7 delicious and cheap places to eat in Da Lat

Reader Phuong Anh shared the address of selling Banh Can, wet cake with chicken hearts, and delicious coffee in Da Lat.

Among the places, perhaps Da Lat is the only place where I find every dish is delicious and want to eat again and again, the price is also affordable. Our trip to Dalat ended with many regrets, because 3 days and 2 nights was not enough to fully explore this city and its cuisine.

Can cake, wet cake with chicken hearts

Along Tang Bat Ho street is a series of shops selling can cake, wet cake, so you can randomly choose an address to enjoy. These dishes are quite strange to a Northerner like me, the sauce is attractive. In addition to the main dishes are banh can and wet cake, the shops also have homemade yogurt. Yogurt has a bar, quite tasteful taste.

Address: Tang Bat Ho Food
price: 35,000 VND per serving

Can cake, wet cake with chicken heart.
Can cake, wet cake with chicken heart.

Grilled Trade

We go 3 people, order about 4-5 plates is full, less than 500,000 VND. The marinated meat at the restaurant is very delicious, full, and has a special salted egg sauce. The shop is decorated like a vintage coffee shop, and the utensils and utensils are similar to the trade period. We went out for a barbecue and there were dozens of “virtual” photos. However, the restaurant is quite crowded, so everyone remember to make a reservation before coming over. The restaurant only accepts reservations via phone messages.

Address: 28B Tran Hung Dao
Price: 90,000 – 150,000 VND per plate

Mrs. Hung’s grilled spring rolls

When planning a trip to Dalat, we decided to try this dish to see if it is any different from Nha Trang grilled spring rolls sold outside Hanoi. The taste of the two versions is quite similar, but for the sauce, Da Lat people use fish sauce to dip. At first, I found the seasoning sauce to be slightly across the mouth, but when I added ground chili, it was gone. Asking the owner, I learned that this dipping sauce must have chili to have the right taste.

Address: 328 Phan Dinh Phung
Price: 30,000 – 60,000 VND

Grilled spring rolls are a must-try dish in Da Lat.
Grilled spring rolls are a must-try dish in Da Lat.

Chicken hot pot with leaves

Coming to Da Lat, diners cannot ignore the chicken hotpot with é leaves. The restaurant we ate at was not famous on the website but was recommended by a taxi driver. According to him, the food here is delicious and the service is better, because other restaurants are introduced a lot online, so the customers are very crowded and the service is not really good.

I find the hot pot here very different, delicious and sweet from the taste of stewed chicken, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The é leaves are a bit pungent, but once I eat them, I get used to them and find them delicious. When it was time to return to Hanoi, I kept looking for restaurants selling é leaf chicken hotpot in the city, because sometimes I would like to remember Da Lat.

Address: 178 Phu Dong Thien Vuong
Price: 200,000 VND for a small pot, 250,000 VND for a small pot

Snails stuffed with meat

If anyone asks me what is the best dish on this list, the answer is definitely stuffed snails. My group ordered snails stuffed with meat and fried squid with satay. Every dish is delicious and enough to eat 4 people. Recalling the trip, I still feel craving for these two dishes, even though I normally don’t like to eat seafood. Along Hai Ba Trung Street, there are 5-6 snail shops stuffed with meat. Each restaurant is delicious and has its own unique taste.

Address: Bich 33, 224 Hai Ba Trung
Price: 120,000 – 200,000 VND per plate

Snails stuffed with meat.
Snails stuffed with meat.

Quang Thuy Noodles

Delicious noodles, different from Quang noodles I used to eat when I went to Da Nang. Yellow noodles, add a little ground chili to round out the taste. The shop is small and pretty, only about 3-5 tables.

Address: No. 10 Hamlet Light
Price 50,000 VND a bowl

Thanh Thao Butter Cream

This avocado ice cream shop is quite famous on websites introducing Da Lat tourism. The reality is not very similar to my imagination because the restaurant is quite small, with few tables. The avocado ice cream here is quite delicious, the shop is also expensive. If you want to try it, try to go during the day to enjoy. The shop is quite close to Da Lat Market, so if you finish walking in the market, it is reasonable to eat a glass of ice cream.

Address: 76 Nguyen Van Troi
Price: 20,000 VND a glass