Playing out in Moc Chau in plum blossom season

SON LA – In addition to watching plum blossoms bloom, visitors have the opportunity to visit more ripe strawberry and persimmon gardens or fields of canola, apricot, and peach flowers.

January is the best time to travel to Moc Chau, here are some suggestions for you to schedule to explore this vast plateau.

Where to see plum blossoms?

Moc Chau plum flowers often bloom simultaneously. The first half of January is the most beautiful flower in Mu Nau plum valley with many beautiful photography angles and a dedicated shuttle service. Either you rent a motorbike to go in by yourself, or take a car to Pa Hang junction or Pho Nui coffee shop, rent a two-way motorbike taxi for about 120,000 VND (the road to the mountain is only 2 km but quite steep).

In Pa Phach village, Na Ka valley, Thung Cuong valley and sub-zones 84, 86, Co Do (Moc Chau plum barn)… flowers begin to bloom scattered in the second half of January and February, suitable for guests go out before and after the Lunar New Year .

The entrance fee to visit plum gardens is 20,000 – 30,000 VND/person. If you go deep into the gardens at the end of the valley, or in the village, people rarely charge a fee but leave guests alone. You can bring some candies for the children in the village to have fun and have more children to take pictures with.

What to visit in Moc Chau?

At this time, in addition to plum blossom gardens, Moc Chau has many other beautiful scenes for you to explore.

The first suggestion is the vast green grasslands on Moc Chau farm , the fields of white cabbage and yellow cabbage are blooming all over the plateau, along Route 6 or behind the pine forest in Ang village and many other villages.

Strawberry farms are in the harvest season, the fruit is also ripe red. Strawberry gardens are scattered throughout Moc Chau but are concentrated in the area around the pine forest of Ang village and town.

Many tourist attractions are also brightly decorated to welcome Tet such as the pine forest of Ang village, Happy Land, and Dai Yem waterfall, suitable for tourists who like to check-in, go near Tet.

Beautiful H’Mong villages such as Hua Tat, Pa Phach, Phieng Canh, Pa Khen have both plum and peach flowers blooming next to traditional roofs. Not only sightseeing, but visitors can also participate in Tet with the villagers.

Stroll among the plum forest in full bloom in Mu Nau valley. Photo: Quang Kien

What to eat in plum blossom season?

Easy-to-find specialties such as veal chao, stream fish, taro man’s soup, cabbage cat… are available at most restaurants such as shops 64, 70, Xuan Bac 181, Gia Nguyen, Tuan Gu, Moc Son.

To try higher-priced dishes such as mountain goat meat, salmon, sturgeon… you can find it at Manh Mai restaurant, Tran The, Dong Hai, Dinh Hong, Xuan Bac, 8 Beo, Vuon Dao. ..

If you want to eat ethnic specialties, you should go to the villages, or restaurants, homestays such as Ban Mon Ho Ban Mon, Dong Hai, Thai Son La…

Where in Moc Chau?

Good price homestays include Love Mountain, Plum Home – House on the Hill, Homestay A Cua, A Vang, A Chu, House by Suoi, The Meadow, The November, Mama’s House, Wooden House, Le Chalet du Lac, Fairy House … Room rates from 120,000 to 700,000 VND/night. This type of accommodation has a small scale suitable for groups of young people and young families.

Mid-range and higher-end accommodations include The Nordic Village, Moc Suong, Huong Sen Moc Chau Bui Hien, Sao Xanh, Moc Chau Retreat… Room rates for one night range from 700,000 to several million dong. These spots have a large campus, with an entertainment area, food service, suitable for families with children and the elderly.

Although January - February is the peak season for Moc Chau tourism, the rooms here are still very diverse, meeting the needs of visitors.  Photo: Hung Kayak/The Nordic Village
Although January – February is the peak season for Moc Chau tourism, the rooms here are still very diverse, meeting the needs of visitors. Photo: Hung Kayak/The Nordic Village

What to buy as a gift?

Flower players who come to the plum season do not miss the opportunity to choose beautiful plums, apricots, and peaches. Visitors should buy small branches in the garden, which are pruned and sold by local people.

Agricultural products such as post-dried plums, plum juice, strawberries, persimmons, dried or fresh mangoes, bananas, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots, etc., are all purchased as gifts or for personal use. to cook for the family.

The place to buy is right at the people’s stalls next to attractions, or reputable stores such as Moc Chau Food, Suoi Tien, Phoenix Farm, Dairy Farm…

What to keep in mind when traveling?

Strictly implement 5K to stay safe during the epidemic season, vaccinate and do rapid testing or PCR before coming to Moc Chau.

The road to attractions such as valleys and hills has many slippery sections due to a lot of fog.

It is recommended to bring warm clothes, shoes, socks to keep the body warm because the daytime temperature in Moc Chau fluctuates between 12-17 degrees Celsius.

Limit picking flowers, breaking branches, cutting trees without permission.

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