A summer destination for the whole family in Ho Tram

BA RIA – VUNG TAU Bringing the model of a resort-entertainment complex, Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is a suitable destination for families with young children this summer.

Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach has just opened in early 2022, located in the famous entertainment complex The Grand Ho Tram Strip and 2 hour’s drive from Ho Chi Minh City. The “rookie” of IHG Group promises to create a busier summer than ever.
Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is a space to help families have the opportunity to stick together and have fun together such as walking on the beach, watching the sunset…
Entertainment is a key factor at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach, especially in the summer. The campus is equipped with a range of entertainment and recreational facilities and services for the whole family to participate in.
Entertainment space is also shown in each room. This is a room for 2 children at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach, designed in a colorful and dynamic style suitable for children.
In addition to outdoor games, children also experience indoor entertainment activities. The Kids Quarter area located within the Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is considered a colorful childhood paradise. Here children can learn new knowledge and skills and at the same time a place to meet and connect with friends to create interesting stories and family experiences.
The Game Zone area gathers a variety of entertainment games with bustling sounds and bright flashing lights, which are expected to create an interesting experience for children.
Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach also offers guests a movie-going experience with Beta Cinema Ho Tram. This movie theater, which just opened in April, allows visitors to enjoy blockbuster movies just released without having to go far.
In addition to providing an experience space for children, Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach is also a place for parents to have time to rest and relax. The Lotus Spa on the hotel premises is an appropriate choice for parents to take care of their bodies and refresh their spirits. Quiet, comfortable space, intensive treatments along with skilled hands of technicians promise to bring a different experience.
Couples can enjoy an ideal time together, watching the sunset while sipping cocktails at Fuel Sports Bar.
In addition to fun and relaxation, a stay at Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach also offers the whole family a diverse culinary journey. From fresh seafood catch of the day to imported meats, the dishes served to guests are prepared according to different culinary styles offering a variety of flavors and options.
Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach hopes to create not only fun but also memorable vacation experiences for families and especially children this summer.

Photo: Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach