24 hours exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island


KIEN GIANG – Experience the three-wire cable car across the sea, explore the water park, and watch the fireworks in the town of Hoang Hon… are activities visitors can try in the South of the island.

The South of Phu Quoc Island is a favorite destination with many resorts and entertainment spots. Here is a suggested 24-hour itinerary to explore pearl island for your reference.

8:00am – Arrive at Anh Duong station, and take the cable car to Hon Thom island

The three-wire cable car crosses the sea to Hon Thom.  Photo: Sun Group
The three-wire cable car crosses the sea to Hon Thom. Photo: Sun Group

The journey to explore the South Island begins with check-in at Anh Duong station with the design in the style of the Colosseum. Then there is the journey to experience the world’s longest three-wire cable car. Coming here, visitors will admire the panoramic view of the vast ocean with undulating green islands, along with a row of colorful townhouses clinging to the beautiful strait like an old town on the Italian coast.

9am – Play at Exotica Village Park

Those who love adventure games can try Moc Xa Thinh Na – the first wooden roller coaster in Vietnam. The game’s wooden track is designed with continuous twists and turns in a journey of nearly 900 m, giving players breathtaking slopes, freefalls, and wobbly overturns. swing at breakneck speed.

For those who love the smoothness, panoramic view of Hon Thom, you can join Eagle Eye. The game has a cabin design with transparent glass, bringing visitors slowly off the ground and then soaring into the air, providing a large panorama view to fully enjoy the sea scenery.

Here, visitors can also participate in many sea games, wander around Exotica Village with green coconut groves, colorful flowers, watch vibrant Latin dance performances…

Game Snake Snake Wrath.  Photo: Sun Group
Game Snake Snake Wrath. Photo: Sun Group

12h – Lunch at Mango buffet restaurant

After a fun time, Mango Restaurant buffet restaurant will help tourists regain their energy with a wide selection of Asian and European dishes. The restaurant has a spacious space and modern and luxurious decoration, to save costs, visitors should buy a package ticket for both the cable car and the buffet.

14h30 – Explore Aquatopia Water Park

Summer days are the right time for visitors to immerse themselves in the cool water, participate in 21 games with increasing levels of adventure at Aquatopia Water Park.

The game has an increasing difficulty design, so it is suitable for all ages of players. For young people, the long slick slides in the battle of the snake king game or the toss in the flying dragon riding the waves will promise to bring many interesting experiences. Those who love adventure can “try” with the game “Octopus to hunt”, “Snake to fight”, “Underground wave cave”…

17h – Watch the sunset and watch fireworks at Sunset town

Sunset Town (Sunset Town) is an attractive destination in Phu Quoc in recent times thanks to many architectural works that are bold in art in a space that is both romantic and modern.

The most beautiful time in this town is sunset, when the setting red sun gradually falls through the small gap between the two ends of the marriage proposal and gradually sinks into the sea.

In addition, this place also owns many poetic spaces such as the bas-relief of the epic Dam San epic with 69 ancient Greek characters, and rows of colorful townhouses, depicting the beauty of the city. An old town on the Mediterranean coast.

Fireworks at Sunset Town.  Photo: Sun Group
Fireworks at Sunset Town. Photo: Sun Group

Besides, this place also brings the biggest show of multimedia technology on the sea screen in Asia. Called Kiss the Stars , the show tells a love story with a combination of light, water, fire, laser, music and especially a spectacular fireworks display on weekend nights.

9pm – Enjoy the resort space by the sea

The South Island is home to many hotels and resorts at different price ranges. If you need to find a high-class resort experience, luxurious space, the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay hotel will be the right choice.

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Hotel.  Photo: Sun Group
JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Hotel. Photo: Sun Group

For those who want to find a place to stay close, they can look to New World Phu Quoc resort. This place impresses thanks to the isolated villas with rustic design style with familiar straw roof images and traditional but luxurious 3-room houses.

Another option for small families or young couples is Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Ba, featuring 5-star hotel rooms.

During this summer, Sun Group’s hotels and resorts in the South of the island are offering preferential packages such as resorts, receiving Hon Thom cable car tickets and Kiss the Stars show tickets and many other attractive gifts .

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)