3 places to ‘chill’ in the middle of the mountains in Da Lat

Wanting to temporarily leave the busy city, I went to the coffee spaces isolated between the valleys and pine forests in the land of fog.

I have just returned to Ho Chi Minh City after a short trip to Da Lat (Lam Dong). On this trip, I did not put much emphasis on checking in to many new destinations, visiting famous tourist areas. I mainly enjoy the atmosphere, rest.

Probably, coffee shops are the places I visit the most. I prefer the address with a view of the mountains and green trees.

On the Peak of Peace

Address: Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10

Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Afraid of the crowded restaurant on the weekend afternoon, I came to this address in the hope of finding a quiet and relaxing space.

Following the instructions on the fanpage, turning into a zigzag and sloping road, I also reached the shop. The space is nestled on one side of the road with a small wooden sign, I have to look closely to see it. If traveling by motorbike, pay attention to go slowly, watch ahead when going downhill. Using the taxi service, visitors should get off at the top of the slope and walk.

The new shop that came into operation at the beginning of the year brought me the peaceful feeling I wanted. A small paved path leads to a rustic wooden house where customers order drinks. Inside there are a number of seats, medium-sized tables and chairs, suitable for working.

I like the green space outside the most. On the green lawn are scattered a few sets of old wooden tables and chairs, some seats are flat on patterned carpets, far enough apart to create a private space for groups to chat.

When I arrived, there were only about 3 customers in the restaurant. The shop doesn’t play music so it’s pretty quiet. A friend said that the experience would be more perfect if you heard a nice, gentle tune here.

Regarding drinks, this address has pure teas and juices with the price of 40,000 VND/dish. In addition, here also serves a set of fruits and cakes beautifully presented for groups of friends like when going camping.

Him Cafe

Address: Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10

Opening hours: 8-22 pm

After afternoon coffee, the owner introduced and enthusiastically led us to Him Cafe about 450 meters away for dinner.

In addition, to milk tea, juice or coffee, the shop serves extra dishes, hot pot set and grill for about 200,000 VND / portion, enough for 2 people. We order hot pot and grill set including shrimp, beef, pork… to experience. Food ingredients are fresh, not marinated, diners bake by themselves and enjoy with green chili salt and pepper sauce to taste. The hot pot is a bit salty for my taste.

In terms of rations, the plate of food is quite small, in return for the view overlooking the hills and mountains, the sparkling yellow lights score an absolute score. Although only 2.2 km from Da Lat market, this restaurant is not as crowded as the addresses I have tried before.

Da Lat mandarin 3

As I said, I like the space here, small, warm and impressive. Each small corner is carefully decorated so that guests have the best photo, from the wooden house to the lovely white daisy beds, green trees in a corner of the garden.

You can play and take pictures with the lovely, friendly dogs.

Da Lat mandarin 5
Da Lat mandarin brother 6

In The Forest

Address: Khe Sanh, Ward 10

Opening hours : 7-19h

The Forest is about 4 km from the two addresses above, it took me more than 15 minutes by road, through the tall pine trees to arrive. The shop is located at the end of a small, winding road, difficult for cars to move in.

We parked the car outside and followed the slope down to the house that was a combination of wood and glass. Sitting indoors, guests can easily observe the green scenery of the mountains and trees outside.

When I want to focus on work, I choose a restaurant with medium-sized tables and chairs, full of electrical outlets. When traveling to Da Lat, I like spaces close to nature like this, but pay little attention to tables and chairs or Wi-Fi and electricity. Because of that, the list of shops I go to almost always leans towards rustic and poetic colors.

The outdoor area is arranged with an impressive large mirror. At noon, there are not many people sitting or checking in here. The time from 16 to 17 is suitable for you to take pictures and watch the sunset. However, I went to the shop on a cloudy day so I did not catch the impressive sunset moment.

The shop is open at 7-19h, the drink menu includes juice, traditional coffee, tea, price 40,000-50,000 VND, service is quite fast, the taste is not too special. You can also enjoy some snacks such as omelets, french fries…

Da Lat mandarin 7