9 fun spots in Nghe An


NGHE AN – Visitors to Nghe An should visit Cua Lo, Quynh beach, HDT ecological farm, Nghia Dan flower hill, Hon Mat, Ky Son district… by road, air, rail or sea.

Nghe An is located in the center of the North Central region, 290 km from Hanoi and 1,400 km from Ho Chi Minh City. There are many flights connecting major provinces and cities in the country and international chatters to Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan.

Visitors can also take the train to Vinh. The fastest train runs from Hanoi in about 5.5 hours, from Da Nang in 8 hours and from Ho Chi Minh City in more than a day. Meanwhile, if tourists choose to take the highway connecting Hanoi to Nghe An, it will take about 3.5 hours to travel.

Tourists flock to Cua Lo beach during the tourist season.  Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province
Tourists flock to Cua Lo beach during the tourist season. Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province

Cua Lo Beach

Coming from Hanoi, you will come to the first beach in Nghe An, Quynh Phuong. 60 km from Quynh Phuong is Cua Lo beach – one of the beautiful beaches in the North Central region, more than 8 km long. The sea was discovered by the French and became a resort since 1907. The sea water here has moderate salinity and fresh seafood that pleases tourists. In addition, along the length of Nghe An coast to the north, there are also beaches such as: Cua Hien, Bai Lu, Dien Thanh, Quynh beach.

The beaches here are famous for delicious, fresh and reasonably priced food. Visitors to Nghe An beach can also visit temples and pagodas during the New Year’s spring ceremony. Among them, Con temple – one of the four most sacred temples in Nghe An, Nguyen Su Hoi temple, Cuong temple, Nguyen Xi temple… are famous spiritual places in Nghe An. The best time to come here is from February to August.

HDT ecological farm

HDT – Thanh Chuong is located in Khe Cham, Thuy Son village, Thanh Thuy commune, Thanh Chuong district, cutting the Ho Chi Minh trail so moving here is very convenient. With an area of ​​205,705 m2, HDT has a leaf hut, a lake and many natural landscapes. Currently, the thatched and bamboo huts with an area of ​​100 m2 here are used as accommodation facilities and other services. HDT also has poultry barns and space for guests to experience, organize teambuilding, year-end gala…

Flower hills in Nghia Dan district

Nghia Dan is located in the midland and mountainous region, located in the northwest of Nghe An province, and is an attractive and potential tourist destination. With a favorable geographical location, Nghia Dan possesses diverse landscapes, rich nature and unique culture. The north of Nghia Dan borders Thanh Hoa province, located on the Ho Chi Minh Trail passing through.

Hon Mat ecotourism

Hon Mat eco-tourism destination is also located on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, attracting tourists with its pristine nature, fresh space, and cool climate. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful, comfortable space and find balance with nature, flower hills, and scenery here.

Truong Gia Farm

Those who love nature and hydrangeas can check-in at Truong Gia Farm. Here, visitors can admire the flowers blooming in each season, experience the infinity pool in the middle of the farm and grill dishes in the fresh, cool air.

Khe To fish stream

As a recent tourist attraction, Khe To has a clear blue stream and naturally living goldfish. This place creates a unique natural picture, harmony between plants and animals, creating a feeling of relaxation and peace for visitors.

Nghe An mountainous region is famous for its clear and cool streams and waterfalls.  Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province
Nghe An mountainous region is famous for its clear and cool streams and waterfalls. Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province

Pu Mat National Park

Pu Mat National Park was recognized by UNESCO in 2007 as a natural reserve with rich and diverse flora and fauna. Visitors can come here to immerse themselves in the pristine natural space, boat on the Giang River, visit Pha Lai dam, Kem waterfall, Nuoc Moc stream, visit Thai ethnic villages, stay in homestays, and enjoy local cuisine. such as fresh fish, grilled chicken, pork, bamboo tube rice, wild vegetables, bitter bamboo shoots…

The Ky Son mountain region borders Laos

Located in western Nghe An, about 230 km from Vinh city center, Ky Son is one of the highest mountainous districts in the province. The district has a long border and borders many provinces and districts of Laos. This place not only has majestic natural beauty, but is also a land of cultural interference of Thai, Kho Mu, and H’Mong people.

Coming to Ky Son, tourists should visit and experience: Muong Long heaven gate, Yen Hoa ancient tower, Nam Can border market – Pha Chieng border, Puxailaileng peak 2,720 m high, Muong Long Eco Garden, cloud hunting and flower viewing peach, plum…

Muong Long Heaven Gate attracts visitors with its majestic nature.  Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province
Muong Long Heaven Gate attracts visitors with its majestic nature. Photo: Department of Tourism of Nghe An province

You can also go to other attractions such as: Hon Nhan eco-tourism site, Muong Thanh Greenland Dien Lam, Nhat Minh farm and coastal craft villages, Thai ethnic brocade weaving village in Con Cuong district, Tuong Duong, Ky Son, Quy Chau, Que Phong, Quy Hop; ethnic hammock weaving village in Nghia Loi commune, Nghia Dan district; Listen to Nghe Tinh Vi and Giam folk songs on the Lam River; Participate in early Spring festivals at Con temple, Qua temple, Bach Ma temple, Nguyen Xi temple, Hoang Muoi temple…

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