48 hours in Ha Giang


Ha Giang is a destination every spring when all kinds of flowers bloom, and fresh nature, is suitable for those who love the cold season.

The 48-hour itinerary in Ha Giang was suggested by Ms. Ngoc Pham, a Hanoi tourist who came to Ha Giang last weekend, and Mr. Vi Hiep, a tour guide and driver of a travel company in Hanoi specializing in the Ha Giang route. Giang.

Day 1

Morning and noon

Depart from Hanoi around 6am, have breakfast on the bus with prepared food and drinks. The road from Hanoi to Ha Giang City is 300 km, travel time is about 5 hours 30 minutes.

Milestone Km0 in the center of Ha Giang city.  Photo: NVCC
Milestone Km0 in the center of Ha Giang city. Photo: NVCC

Coming to Ha Giang city, tourists stop for lunch at one of the famous restaurants here that many people recommend – Km0 Restaurant. “Delicious food, easy to eat with many dishes such as sour fish soup, grilled river fish with lolot leaves dipped in fish sauce, boiled cabbage with eggs, roasted meat,” Ms. Ngoc said. Visitors can also choose some other restaurants in the city such as Ngoi Do, Duc Giang.

After lunch, visitors can take photos to check in at the Km0 milestone of Ha Giang City. This is the intersection of National Highway 2, National Highway 34 and National Highway 4C, also known as the starting point of the Happy Road passing through 4 districts including Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van and Meo Vac of Ha Giang province.

Afternoon and evening

In the afternoon, move to other check-in points such as Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate, take pictures with Co Tien Twin Mountains, and see the panoramic view of Tam Son town from above. This is a series of attractions located on the road between Ha Giang City and Yen Minh town.

Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountains.
Quan Ba ​​twin mountains are located on the way to Yen Minh town.

In the evening, arrive in Yen Minh town, check in for the night at Bang Thao hotel. “The hotel is clean, full of essential amenities. There is a restaurant that serves delicious rice and hotpot,” said Ms. Ngoc.

Yen Minh is small, deserted at night and has few shops, not many activities, so tourists mainly live in groups or drink coffee and tea at a few small shops in the town center.

Day 2

Morning and noon

Tourists depart from Yen Minh town, stop at Pho Cao commune (Dong Van district) for breakfast.

The road is nearly 20 km, travel time is about 45 minutes. In this region, there are many typical delicious dishes such as five-color sticky rice, beef cakes, thang co, and lam rice. If you come here during the market, you should eat in the market, but if not, you can find these dishes scattered throughout the town.

Before arriving at Pho Cao, there is a place that tourists cannot miss: Tham Ma slope. This is the place where when taking photos from above, you can clearly see the very special winding mountain pass, especially when visitors themselves have just experienced that steep section.

Tham Ma Slope. Photo: NVCC

Ethnic people on Tham Ma slope. Photo: NVCC

The next leg, moving from Pho Cao to Sung La, visiting Lung Cam Cultural Village, where the ancient house of the H’Mong people was used as a backdrop for filming the movie “Pao’s Story” in 2006. At This place also has beautiful canola and buckwheat flower gardens.

“Visitors can prepare some gifts and cakes to give to ethnic children wearing colorful clothes to welcome guests,” Ms. Ngoc said. This is also a place with many beautiful scenes, white mustard flowers, yellow mustard flowers and even peach blossoms are blooming so visitors can take a lot of photos.

Next move along National Highway 4C towards Dong Van ancient town. The road is about 25 km with a travel time of about one hour. Break for lunch in the town center.

Dong Van town is bustling, with many delicious dishes, large restaurants, and beautiful cafes. Visitors can choose dishes such as beef hotpot, black chicken hotpot, and thang co. Lighter dishes include banh cuon dipped in pork bone broth and au tau porridge. Ancient Town Coffee is an address not to be missed after lunch.

Dong Van town center in mid-January. Photo: NVCC
Dong Van town center in mid-January. Photo: NVCC


Conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass, about 45 minutes from Dong Van town center. This is also the most beautiful section on the Road to Happiness .

Many people say that if they haven’t visited Ma Pi Leng, it means they haven’t been to Ha Giang. “The scene here is truly beautiful and majestic. When I arrived in Ha Giang and saw it with my own eyes, I understood why people say you have to come to this place at least once in your life,” Ms. Ngoc shared.

At the Ma Pi Leng pass area, visitors can take photos at the top of the pass and then take a boat on the Nho Que river, admiring the majestic beauty of Tu San canyon – the deepest divided terrain in Vietnam. Male. The cost of taking the Nho Que river boat and tram to the wharf is 120,000 VND per person.

Dam on Nho Que River. Photo: NVCC

Nho Que river boat station. Photo: NVCC

The boat goes to Tu San alley. Photo: NVCC

Tourists can visit Lo Lo Chai village and Lung Cu flagpole, spend the night here or go to some other places such as Suoi Thau steppe (Xin Man district), pine forest in Yen Minh (Yen Minh district), the mansion King Meo (Dong Van district on the way).

Ha Giang province is large and has many attractions, with many mountainous roads so moving is quite complicated. A 48-hour trip is usually only for people with little time, and will not be enough if tourists want to visit more places. Therefore, the above itinerary is for reference only. Tourists should combine it with a 48-hour itinerary in Dong Van for a more complete, unhurried trip.

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Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)