8 experiences in a day when coming to Hau Giang


Visitors can visit the “squatting” market, the blade-roofed church in Vi Thanh City, and the “Kingdom of betel nut” for more than half a century in Vi Thuy.

Hau Giang province is located downstream of Hau river, bordering Can Tho city and 240 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can go to Hau Giang by bus or motorbike. With a bus, you can buy a departure ticket at the western bus station, the stop is Vi Thanh bus station for 150,000 VND / ticket.

Motorbike riders run along Highway 1A to Can Tho City, then turn to Highway 61C to go straight to Vi Thanh City, it is expected to take 5 to 7 hours, depending on the traffic density on the road. Photo: Y Lam

Starting a new day, you can go to Vi Thanh countryside market, located near Cai Nhuc bridge, Tran Hung Dao street, ward 1, Vi Thanh city. The market is held from 2 am to more than 10 am. Here, sellers often squat or set small chairs. There are vegetables and goods around an area of ​​2-4 m2 / person, so this place is also known by the popular name as the “squatting” market.

The products in the market are diverse and are all picked and grown by the owner and sold to customers from buds, muskets, water lilies, lotus to onions, chives, cassava roots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes … with prices affordable. Photo: Tran Thu An

Southern folk cakes are also a familiar breakfast dish of many Westerners, Vi Thanh market has enough attractive cakes for customers to choose such as: silkworm cake, pancake, little cake, pig skin cake, steamed banana cake, beef cake, leaf cake. Guests can choose to buy cakes priced from 3,000 VND / item to recharge before visiting the next locations. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Leaving Vi Thanh market, you move along Tran Hung Dao street towards the city center roundabout, you will meet the Asia clock tower. The 12-meter-high tower stands out with the image of a dragon circling around and at the top is a square-shaped clock box that rotates in 4 directions. This work was put into use in 2009 until now, is considered a symbol of Vi Thanh City. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Along Tran Hung Dao street to provincial road 931B is Xang Xa canal No. The canal was dug by the French from 1901 to 1903, it was completed, helping to remove acidity, wash alum, and bring alluvium to fill the two-shore fields. This 100-year-old canal is also one of the largest rice transportation routes in the Mekong Delta, nearly 40 km long from Vam Xang junction, Can Tho river (a branch of Hau river) to Cai Tu river ( a branch of Cai Lon river), before merging into the southwest sea in Kien Giang. Photo: Anh Lam

Near the foot of Xa No bridge, visitors visit Vi Hung church with more than 130 years old, outstanding with red tiles stacked. The church is located at area 2, ward 4, Vi Thanh city. The work is a combination of East-West architecture on the idea of ​​cultural integration. In particular, the oriental architecture shown through the curved blade roofs on the roof of the church, which is inherently a typical design of Vietnamese temples, but the Vi Hung church roof is not carved. Photo: Huynh Nhi.

Located near the administrative area of ​​the People’s Committee of Hau Giang province, Chuong Thien Victory Monument, a historic destination for visitors with items exhibiting houses, outdoor display areas, monuments cluster, ceremony grounds … there are also many valuable documents about some 75-turn enemy battalion battles in 1973, paving the way for the turn of the Southern revolution towards the Spring 1975 Spring General Offensive and Rebellion. : Huynh Nhi

Leaving the city, visitors move about 10 km to Vi Thuy betel village in Vi Thuy commune. This place has more than 200 households growing betel leaves with an area of ​​about 30 hectares, existed for more than half a century and is known as “Kingdom of betel leaf”. Walking in the green betel trees gardens, learning about the traditional craft village and the custom of betel and areca of Vietnam will bring memorable memories to visitors. Video: Huynh Nhi

When you want to rest, An Coffee is the right choice for those who like nostalgic space, going back in time. The coffee shop located on Trung Nhi Street, Ward 1, Vi Thanh City of Mr. and Mrs. Dang Thi Nghi (known as Mr. and Mrs. Tu) has over 100 antiques such as dial-up phone, black and white television, typewriter, lamp storms … are objects from the 50-60 years of the last century. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Ending the day in Hau Giang, you can come take photos, visit Park 7 ancient wonders located in Ward 5, Vi Thanh City. There is a large fountain in the middle, surrounded by an imitation of ancient wonders such as the Statue of Zeus in Olympia (Greece), the Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt), the Statue of the Sun Rhodes (Greece). Laminate) … is made from plaster and concrete. Photo: The Miracle Ancient Wonder Light Park

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