8 most delicious dishes with water in the North


Lang Son Chua Pho, Hanoi snail vermicelli, and Hai Phong crab rice paper are dishes with water that are praised by world culinary experts as “the best in the North”.

Taste Atlas introduces 8 of the most delicious water dishes in the northern provinces of Vietnam as a suggestion for diners who are about to have a summer trip. The dishes must meet the criteria of being a specialty or very famous in a province or city; appraised by culinary experts; bring unique taste, delicious and do not need to be expensive dishes.

The first dish mentioned is Hanoi snail noodle soup . The broth is made from snail broth and tomato broth. The dish consists of vermicelli cooked in boiling water, raw vegetables, fish cakes, fried tofu, finely chopped scallions, snails. Can be served with lemon, shrimp paste or chili sauce. Snail vermicelli is eaten all year round and is one of the hot summer dishes. Photo: Xuan Phuong

Crab cake is described by culinary experts: “This colorful dish is a specialty from Hai Phong, consisting of broth made from simmered pork bones and a variety of ingredients such as crab meat, herbs, grilled meatballs, rolls, sausages or minced meat with guise leaves”.

Depending on the store, the ingredients in the bowl of crab cakes may vary. But the dish must have a characteristic light red color. Diners can eat with laksa leaves, perilla leaves or sliced ​​chili.

Taste Atlas is a famous and reputable culinary website, containing information on nearly 10,000 dishes, 9,000 restaurants as well as documents and research of food critics around the world. Photo: Kimmiesayscheese

Sour noodle soup is a specialty of Lang Son, often appearing in Tet holidays and serving tables in some northern mountainous regions as an appetizer. The form and way of processing are not like traditional pho. Instead of hot broth, sour pho is served with cooled sweet and sour sauce, mixed like a mannequin. Other ingredients include char siu meat, stomach, fried pork liver, roasted duck meat, thinly sliced ​​sausage, roasted peanuts, dried onions, herbs. Photo: Dy Vy

Noodle soup is a popular dish, originating from Moc village, Nhan Chinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi. The dish includes vermicelli and sprouts, sliced ​​spring rolls or ribs, pork leg, shredded bamboo shoots. Broth cooked from shiitake mushrooms, pork bones. The owner often skims the foam when simmering the bones so that the broth is clear and has a sweet and rich taste. Photo: Dy Vy

Beef noodle soup is described as “another version of beef noodle soup in northern Vietnam”. The other version is beef noodle soup, with pieces of beef boiled and sliced.

The ingredients of the dish include broth made from beef bones, pork, ginger, onions, fish sauce, sugar and star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. After placing the noodle soup and beef in the bowl, the owner will pour the broth on top, sprinkle more green onions. Lemon is often left next to serve diners in need. Photo: Quynh Mai

Salmon and sturgeon hotpot are famous specialties of Sapa. The dish consists of sliced ​​fish, hot pot sauce served with local vegetables such as squash buds and watercress. Delicious broth is also what helps a restaurant selling hot pot become attractive. Standard hot pot must be clear, sweet, sour and fragrant with pineapple and other spices. Photo: Hoang Danh Dung

Black chicken hotpot is a familiar dish, popular in the northern mountains such as Lao Cai and Ha Giang, consisting of black chicken cooked in a broth with mushrooms, ginger, red apples and accompanying vegetables such as wood ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms. , cabbage or beef, corn. The hot pot dish is loved by many tourists because the black chicken is considered sweet, fragrant and crispy, not friable. In addition to hot pot, Taste Atlas also suggests black onion stewed with traditional Chinese medicine. Photo: Quynh Mai

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)