500m bamboo road in Hau Giang becomes Tet photo spot


HAU GIANG – The 30-year-old bamboo road with a length of 500 meters in Phung Hiep district welcomes more than 700 guests per day during the Lunar New Year.

Coming to Hau Giang to travel spring on New Year’s Day, visitors can visit the 30-year-old bamboo road in Phu Xuan hamlet, Thanh Hoa commune, Phung Hiep district. This place is inherently familiar to local residents because of the year-round green scenery and fresh air. In the past three years, the bamboo road has been known by many tourists for its typical Vietnamese village space, where they can have a picnic, visit, and take pictures.

From the 25th of December to the 3rd of the Lunar New Year, the bamboo street welcomes about 700 guests every day, from 8am to 9pm. Most guests come in small groups, bring food and then celebrate with friends at riverside bamboo stands or leaf buds. Besides, the apricot street, peach street and lantern street are also brilliant, many tourists wear ao dai, rent colorful costumes to take pictures with the traditional Tet atmosphere. The small landscape in the bamboo street is arranged in a variety of ways with bamboo tables and chairs, flower flags, shelves, mats, urns, fireworks, red couplets…

The bamboo road is colorful with flags and flowers on the afternoon of the 3rd day of the New Year.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
The bamboo road is colorful with flags and flowers on the afternoon of the 3rd day of the New Year. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Along the bamboo road, there are also food stalls with about 10 typical Southern dishes such as Banh Khot, duck pancakes, clay-roasted chicken… The entrance fee is 30,000 VND/person, motorbike riders will pay extra. 5,000 VND parking fee.

Mr. Dang Van Sang (Tu Sang), 87 years old, the owner of the garden said that in the garden there are 3 types of bamboo: fat bamboo, Siamese bamboo and strong-toned bamboo. Through his observation, each year the bamboo road has more visitors, he feels very excited, so he does not care about the sun and rain to take care of the 500m long bamboo road.

“When I see this scene in old age, I’m very happy, there’s nothing like it. Every day after I finish my meal, I take a knife to cut a bamboo branch and reach out to the street, if I don’t cut it, the bamboo will grow luxuriantly, untidy, and untidy. I can’t stay in the cool bamboo street all day, so I don’t feel tired. I take care of the bamboo and then move around to exercise my arms and legs to stay healthy. Guests who come here like the bamboo street, I’m very happy, try to take care of it,” said Mr. Tu Sang. To share.

Tourists take pictures on the small landscape along the bamboo road.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
Tourists take pictures of the small landscape along the bamboo road. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Hoai Khang (21 years old) and his friend rode a motorbike for nearly 40 km from Vi Thuy district to the bamboo road to visit on the afternoon of the 3rd day of the New Year, sharing: “The road here is very easy and smooth, no shock. The bamboo road is cool. , many small scenes to take pictures and fresh air. After visiting for about 40 minutes, we left because we didn’t stay to eat. very cool. In my opinion, the ticket price is a bit high.”

And Y My (16 years old) feels comfortable walking along the bamboo path with friends and is impressed with the green scenery. “Although the bamboo road has many signs to put garbage in the right place, don’t throw garbage, but there is still a lot of garbage, I hope people pay more attention when taking pictures and visiting to keep the road clean and beautiful,” you said.

The road to the bamboo garden, moving from the center of Vi Thanh city.  Screenshots
The road to the bamboo garden, moving from the center of Vi Thanh city.