3 high-class travel experiences in Ho Chi Minh City

Taking a helicopter to see the city, and enjoying the Saigon River on a luxury yacht are experiences that tourists in Ho Chi Minh City can refer to.

If you want to see Ho Chi Minh City where you live from a different, new and more impressive perspective, you can try cruise tours on the Saigon River, take a helicopter or experience an overnight stay in the living room. The hotel costs more than one hundred million dongs in the center.

Take a cruise on the Saigon River

If in the past, yachts were often labeled to serve the “rich” as lavish and expensive, today, this service has become more popular and suitable for more people. Many young people often spend several hundred thousand dongs having dinner on the yacht, and watching the river.

At the end of April, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism also launched river tourism products on high-class yachts. The specific route starts at Yacht wharf (Lan Anh villa area, Thu Duc city) – Bach Dang wharf (District 1) – Phu My bridge – red light area (District 7) and reverses to watch the sunset at Thu Bridge. Thiem 2, Binh Loi Bridge (Binh Thanh District) in about 3 hours.

The tour is aimed at the middle and high-class segment, with an expected capacity of about 10-25 people/trip.

This is considered one of the new tourism products to attract international and domestic tourists, belonging to the series of events in response to the program “Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City – Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City”.Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism

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Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism

On May 12, a travel company in Ho Chi Minh City said it had completed the construction of a high-class yacht tour product. The first 25 guests will depart on May 19. The price of the product is expected to be more than 2.5 million VND/person, the promotional price is less than 2 million VND.

Attendees have a new experience of seeing Ho Chi Minh City on a cruise ship with European-style meals and Chilean wines.Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism.

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Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism.

See Ho Chi Minh City from a helicopter

Similar to a high-class cruise tour, seeing Ho Chi Minh City from above is also part of the campaign “Ho Chi Minh City welcomes you – Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City”. Helicopter tours have been implemented by Fiditour – Vietluxtour, TSTtourist, Vietravel… from the holidays of April 30 to May 1.

Travel representative Fiditour – Vietluxtour said that Ho Chi Minh City tourists are quite fond of this type, the tours are full before departure time.Photo: Duy Hieu.

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Photo: Duy Hieu.

With a cost of 4 million VND/person, visitors will pass through places such as Aeon Mall Tan Phu – Aeon Mall Binh Tan – RMIT University – Phu My Bridge – Thu Thiem Bridge – Landmark81 – Binh Quoi tourist area. The gathering point for flights is the helipad of Military Hospital 175 or Tan Son Nhat airport.

According to Southern Helicopter Company, two types of helicopters put into operation for tourism in Ho Chi Minh City are AW-189 (made in Italy, carrying up to 16 guests) and EC-155B1 (imported from France, carrying maximum capacity of 16 passengers) maximum 12 guests).Photo: Duy Hieu.

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Photo: Duy Hieu.

In the most luxurious room in the hotel

Completely different from the above two travel experiences, visitors can try a luxury night’s stay at the hotel’s Reverie Suite on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street.

A night here costs from 15,000 USD (nearly 350 million VND)/4 guests. The intermediate hotel booking pages only display information on Deluxe, Juniore Suite, and Romance Suite room types… Therefore, if you want to book a place for a night’s stay known as the “President’s room”, visitors must contact the hotel directly.Photo: Thao Ly.

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Photo: Thao Ly.

Located on the top 2 floors of the hotel, the room has an area of ​​more than 300 m2, classic, luxurious and comfortable style. Wood-paneled stairs, gilded border, separate bedroom and office, panoramic view of the city.

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