Admire the beautiful waterfalls in Dak Lak that fascinate travelers 

Not only has the magnificent beauty of rolling mountains and unique indigenous culture, but Dak Lak is also famous for surprisingly beautiful waterfalls. The masterpieces are molded from the hands of mother nature as if giving Dak Lak a charming appearance that fascinates visitors from near and far. 

Traveling to Dak Lak, you want to find a place with great nature to immerse yourself in nature or an attractive destination for trekking, exploring, enjoying fun picnics to enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature. The waterfalls here are a perfect choice. The beautiful waterfalls in Dak Lak are mostly natural masterpieces of the Creator with a majestic, charming, and poetic beauty-like paradise. 

Checklist of beautiful waterfalls in Dak Lak definitely should not be missed

1. Dray Nur . Waterfall

This waterfall in Dak Lak is located 25km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, visitors can move in the direction of National Highway 14 passing the Buon Kuop hydroelectric power station. This beautiful waterfall is a familiar check-in place for tourists because of its great beauty and is located in the system of three waterfalls Gia Long – Dray Nur – Dray Sap on the Serepok river. The waterfall is 250 meters long, over 30 meters high and 150 meters wide on the territory of both Dak Lak and Dak Nong. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak DranurDray Nur Waterfall is an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Dak Nong. Photo: @thuydann__

The beauty of the waterfall will make visitors bewildered, the water flowing from above into the night is full of generosity, pride and violence, the white foam creates mists like a beautiful picture. Around this waterfall are small streams with very interesting water flowing through the rocky crevices. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak DraynurThe majestic scenery captivates visitors. Photo: @thuydann__

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2. Dray Sap Thuong Waterfall 

Along with Dray Nur, Dray Sap Thuong waterfall is also an attractive destination for tourists, This waterfall is located in the Ea Krong river of Ea Na commune, Krong Ana district, 18km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot to the south. The name of this waterfall means smoke waterfall because of the characteristic smoke from many generations.

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapDray Sap waterfall is majestic and poetic. Photo: Mia

The waterfall is very prominent with the silvery white color of the water, the two sides are the majestic green of the mountains and forests, and the powerful waterfall creates a resounding sound. Dray Sap Thuong waterfall has 8 meters wide, 70 meters wide, in the rainy season, the amount of water is abundant, this beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak becomes huge and fierce, in the rainy season when the water recedes, it forms 9 small waterfalls separated from each other. from 5 to 10 meters create a very unique beauty. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapGreat space to chill. Photo: Linh Tra

3. Virgin Waterfall

Not possessing a majestic and fierce appearance like many other waterfalls, but Trinh Nu Waterfall still captivates travelers with its very own beauty. This waterfall is located in Cu Jut district, 24km from Buon Ma Thuot center. This is a waterfall formed on Krong No River, a tributary of the Serepok River.

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapTrinh Nu Waterfall is beautiful and clear. Photo: khanhquyen98

The name of the waterfall comes from the love story of a touching girl, that’s why this waterfall always has a beauty subtly romantic and lyrical. The beautiful scenery with the calm blue water flowing like a young girl in spring is easy to make people fall in love. There is also a very majestic and beautiful rock mountain complex. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapThis is a great place for trekking and sightseeing. Photo:@baba.shinbeu

4. Thuy Tien Waterfall 

This beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak will be a great destination for visitors to admire the wonderful wild beauty of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. This waterfall is located in Ea Puk Commune, Krong Nang District, 56km from Buon Ma Thuot center and has been recognized as a national relic. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapThuy Tien Waterfall is also a favorite check-in point for tourists. Photo: @tuananh.leo.9

 Thuy Tien Waterfall does not rush down from above like other waterfalls, but the water flowing from above will be divided into 3 very clear floors, the rocks lying in the green color of the thousands make anyone stop. The feet are also dumbfounded, which is also the reason why this waterfall is also known as the Three Floors waterfall. The first floor of the other has a little slope, the water flows very smoothly, the two sides have many old trees with long swaying roots. The second floor has many stacked rocks embracing a shallow lake. The last floor of the waterfall is very different from the calm water at first and then the strong flow gradually hits the rocks, splashing white foam and then gently flowing back and forth. 

Beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak Dray SapThe scenery is beautiful and very poetic. Photo:@benieuday

Dak Lak Highland has been endowed with many interesting landscapes by nature, coming here in addition to Lak Lake, Ban Don, and nature reserves, surely the waterfalls of this plateau are the main attractions. come great. Before the beautiful water in Dak Lak , you will not be surprised, immersed by the beauty that is both poetic, mysterious and proud and strong. 

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