5 outdoor relaxation spots on the weekend in Hai Duong


Hai Duong is suitable for weekend trips for tourists from Hanoi, Hai Phong, and surrounding areas, with low cost and beautiful scenery.

Hai Duong, about 60 km from Hanoi, is in the dry season, so on weekends many groups of young people or families often take their children to experience outdoor activities. The cost for a trip around Hai Duong is usually about 500,000 to 700,000 VND, the scenery is no less beautiful than tourist destinations such as Ha Giang, Son La or Da Lat. The five destinations below were suggested by reader Nguyen Huu Hang Tam, a resident of Hai Duong, after many experiences with his family.

Con Son – Kiep Bac relic site

Con Son - Kiep Bac camping area.  Photo: Hang Tam
Con Son – Kiep Bac camping area. Photo: Hang Tam

Located about 30 km from Hai Duong city, Con Son – Kiep Bac relic site has Con Son stream flowing from the top of the mountain, mossy rocks in harmony with the pine forest scene. Con Son Experience Area (Con Son Camping) has been opened to welcome visitors by the Management Board of the relic site since September. This is the choice of many families on weekends, with tent rental services, grills and specialty dishes of the area. Chi Linh. Tourists are also educated about safety skills when camping.

Con Son Lake

Con Son Lake has a convenient transportation location, located right outside the Con Son – Kiep Bac relic area. The lake has an area of ​​42 hectares, surrounded by pine forests. This is a day camping spot, a suitable place for groups of guests who have full tents, food, and necessary specialized camping equipment. The air here is fresh and cool. Visitors can conveniently check in to nearby locations such as Bai Re and beautiful pink grass hills like Da Lat.

Red maple forest and Tam Ban mountain peak

Maple leaf forest at Thanh Mai pagoda.  Photo: Hang Tam
Maple leaf forest at Thanh Mai pagoda. Photo: Hang Tam

The red maple forest is located behind Thanh Mai pagoda (Hoang Hoa Tham commune, Chi Linh city). This place is suitable for families with children, young people who love to explore and trekking. It takes about an hour to climb to the top of the mountain. This season, visitors will be able to take photos with red maple leaves, and enjoy the fresh air at Tam Ban peak, checking in at a beautiful sunset with a corner that looks like a miniature Sapa. This is the only place in Hai Duong and one of the few places in the North that has red maple forests.

Pink grass lawn at Si wharf, sandworm beach in Tu Ky district

“Twenties in September, fifth in October” is a saying about the worm season in Tu Ky district. On this occasion, when visitors come here, they can take photos at Ben Do Lang flower garden, with many blooming flowers, and there is also a BBQ grill rental service right on the river bank. Not far away is the pink grass of Si wharf, the most beautiful place at sunset every day.

Along the dike, there are also sandworm beaches such as Lang beach, Tay Ky beach, Si beach, and An Thanh beach that are planned and fished by people. Visitors can visit and enjoy the specialty of sandworms, also known as “earth dragons” – a blessing from heaven to this land.

Lan Che Lake, Chi Linh district

Wind Farm Area.  Photo: Hang Tam
Wind Farm Area. Photo: Hang Tam

From National Highway 18, turn in and go through the intersection with the train line, visitors will arrive at Lan Che Lake. This place has a winding road along the lake, and rows of green trees, making it a place for people to cycle and jog in the morning and afternoon. The impressive point is that this road is kept clean by the government and people, the whole long road has no garbage. This is also a popular spot for many families to camp on weekends.

Not far away there is a Wind Farm. This is a small valley located at the foot of the mountain and embracing the lake in front, the surrounding is decorated in Da Lat style. This place has tent rental services and BBQ grills. Children can experience playing with goats, rabbits and fishing. This is also the border point with Quang Ninh province.

($1=24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)