Three days of experience at the most expensive resort in Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Tung spends 80 million VND for 2 nights at a luxury resort in Ninh Thuan.

My wife and I had a vacation at Amanoi, a resort located in Nui Chua national park, summer 2021. We chose the time when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out again so as not to see many tourists and fully enjoy the feeling of resort.

Travel blogger Nguyen Thanh Tung and his wife at the resort.
Travel blogger Nguyen Thanh Tung and his wife at the resort are considered the most expensive in Vietnam. The most expensive room here is sometimes up to more than 7,000 USD (about 160 million VND).

First impressions of the resort

When the plane landed at Cam Ranh airport (Khanh Hoa), we waited at the resort’s check-in counter. From here we were picked up at the resort, the car was spacious, there were free drinks and snacks. The car moved from the airport to Vinh Hy Bay, from the window of the car I was able to watch the silver waves with the blue water and the majestic mountains of the bay.

What I was quite surprised when was always calling the name of the resort wrong. In fact, the name is Aman Oi, the word “Oi” is the Vietnamese way of calling a close relationship. The bus arrived at 12 noon so we went to eat at the main restaurant with a variety of dishes from Vietnam to Europe.

After completing the check-in procedure, the car took us to our room, on the same winding mountain road. On the way, we met many squirrels and birds, heard the wild rooster crowing very naturally.

Our room was Ocean Pool Villa class. This place has a construction style that reminds me of the combination of Vietnamese stilt houses and Japanese simplicity. Everything is very neat, the balcony has a direct view of the sea with the swimming pool in front of the house. The living room is large and connected to the bedroom, all furniture is made of natural wood. The room has a full-service mini bar, coffee maker, desk with sea view… The surrounding space is only full of wind blowing, birds chirping and waves crashing offshore, we enjoy the fresh Ninh Thuan grapes.

Resort experiences

In the afternoon of the first day, the tram picked us up at the spa according to registration. This is also the symbol of the resort with the observation deck on the lotus lake. In the melodious music, cool air and professional treatment, I fell asleep. At 6:30 pm after bathing, we went to the restaurant and sat outside to enjoy the scenery and breathe in the salty smell of the sea.

The next morning we got up at 4am to prepare for climbing, this is one of the experiences of the resort and will be accompanied by a guide. Stepping out the door of the villa, the early morning air with the scent of the forest and the chirping birds made us feel refreshed and relieved.

The journey to climb Goga, also known as the top of Mount Chua, lasts about 30 minutes and the road is easy to go. Staff prepares mineral water, cool towels, walking sticks. Walk a few hundred meters into the forest, then start climbing up the mountainside, from here you can see the whole resort. We reached the top of Goga just at dawn. Looking down at Vinh Hy Bay, the sun dyed the waves yellow, radiating from the fishing boats very beautifully. At that moment, my heart seemed to wave “Vietnam is so beautiful”.

After breakfast, the sun is high and warm, we return to the villa to bathe in the private pool. Our lunch pick-up consisted of Mediterranean dishes and some Vietnamese dishes such as braised shrimp and pork… My favorite point was that the restaurant was empty, the only sound I could hear was the sound of crashing waves.

5:00 p.m. at the restaurant to prepare afternoon tea for visitors. Here we can make our own drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit tea… Especially, there are also shrimp and meat cakes that are processed directly by the chefs.

In the evening, we prepared many traditional dishes for the Cham people such as grilled beef, wild vegetables, octopus salad, braised fish… The dining area is located right at the edge of the forest, next to the cactus and burning torches. lit, staff also wear traditional costumes of the Cham people.

After a satisfying meal in the midst of the vast sky shimmering with candlelight, our group was able to participate in the traditional ceremony of praying for the good luck of the Cham people. This ritual is recreated, reduced to a part compared to the multi-day ceremony of the Cham people. The local shaman reads sacrifices to the gods under the ancient tree. Many candles are lit and each participant will put alcohol in the palm of their hand and smear it on their body for good luck. I’ve been to many resorts, but this is the first time I’ve experienced such a unique and culturally rich ritual in the mountain space.

The ritual of praying for good luck of the Cham people is partly recreated as the most impressive experience in the journey.
The ritual of praying for the good luck of the Cham people is partly recreated as the most impressive experience in the journey.

On the third day, visitors can register for archery, visit fishing villages, paint pictures… but because of the limited time, we only choose a few of them. Early in the morning, we spend time walking, swimming, and kayaking on the clear blue sea. After that, the men took a drawing class at Rock Studio, while the women chose to take a yoga class by the spa lake, then take photos of the first rays of the day. At noon after eating we checked out to go to the airport. Many Filipino staff and managers stood in the lobby to say goodbye, in our hearts we had a bit of regret when we said goodbye to such a beautiful, friendly place. Follow (vnexpress)

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