A tour to admire the beautiful bridges of Hue living in an enchanting fantasy 

Referring to the peaceful ancient capital, people not only think of beautiful temples, mausoleums and palaces, but also remember the bridges, private corners very Hue and also the extremely hot check-in places of the ancient place. poetic city. 

The beauty of the dreamland of Hue always makes many passionate hearts flutter and contributes significantly to that beauty are the bridges. Hue’s beautiful bridges are one of the architectural highlights, creating a poetic and ancient look imbued with the poetry of this city. In particular, many bridges here have become iconic images, entering into poetry and music as a very personal charm that anyone who mentions Hue will remember. Traveling to Hue , don’t forget to check-in the beautiful bridges of this city, you will surely have memorable experiences. 

Hue's beautiful bridges

Hue has many famous beautiful bridges. Photo: Crescent Moon Bridge FB

Check-in the most famous beautiful bridges in Hue 

1. Thanh Toan Tile Bridge 

Thanh Toan tiled bridge is one of the most famous beautiful bridges in Hue. This bridge is not only a simple beautiful architecture but also carries with it the cultural and historical values ​​of Hue and has been recognized as a national relic.

Hue's beautiful bridges

Thanh Toan’s tiled bridge is one of the typical architectural works of Hue. Photo:@tuebich_

Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge is located in Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy district, 8km from the city center, crossing a bald patch of Thanh Toan village. The bridge has a very unique “upper family Ha Kieu” architecture, 18m long, 5m wide, divided into 7 compartments, and roofed with lapis lazuli, the body needs a railing to be able to sit and cool off. Wood material not only creates an ancient beauty but also helps keep the space cool. The ancient appearance of this bridge in Hue creates a very unique lyricism that makes visitors fall in love. 

Hue's beautiful bridges

This bridge is a popular check-in point for tourists. Photo:@pusheen2401_

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2. Truong Tien Bridge

Referring to the beautiful bridges of Hue, Truong Tien Bridge will definitely be the first name that comes to mind. This bridge is one of the symbolic images of Hue, having entered into poetry, song, music, and painting, and is also a witness to the long history and culture of the ancient capital. Truong Tien Bridge connects the two banks of the Perfume River, the south belongs to Phu Hoi ward and the north is Phu Hoa ward.

Hue's beautiful bridges

Truong Tien Bridge is a symbol of Hue. Photo:@kiyomihg_

The bridge was built and completed in 1899 with steel material with a length of 402.6m, 6 girder spans, 67m each. The peaceful and impressive beauty of Truong Tien Bridge is always something that attracts visitors, you can check-in with this bridge in many locations and the most ideal time is at sunset, the scene at this time. Very beautiful and romantic. 

Hue's beautiful bridges

The bridge is built from steel, the look is both ancient and modern. Photo:@loanloan_

3. Half Moon Bridge

Crescent Bridge was built in 2020 in the Me area, in Phu Thuan ward, the purpose of this bridge is to create more check-in, play and sightseeing space for residents and tourists in the coastal area. North of the Perfume River. The bridge has a semicircle shape as the name suggests, without a railing, the beauty is very impressive. From this bridge, visitors can enjoy the romantic scenery of the Perfume River, especially at sunset, the bridge will become an ideal check-in point with a very romantic background. 

Hue's beautiful bridges

Ban Nguyet Bridge has a romantic view of the Perfume River. Photo: FB Bridge Crescent

Hue's beautiful bridges

The bridge attracts many young people to check-in. Photo:@somaly_ng_

4. Ironwood bridge 

This beautiful bridge of Hue is the new check-in place of the city and also a place that attracts many tourists. The bridge was built in 2018 on the banks of the Perfume River with a total investment of nearly 53 billion. The bridge is 450m long, 4m wide with the main material being South African ironwood, the entire 2440m2 floor space is paved with expensive ironwood 5cm thick. The railing system is made from copper material imported from Korea.

Hue's beautiful bridges

Ironwood Bridge is a new tourist attraction of Hue in recent years. Photo: CARD

To increase the beauty of this bridge, people have installed a very prominent shimmering light system. The surrounding space is also decorated with ornamental plants, flower beds and rows of green trees, no matter what time you check-in this bridge, you will still feel a unique, charming and very beautiful beauty. romantic.

Hue's beautiful bridges

The bridge has very chill check-in corners. Image:

Hue is famous for being a “sad” city with a contemplative look immersed in ancient charms from many generations and Hue’s beautiful bridges have always been a very unique feature that further adorns the beauty of Hue. If you are in need of a moment of silence, after the hustle and bustle of your present life, then come to Hue and visit the beautiful bridges to see and enjoy the peaceful spaces. full of poetry. 

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