4 spots to see cherry blossoms on the Tet holiday

Da Lat, Moc Chau, Mang Den, and Sa Pa are places where cherry apricot blossoms are in full bloom right on New Year’s Day.

Da Lat (Lam Dong)

Da Lat is the place where cherry apricots were first and most planted in Vietnam, more than 50 years ago. The famous places every flower blooming season in this city are Mong Dao Nguyen forest, Hung Vuong street, Xuan Tho street, around Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam lake, Cau Dat and the way to Linh Coffee shop, Bag shop. Dream Big.

On the photo is cherry apricot blossom in the area near Tuyen Lam lake.

Hoang Thuy Duong (in Bac Giang, photo) spent the whole trip to Da Lat right next to Tet to explore all the locations of cherry apricot growing here. “The place I am most impressed with is Mong Dao Nguyen forest. This place is truly a cherry blossom paradise. At every corner, you will see cherry blossoms in full bloom, beautiful every centimeter,” Duong said. The whole forest is like a picture in harmony with the green pine forest.

Huynh Trung Vuong (from Da Lat) said that due to heavy rain at the end of December 2022, the flowers in the city center this year are sparser than last year, but he said there are still many places in Da Lat where flowers are blooming. brilliant.

Moc Chau (Son La)

Just planted a pilot cherry apricot in recent years, but due to good planning and suitable weather, the cherry apricot blossom in Moc Chau blooms beautifully. This famous place in Son La is emerging as a phenomenon that makes tourists always come to see flowers every spring.

Some places where flowers bloom on the occasion of the Lunar New Year are Moc Chau town square, district police gate, tea village 69, yard 224, Nam Tom hill, Tan Cuong pagoda, sub-area 26/7, Tang house area on Highway 6, homestay on Nui Love Street.

“This year it is colder, cherry apricots bloom later than usual, and right on the occasion of Tet, it is convenient for visitors to experience. I see cherry apricots are being planted all over Moc Chau, everywhere I go. it’s easy to see the flowers. Many people also plant big trees in front of the door,” said Quang Kien, a native.

Black bamboo shoots (Kon Tum)

This famous tourist destination is also one of the places where visitors can refer to see cherry blossoms during Tet . The road around Dam Bri lake, Dak Ke lake, district center square, along both sides of the road in front of E Ban farm in the area of ​​37 households, Pham Van Dong street are places for visitors to easily see colorful flowers. this vibrant pink.

According to a local, cherry apricot blossoms often bloom quite erratically depending on the weather, with flowers blooming from January, February or later. This year, the flowers bloom close to the Lunar New Year and are expected to fade around the 8-10th day of the Lunar New Year.

Sapa (Lao Cai)

Sa Pa has grown cherry apricots for a long time, O Long tea hill (O Quy Ho commune) is the place where most of these trees are concentrated. Previously, the hill was only planted with tea for the main purpose of serving production and business. In recent years, cherry apricots are interspersed with tea to create a landscape, attracting many tourists to take photos, so the tea hill has become a tourist business.

Lam Hang, a homestay owner in Sa Pa, said: “Apricot cherry blossoms are also a signal that spring has arrived in the Northwest. I really like the delicate pink petals of this tree, creating a romantic scene. between the immense green of the mountains and forests”.

Due to the high altitude and colder climate than other places, the cherry apricots in Sa Pa often bloom the earliest in the country. The time when the flowers bloomed most brilliantly last time was in the middle of December, 2022. However, there are still a few flowers blooming late in this Tet holiday.

Photo: Hoang Thuy Duong, Quang Kien, Thanh Viet, Wild Horse, Mang Den Plus, Lam Hang