Two delicious noodle shops should try when coming to Bac Lieu

Anh Nguyet spicy beef noodle soup and Nam Hon soup noodle soup are famous and popular culinary addresses in Bac Lieu City.

Anh Nguyet Spicy Beef Noodles

Bac Lieu spicy beef vermicelli scores with diners thanks to the pungent taste of chili, the aroma of spices such as lemongrass, anise, cinnamon … blended with rich broth, red and sweet waves.

Anh Nguyet spicy beef noodle shop has been selling for more than 40 years, attracting customers by cooking according to a family recipe. The shop is located at 119, Cao Van Lau, ward 5, Bac Lieu city, open from 5 am to 9 am daily. When ordering, the staff will ask customers to use spicy noodles more or less.

Tasting a spoonful of broth, guests will whisper and inhale because of the spiciness, it’s “already”. Beef is not thinly sliced, but cut into bite-sized pieces, cooked soft, with flexible tendons, rich spices. Many diners are impressed with the strong spicy satay, which when eaten does not get sick and can help sweat to relieve colds.

Spicy beef noodle soup, a dish not to be missed when coming to Bac Lieu.  Photo: Instagram kelfeeds
The bowl of vermicelli is hot, add cinnamon leaves, cilantro to enhance the flavor, and the beef will be dipped with salt, pepper, and lemon. Photo: kelfeeds/Instagram

Noodle soup with Nam Hon

This noodle shop for more than 30 years has an address at 649, Tran Phu street, ward 7, Bac Lieu city, open for sale from 6:30 a.m. every day. This is a famous address selling vermicelli noodles, attracting both locals and tourists thanks to the rich and aromatic flavor of fish sauce.

The space is right in the style of a family restaurant in the West. In front of the yard is a covered porch, with high stainless steel tables and chairs for guests to sit, behind is a two-room house painted in blue, built in the Southern style.

The owner shared that the traditional noodle dish was learned from the Khmer people in the South. A delicious vermicelli dish must be thanks to the harmoniously seasoned broth, the aroma rising from the choke fish sauce, the perch fish sauce. Besides, the bowl of vermicelli is even more delicious when there are fresh ingredients, so shrimp and snakehead fish are sweet and firm when cooked. And roast pork must choose a piece of meat with crispy skin. In particular, the bowl of vermicelli also has extra skin. Meals at the restaurant cost 23,000 VND.

Once visiting the shop, My Duyen , a vlogger from Ben Tre, introduced on the YouTube channel Khoi Lam Chieu: “For gourmets, a good bowl of noodle soup must have all the salty and sweet flavors of love and humanity. Nam Hon is one of the few places that still guarantees visitors a taste of a delicious bowl of noodle soup.

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