A stall selling more than 3,000 eggs ducks (Balut) a day

HO CHI MINH CITY – Located at the intersection of Ban Co – Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3, Ms. Van’s fried duck shop attracts customers thanks to a special way of boiling, selling more than 3,000 (Balut) eggs ducks every day.

One of the main attractions for diners to visit Ms. Van’s duck shop for more than 10 years is because she loves the sweetness of eggs boiled with coconut water and salt and pepper “untouched”.

Boiled eggs with coconut water have a sweet taste, the meat inside is soft and fragrant. Photo: Ha Lam

The shop owner said he chooses eggs from ducks running in the fields as far as Vinh Long. This is the type of egg for medium children, neither young nor old. Because it is a type of duck that only eats rice and rice, it gives large eggs, and delicious and nutritious lipstick color.

The dish is simple but also takes a lot of time to prepare because everything has to be made by hand. For example, every day, the whole family gets up at 4:30 a.m. to wash eggs, make salt and pepper, ground chili, tamarind juice (for a fried duck with tamarind), grease, fried onions… Eggs after being washed, drained, and Put in a large pot. Egg broth is fresh coconut water with a little salt added for a rich sweetness. When cooked, the eggs are taken out and put in a hot steamer with crushed ginger. “This way helps the eggs always have a hot aroma and a milder smell,” Van said.

Many diners visit the shop, in addition to liking the soft and fragrant eggs, they are also impressed with the accompanying salt and pepper dish. The owner shared that the duck ball has a special flavor because of the salt and pepper, following the recipe to ensure that it does not touch the goods. From pure lump salt, with Dak Lak’s skull pepper, Ms. Van grinds it finely and smoothly. This way, the salt and pepper dish is not salty and has a strong aroma of skull pepper.

A delicious cup of salt and pepper “untouched” is prepared to serve diners. Photo: Ha Lam

When customers order, the shop owner will take the eggs from the steamer, so it is still hot. Each guest will have an extra cup of signature salt, a little crushed chili, and a fragrant squeeze of kumquat. After that, the eater peels off the shell on top of the egg, then takes a spoon to roll up the duck meat inside and dip it with salt, pepper, and laksa leaves. The salty, sour, spicy taste of spices mixed with duck eggs, with a little pungent taste of laksa leaves makes diners excited.

In addition to boiled, Ms. Van’s shop also has fried eggs with tamarind. Tamarind juice is also made by the owner according to his own recipe, has a rich taste, with added fat, fried purple onions, peanuts, and is popular with many diners.

Stir-fried duck eggs with tamarind is also one of the dishes that many diners love thanks to the rich taste of tamarind sauce, the aroma of fried onions and roasted peanuts. Photo: Ha Lam

Ms. Thy, District 1, shared that she liked the duck ball of Ms. Van’s shop because she has just eaten it, soft, sweet water with salt and pepper with a unique taste. In particular, the price of each boiled duck egg here is only 7,000 VND, fried tamarind is 8,000 VND.

Currently, the shop is open from 15:00 to 23:00, attracting a large number of customers every day. In addition to eating on the spot, many customers also visit the shop to buy take-out. In addition to duck eggs, the shop also sells boiled quail eggs, fried tamarind … to meet the enjoyment needs of many diners.