Admire Nui Sam stone church – A hundred-year-old church built of stone in Chau Doc

Chau Doc city – An Giang is not only famous for many sacred religious relics such as Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Co Tu, Hang Pagoda, and Ta Pa Pagoda, … but also has the presence of a stone church. Sam mountain is also a magnificent religious building leaning against the cliff.

If you have the opportunity to go to the West and visit An Giang, tourists from all over the world remember to visit the ancient church located on the slopes of Sam mountain. This Catholic work and Chau Doc tourist destination are located close to the relics of Ba Chua Xu Temple, Sam mountain, Tay An Co Tu, and Hang Pagoda. Especially, the church is also located in the same area as Victoria Nui Sam Lodge resort, Nui Sam cable car, … so it is very convenient for you to choose as a common attraction in the cluster of relics and religious works. culture, and history combined with a vacation with family and friends.

Instructions on how to move to Sam . mountain rock church

Address: Old National Highway 91, Vinh Tay, Nui Sam ward, City. Chau Doc, An Giang province.

The ancient church is a hundred years old and was built mainly of white stone, located on the slopes of Sam mountain, in the territory of Chau Doc city, An Giang province. This is a Catholic work that many parishioners and tourists come to celebrate, pilgrimage and visit every year.

Sam Mountain Stone Church - The church is a hundred years oldThe church is one hundred years old. Photo: Langthangangiang

To get to the ancient church leaning against Sam mountain, you have to go to Chau Doc City. If you depart from Saigon, you can book sleeper bus tickets like Phuong Trang, bus routes to An Giang, … with fares ranging from 190-210k/person. When the car stops at Chau Doc bus station, you move to the area of ​​Nui Sam ward and then go to the old highway 91, Vinh Tay, you can check in and visit the stone church. Especially, this place is located less than 2km  from Tay An Pagoda, Hang Pagoda (Phuoc Dien Tu), Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Ba Chua Xu Temple, Sam mountain .

Sam Mountain Church - Statue of GodStatue of God in the church grounds. Photo: Langthangangiang

The right time to visit the rock church of Mount Sam

You can go to the stone church at any time of the day. However, if you can arrange a schedule, you should visit this place in the early morning or afternoon (from 4pm to 5pm). Coming to Sam Mountain Cathedral at this time, you can catch the sunrise or sunset on the slopes of Sam mountain. Because the temperature here is high at noon, it is quite hot, which will make you quickly tired or heatstroke and not be able to see all the beautiful scenery here. In addition, this is also the time for you to feel the pure or profound beauty and the fresh and quiet air of this land. Surely this will be an unforgettable experience for you when coming to the stone church, don’t miss it.

Sam Mountain Church - You should visit the church in the morningYou should visit the church in the morning to avoid hot weather. Photo: Quoc Chien

History of building the rock church on Sam mountain, Chau Doc

The parish in the area where the stone church is located is also known as the parish of Immaculate Mountain Sam. It is located close to the Cambodian border, along the Vinh Te canal and about 6.5 km from Chau Doc city. The parish, or parish, was founded around 1910. Two years later, in 1912, the church was built with the title of Our Lady of Lourdes. The work was built by a person from the North to the South.

Sam Mountain Church - Inside there is a statue of worshipInside there is a statue of A Saint Le Van Phung and Doan Cong Qui. Photo: dulichangiang

The Catholic building is built of stone and wood, has a very beautiful architecture, looks very “Western Europe”. On the other hand, the location of the church is right next to Ba Temple and Hang Pagoda – Sam Mountain, so it can be said to be very favorable. Previously, the building was roofed with tile, but over time and many events, it was severely damaged, so the stone walls were restored in 2012 (on the 100th anniversary of construction). Inside the church, there is a statue of A Saint Le Van Phung and Doan Cong Qui.

Sam Mountain Church - Long history of constructionLong history of construction. Photo: Quoc Chien

From 1912 to 1976, the church did not have a priest to look after and was considered an odd surname of Chau Doc Church, a few times a year to celebrate Mass. In 1972, Reverend Chau Doc officially invited the priests of A Thanh Phung seminary to celebrate Mass here every week. Especially since 1976, Sam mountain church was served by Master Peter Le Trong Hai, considered the first teacher of the parish. From August 2000, the parish was elevated to a parish and is located in the same area as Chi Lang and Tri Ton churches of An Giang.

Sam Mountain Church - The work is made of stoneThe building is made of stone and wood. Photo: Quoc Chien

With a special position because it is located on the slopes of Sam mountain, and has a hundred years old age with solid and profound stone architecture, Sam mountain stone church gives visitors an extremely wonderful feeling. Coming to this Catholic building, you feel like entering a special space that is both solid, airy and quiet.

Sam Mountain Church - Beautiful paintingsBeautiful paintings on the buildings in the church garden. Photo: Langthangangiang

If you have the opportunity to travel to Chau Doc and visit Ba Chua Xu Temple, Phuoc Dien Tu and Loai Ngoc Hau’s Tomb, remember to combine a visit to the Sam mountain rock church so that you can both go on pilgrimage and travel and find a peaceful place. Wish you have a happy and interesting trip to An Giang, dispel all the fatigue and worries of life.

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