9 cafes you should visit when coming to Ho Chi Minh City


The 9 cafes below suggested by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism are on the list of 100 interesting things in Ho Chi Minh City that visitors can refer to when coming to the city.

Anh Coffee Roastery

Address: Pasteur Street – Nguyen Dinh Chieu

The cafe is nearly 400 m2 wide, divided into many areas. Surrounding the shop is green space and tall trees along Pasteur Street creating an airy feeling. Prominent in the central position is the bar area fragrant with the scent of roasted coffee. Diners can choose to sit here if they are alone or want to inhale the fragrant scent of coffee. The menu has a variety of coffee types such as hand-brewed coffee, traditional filter coffee, and Italian-style coffee.

Outside the Anh Coffee Roastery cafe.  Photo: davidnakamurah
Outside the Anh Coffee Roastery cafe. Photo: davidnakamurah

The cafe’s unique space has been praised by many foreign design magazines. American architectural magazine Architectural Digest voted Anh Coffee Roastery as one of the 23 most beautiful coffee shops in the world in 2023. This coffee shop also received a silver award at the Vmark Design Award 2022 by the Ho Chi Minh City Design Association ( VDAS) Best F&B Design category.

Bonjour Café The Art

Address: Thao Dien, Thu Duc City

This cafe is nestled on a small street corner in the Tay Thao Dien neighborhood but has an outstanding design, compared to “a French girl in Saigon” by many tourists. The design carries the romantic colors of the capital of light Paris with two floors covered with colorful flower baskets. The shop also plays timeless French music, giving visitors the feeling of sitting in an ancient cafe in the country’s capital. The shop has a modest area of ​​about 70 m2 but is full of light because there are many small windows. Drinks also include coffee, smoothies, and juices like many other shops. The dish that makes the shop famous is milk coffee jelly.

Ms. Ba Dong Khoi

Address: Dong Khoi Street, District 1

The restaurant is located on the first floor of a house located in the center of Dong Khoi street. The shop’s design has a vintage style of the 80s. From wooden tables and chairs, old walls, decorative plant pots to souvenirs such as porcelain cups often used in the past, copper flower pots, all have a unique feel. Breath of the old city. The highlight of the restaurant is the balcony view overlooking the Saigon River and the busy street in the city center.

Do Phu Coffee

Address: Dang Dung, District 1

This is a cafe combined with a restaurant, and is also a historical relic associated with the secret activities of the Saigon Rangers. Do Phu Coffee has the unique culinary and architectural style of Saigon in the years before 1975. The shop stands out with an old hand-lettered sign. In front of the entrance is a bronze sign with the words “Historic site Secret mailbox and floating bunker of the Saigon Rangers”.

The space outside Do Phu cafe.  Photo: Bich Phuong
The space outside Do Phu cafe. Photo: Bich Phuong

Inside, many precious photos, papers, and documents about the Saigon Rangers are displayed. Every watch, cassette player, oil lamp, watch, telephone, and wooden chest of drawers are living witnesses to a glorious time. Coming to the restaurant, visitors will be able to see firsthand the unique structure of the special cellars of the special forces.

The cafes follow the Koi fish model

Besides the book cafe and pet cafe models in Ho Chi Minh City, there is also a Koi fish cafe model. These cafes are often arranged in spaces close to nature with green trees, fish ponds, and miniature rockeries. Diners can sip a cup of coffee amid the fresh greenery while watching colorful fish swimming in the clear lake. The green space here gives visitors a relaxing atmosphere, separate from the noisy city.

Du Mien cafe system

This system includes Mien Dong Thao coffee shop in Phu Nhuan district, Du Mien Garden in Go Vap district and Nha Nha Wood shop in Thu Duc city. The common point of these shops is that they are located in a garden area of ​​thousands of square meters. The shops are filled with green trees, separated from the sound of traffic on the street thanks to the sound of gurgling water. In the evening, the garden space is lit by magical yellow lights, creating a romantic scene. However, garden cafes with lots of trees are prone to mosquitoes. Visitors can bring insect spray to avoid mosquito bites.

Coffee Community system in Ho Chi Minh City

In the midst of constantly growing cafes in Saigon, Cong cafes still have their own place. The first store of this coffee chain opened in 2007, located on Trieu Vuong street, Hanoi. The shop’s simple name “Cong” is taken from the first word in the national title “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam”. To date, Cong has more than 60 stores spread across Vietnam and 10 stores in Korea and Malaysia.

Similar to Hanoi, Cong restaurants in Saigon also maintain the Vietnamese style of the subsidy period, but each place has a different layout. For example, the restaurant on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1 is located in a small 3-story house, overlooking Tan Dinh church, and customers serve themselves. The restaurant in Thao Dien is located in an old villa. Drinks here also attract many diners with simple dishes such as coconut milk coffee, Bac Xiu, snow lemon or kumquat. The shop also regularly refreshes the menu with unique drinks.

Concept Shaved Ice System

Two cafes belonging to this system in Saigon attract tourists with their different architecture, not only as a place to stop for coffee but also as a unique check-in corner.

In an area of ​​up to 800 m2, Dabao Concept Co Do has two main spaces: indoor and garden. The yard is shaded by a canopy of green trees that shade the walls that have faded over time. The interior space stands out with intricate carvings on the ceiling, columns, antique wooden tables and chairs in deep brown color, and dome-shaped wooden doors with sculptural details inspired by nature. , fully textured encaustic tile background.

Space at Dabao Concept Co Do restaurant.  Photo: bb.yummy
Space at Dabao Concept Co Do restaurant. Photo: bb.yummy

Dabao Concept Dong Do is located in an alley in the middle of the crowded city center. Here, the interior is mainly made from wood and rattan, bringing a rustic, close feeling. The space outside the yard is a small pond and many green trees surrounding it.

Lacàph Coffee Experiences Space

Address: Nguyen Cong Tru, District 1

The shop will open from the end of 2022, with old and modern colors. The space here creates a cozy, intimate feeling with wooden materials, old-style black and white ceramic tiles and large windows overlooking the bustling city. The diverse collection of drinks here is also what attracts coffee lovers. The two dishes Phin Colada and Phin Con Panna have a tropical coffee flavor, which is the name called by many diners. In addition, traditional coffees are also the pride of the shop and are loved by customers such as salted coffee and egg coffee. Seating in the restaurant is arranged scientifically, with a separate corner for customers to chat and a quiet working corner.

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Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)