen territories. This place has a total conservation planning area of ​​5,200 m2. Here, you can offer incense at the memorial house of President Ho Chi Minh, visit the Khuan Tat banyan tree, Khuan Tat waterfall, Ti Keo hill.

Relic of the Central Public Security Bureau

The relic site (the predecessor of the Ministry of Public Security) belongs to Minh Thanh commune, Son Duong district. This place belongs to the complex of Tan Trao’s special national historical relic site, with the People’s Public Security Museum, inaugurated and opened to visitors in February 2010. The museum is nearly 2,000 m2 wide with two floors displaying nearly 2,000 precious documents and artifacts introducing the process of birth, battle, construction and growth of the Vietnamese People’s Police.

Here, you can also visit the ruins of Lung Co airport – which is considered the first international airport of Vietnam’s civil aviation. Admission is free, open to guests on weekends.

Eat – stay in Tuyen Quang

In addition to the famous Ham Yen crockery, visitors can enjoy Lam rice, five-color sticky rice, deep-fried stream fish, black pork, dried bamboo shoots, braised fillings or salty sausages, bacon… You can also buy these as gifts. Com lam is sold at the foot of Hong Mountain or at tourist attractions for about 6,000 VND per tube.

In addition, visitors can also book the homestay owner where they rent a room at Tan Lap tourist village to cook rice. With breakfast, you can go to the small shops at the top of the village to enjoy it for 30,000 VND.

Some specialties of Tuyen Quang include: sausages, dried sausages, crispy fried spring fish, grilled meat, braised fillings, five-color sticky rice... Photo: Phuong Anh
Some specialties of Tuyen Quang include sausages, dried sausages, crispy fried spring fish, grilled meat, braised fillings, five-color sticky rice… Photo: Phuong Anh

You can rent a community guesthouse in Tan Lap cultural village or a private hotel. Room rental at the community motel is 60,000 VND per person, including hot and cold shower but not eating.

After check-in, guests can rest, take a bath and take a foot bath with medicinal leaves. This is the heirloom tobacco of the Tay people, each foot bath is usually 30 minutes or longer. In addition, you can ask the locals to cook water with medicinal leaves for bathing, after a tiring day of climbing.

Estimated cost for the trip to Tuyen Quang 2 days 1 night:
Accommodation: 60,000 VND/person
Breakfast: 30,000 VND/person
Three meals: ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 VND/person/meal
Gasoline, tobacco leaf foot bath services, buying souvenirs as gifts.

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