A vegetable with a strange name suddenly became popular, traders sold hundreds of seedlings every day


Recently, Spinach Chaya suddenly became a fever, and many women looked to buy varieties to plant to enjoy.

Just type the phrase “Spinach Chaya” or “Spaghetti” on social networks, and users will see a series of posts selling tree branches with prices ranging from 20,000 – 70,000 VND/10 branches.

According to research, Spinach Chaya is a new vegetable variety introduced to Vietnam in recent years. This vegetable is easy to care for and grows and develops well when grown in many climate zones of our country.

This is a perennial shrub that grows quickly and has simple leaves with many branches. The tree’s maximum height can reach 3-5m and 2-3m wide. The trunk is soft, fat, 6-12cm in diameter.

Young trees are light green in color, have white sap, and when old, they are gray brown and have many cracks. The leaves are dark green, alternate, shiny, and look quite similar to papaya leaves. Each leaf is 10-20cm across. The woody core of the tree trunk is soft and brittle. The inflorescence has a long stem, grows at the tip of the branch, has a flat top, is 5-8cm wide, and is white.

A vegetable with a strange name suddenly has a fever, traders sell hundreds of seedlings every day - 1

Bina Chaya branches are sought after by many people to plant during this time.

Having been growing Spinach Chaya for several years now, Ms. Hong (Phu Tho) said that this plant is very easy to grow, does not require much care, and her family grows the whole ridge to eat. “My sister bought the seedlings to plant a few years ago. This tree is very easy to grow, grows quickly, and grows luxuriantly. My family often picks the tops and young leaves to boil, stir-fry with garlic, stir-fry beef… it’s very sweet to eat. You can also use meat rolls to eat deliciously. But the point to note is that when stir-frying, you must boil it and then stir-fry,” she said.

She said that currently in her hometown, MSG is selling for 65,000 VND/kg. This vegetable can be eaten all year round, but I find it better in summer than in winter. Her family only grows enough to eat.

A vegetable with a strange name suddenly becomes a fever, traders sell hundreds of seedlings every day - 2

These branches are being sold at prices ranging from 20,000 – 70,000 VND/10 branches.

Ms. Nguyen Quyet – online sales focal point in Son La, said that Bina Chaya trees have been grown by many people around her area for a long time, but recently she has seen the craze for it. “I saw so many people asking to buy it, so I imported it and sold it. People have been growing and eating this tree for many years now. I’ve also enjoyed it, but I ate it raw and didn’t taste anything. I don’t know if it’s tastier or sweeter if it’s stir-fried or boiled,” she said.

Because the number of people growing this plant is small and scattered, she hardly sees the leaves being sold. This time, she was only able to import tree branches for breeding, she imported them from another contact.

“Currently, I am selling for 50,000 VND/bundle of 10 branches. There are a lot of customers asking to buy, but they mainly buy a few branches to try growing. Some days I can sell hundreds of these branches to customers everywhere,” she said.

According to her research, MSG plants are easy to grow and easy to care for. People buy cuttings and water them to keep them moist. After about a year, they will be able to harvest the leaves. The leaves can be eaten raw, boiled, or stir-fried. The special thing is that this tree can collect leaves to eat all year round. People only need to plant it once and can harvest leaves to eat for many years.

($1=24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)