A day at Dambri. Falls

LAM DONG – Visitors experience the 1,650 m slide, ride ducks under the lake, sit on the swing to observe the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands from above…

Dambri eco-tourism area is located in hamlet 14, Dam Bri commune, Bao Loc city. At this complex, in addition to exploring the Dambri waterfall, visitors also experience many other fun, entertainment and resort activities.

For people 12 years and older, the entrance ticket is 200,000 VND. Children 5-11 years old ticket 100,000 VND. The ticket price includes all experiences to keep you entertained for the whole day.

The highlight of the tourist area is the Dambri waterfall. The waterfall is more than 60 m high, 30 m wide, with huge water bodies bouncing down with white foam-like giant silk ribbons, creating a mysterious and majestic scene.

Dambri is also known as the “waiting” waterfall according to K’Ho legend, recalling the sad love story of K’Dam and D’B’Ri.

Once upon a time, K’Dam and D’B’Ri loved each other and often dated by the waterfall. Misfortune happens when they cannot live together because of disputes and conflicts between the two tribes. Because he was sad that he could not marry the one he loved, one-day K’Dam quietly left the village and went deep into the forest. D’B’Ri heard that he had crossed many forests and streams, through many full moons and rice fields. She kept looking and looking, but she couldn’t find her lover.

Disappointed, D’B’Ri returned to the forest near the village to wait, hoping that he would return but failed to fulfill his wish. D’B’Ri sat crying until tears flowed, forming a stream, becoming a waterfall-like today. Sympathizing and remembering the faithful love of the couple, the villagers of the two tribes named the waterfall Dambri, which in K’ho means “waiting”.

For those who love to explore, they will walk through 138 steps, along cliffs and mountain slopes to the foot of the waterfall. Near the foot of the waterfall, the investor has arranged many stone tables and chairs for visitors to rest before conquering the next journey.

“From the mountainside, I have more observation directions to admire the wild beauty of the mountains, streams and majestic waterfalls. However, the steps are very slippery, when moving, you have to be careful to avoid slipping. fell,” said Mr. Tran Dinh Hai (pictured, residing in Loc Thang town, Bao Lam district).

Visitors who are not healthy enough to take the stairs can use the elevator with a transparent glass structure, from the ladder can also enjoy the view.

From the top of the stone ladder, walking to the foot of the waterfall takes about 15 minutes. Many visitors often choose the walking experience instead of the elevator.

At the foot of the waterfall, there is a triangular bridge with 3 coordinates, spanning streams and rugged cliffs. Three coordinates correspond to three stops, tourists often choose these points to watch the billowing water.

After discovering the waterfall, visitors often use the elevator located to the right of the waterfall to go up, and continue to experience other services.

On the left corner of the tourist area, the investor has simulated the model of One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi, next to it is a lotus pond, temporary house, antique chairs… so people can sit and take pictures. souvenir picture.

To get to some other amusement parks on the campus, visitors have to go through a suspension bridge tens of meters long, the bottom is wooden, and the two sides are steel cables.

Crossing the suspension bridge is the 36 m high cage swing system. Swinging like a giant wheel, sitting from above, you can see the whole Dambri waterfall as well as the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands in Dam Bri commune.

The marina entertainment area, more than 100 meters from Dambri waterfall, has a duck ride service to admire the view of the blue lake. When boarding the boat, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket. A boat can only carry a maximum of two adults and children under 3 years old.

Iron slide 1,650 m long for the adventurous. When sitting on the slide, people will have about 10-15 minutes of “heartbeat” when going through the winding roads from high to low among the vast pine forests and some flower gardens. The endpoint of the slide is Dasara waterfall – a small waterfall located in the Dambri tourist area.

The slide has a number of automatic shooting points. Staff standing below will play speakers, and ask visitors to smile or wave to create accents when the camera automatically takes pictures. At the end of the journey, if anyone likes to keep memories, they can ask the technical team to print a picture, a plate costs 50,000 VND.

Dasara Waterfall pours water at a height of tens of meters, many people often choose this place as the endpoint to conquer when exploring Dambri waterfall and experiencing services in the tourist complex.

After checking in with Dasara waterfall, visitors will use the round-trip slide system, going in a straight line to connect with the operator to finish the journey.

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