9 taxi companies in Vung Tau are reputable, have good service, and have listed prices


Taxi is the means of transportation chosen by many tourists when traveling to Vung Tau, both fast and convenient. Let’s take a look at 9 taxi companies in Vung Tau that are reputable, professional, and have the best prices today below.

Taxi companies in Vung Tau are reputable today

Refer to the taxi companies in Vung Tau that have good service quality and are chosen by many tourists today below:

1. Vung Tau Family Car Taxi

Vung Tau Family Car taxi company has a wide branch system throughout Vung Tau, ensuring convenience for tourists when searching. Vung Tau Family Car taxi is highly appreciated by customers for its low price, quick travel on the right route and no long waiting times. Family Car picks up guests 24/24, whenever customers need them, they are picked up enthusiastically and professionally.

Taxi companies in Vung Tau - Taxi Vung Tau Family CarTaxi Vung Tau Family Car. Photo: ticotravel

2. Vinasun Vung Tau Taxi

Traveling to Vung Tau, you can choose a Vinasun Vung Tau taxi to travel while sightseeing. This taxi company has more than 20 years of experience and is always highly appreciated for its service quality. Vinasun Vung Tau taxi prices are reasonable and clearly listed. Just contact us and after just a few minutes, customers will be picked up and picked up at their request.

Taxi companies in Vung Tau - Vinasun Vung Tau TaxiTaxi Vinasun Vung Tau. Photo: mia

3. Mai Linh Vung Tau Taxi

Mai Linh is a very famous taxi company in Vung Tau with its own brand present in all provinces and cities of Vietnam. Mai Linh taxi company is highly appreciated for its service quality and has a clear odometer so customers will not have to worry about the price. Just call a car and after 5 minutes you will be picked up at your door and freely explore the beautiful scenery of Vung Tau.

Taxi in Vung Tau - Mai Linh taxiTaxi Mai Linh Vung Tau. Photo: donataxi

4. Lado Vung Tau Taxi

Reputable Vung Tau taxi company named Lado is famous for its competitively low prices compared to other taxi companies and is highly appreciated for its service quality. Lado taxis are easily recognizable with their white vehicles and blue logo. New, clean, comfortable cars and professional, polite drivers are the plus points of Lado taxi company. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Vung Tau, you can safely travel by Lado taxi company.

taxi in Vung Tau - Lado taxiTaxi Lado Vung Tau. Photo: ticotravel

5. Petro Vung Tau Taxi

When talking about taxi companies in Vung Tau with good prices, we must mention Petro, also known as Quang Hung taxi, a familiar car company of many tourists. Petro taxi is highly appreciated for its smooth ride quality, cool air conditioning and friendly, enthusiastic drivers. Whenever customers need Petro taxis, they are always ready to serve 24/7.

Taxi in Vung Tau - Taxi Petro Vung TauTaxi Petro Vung Tau. Photo: xedichvugiarevungtau

6. Futa Taxi Ba Ria Vung Tau

Futa Taxi Ba Ria Vung Tau is a famous brand of Phuong Trang bus company with many years of experience in the Vung Tau area. The distinguishing feature of Futa taxis is that they have a very prominent orange color. This taxi company is highly appreciated for its professional, dedicated service style and quick taxi calling.

taxi in Vung Tau - Futa Taxi Ba Ria Vung TauFuta Taxi Ba Ria Vung Tau. Photo: taxibmt

7. Vung Tau Minh Thang Taxi

Vung Tau Minh Thang Taxi is a familiar service for tourists with new, good quality car models. Customers can choose 4-seat or 7-seat cars. Just contact the company’s hotline and you will be able to pick up your car quickly without having to wait long. Minh Thang taxi company’s fares are reasonable and clearly listed. In addition, the driver is always enthusiastic to advise customers about places to visit and delicious restaurants in Vung Tau for visitors to refer to.

Taxi in Vung Tau - Taxi Vung Tau Minh ThangTaxi Vung Tau Minh Thang. Photo: mia

8. Gili Taxi Vung Tau

Gili is a famous Vung Tau taxi company with new models, good quality and reasonable prices. Gili taxi’s driver team is professional and polite to customers. The highlight to recognize the Gili car company is its silver color and yellow logo. Good service, new cars and reasonable prices are the reasons why Gili taxi is chosen by many customers when exploring the beautiful scenery of Vung Tau.

taxi in Vung Tau - Gili Taxi Vung TauGili Taxi Vung Tau. Photo: Photo: checkinvietnam

9. Vung Tau Petroleum Taxi

Vung Tau Petroleum Taxi is always the first choice of many tourists when coming to Vung Tau. Vung Tau Petroleum Taxi’s switchboard is always ready to support and answer all customer questions quickly. Along with the listed price list and many incentives for customers when traveling long distances in Vung Tau. Vung Tau Petroleum Taxi provides transportation to the airport and all tourist attractions in Vung Tau.

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Notes when taking a taxi in Vung Tau

To travel by taxi in Vung Tau safely and avoid price gouging, you should also “pocket” the following notes:

– Before going, you should check the taxi company’s open fares and long-distance travel fares. Each taxi company will have different fares, so you should research and choose the most suitable company.

– You should only call Vung Tau taxis through the switchboard number and avoid catching taxis on the street. Thus, it will be very difficult to guarantee the company’s vehicles and will not guarantee safety. 

– Women should not travel by taxi alone in the evening or late at night in Vung Tau.

– During the trip, if you see the driver having an impolite attitude or showing signs of harassment, please quickly contact the hotline to report.

Above are taxi companies in Vung Tau that are reputable and have reasonable prices today that you can refer to. Hopefully, it will help you choose the most suitable taxi company when exploring the beautiful scenery of Vung Tau .

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Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)