Admire the unique stork wind chimes of Tay Ninh boys

Tay Ninh’s handicrafts are very meticulous and fancy, but exude rustic and country beauty. thanks to the use of simple and close to rural materials such as bamboo, bamboo, coconut shell…

Admire the Tay Ninh guy making a strange stork wind chimes (Video: ChuCuoi)

Le Ngoc Du (born 1987, Tay Ninh) is also known as Chu Cuoi on Tik Tok. With his skillful hands and talent, he has created unique handmade products that attract tens of millions of views.

“Stork wind chimes” make netizens admire

Since childhood, because her family could not afford it, Ngoc Du was not allowed to buy toys like other peers; His toys are all handmade by his father. Therefore, Du’s habit of making toys for himself was formed. At the same time, the love for handmade products was also seeded and developed at the same time.

Before that, Ngoc Du’s main job was as a hairdresser, but because of the epidemic, he could not continue this work, so he started making handicrafts.

Tay Ninh’s handicraft products are very meticulous and fancy, but they all exude a rustic and country beauty thanks to the use of simple and close-to-the-country raw materials such as bamboo, bamboo, coconut shells, etc. for him to create as simple as a saw, scissors, a jar of iron glue and a homegrown log to make a table.

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Before being a Tiktoker about handmade products, Ngoc Du was a hairdresser. (Photo: NVCC)

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The product of the stork wind chimes caused a fever on Mr. Du’s social network.

On his TikTok channel, he shares instructional videos to make many unique crafts and attracts a large number of viewers. In particular, his stork wind chimes video has reached nearly 35 million views.

“Stork wind chime” is its most famous product. I got the idea for this product from a regular wind chime but was more creative in terms of materials and designs.

The main material of this product is bamboo. I still keep the inherent characteristics of the bamboo tree and look for parts of the tree that have the same shape as the shapes I want to make.

For example, when making a fish, I choose the base of the bamboo to create a shape but still keep the crabs and strokes of the original so that everyone who looks at it knows it’s made from a bamboo root. As for the stork, the ingredients are still made from bamboo but need more meticulousness. I have to make each “stalk” of wing feathers, tail feathers and then glue them together to complete a beautiful and unique stork feather.

This stork bell model is an upgrade of a model I made before and it took me 6 days to complete it,” Ngoc Du shared.

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The stork made from bamboo is lifelike, especially the neck. The sophistication is also shown in the accompanying fish.

Making “housekeeping chickens” for sale since 3rd grade

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Ngoc Du made “ornamental chickens” for her mother to sell from 3rd grade to 9th grade. (Photo: NVCC)

From an early age, Ngoc Du showed her crafting talent when she was able to make her own “ornamental chicken” toy, and especially that toy could also bring in income to support the family.

“At that time, I lived in a neighborhood that made “ornamental chickens” for nearly 20 years. As a child, I often went out to play around the neighborhood, choosing chicken feathers for artisans to stick on “ornamental chickens”, so I peeked at how to make it and then went home to tinker with it to make my own chicken.From the chicken I thought of, I created many other animals like the duck, the peacock, and the whole neighborhood started to follow suit. .

At first, my purpose was just to play, then my mother tried to sell it and really sold it. From the first one or two pairs of chickens to more and more sales, someone came to my house to order. At that time I was a 3rd grader and I stuck with this job until I was in 9th grade to help my family earn extra income.

While studying and working, I don’t find it too difficult because making such crafts is my passion since childhood, even there was a time when I neglected to study because I was caught up in the joy and love of learning when I was young. making “Ornamental chickens”, Du shared.

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Product “Bamboo Unicorn” by Ngoc Du (Photo: NVCC).

Doing a job that requires both manual labor and a lot of brainpower to be creative, but Tay Ninh’s son doesn’t feel that he’s hard or tired. On the contrary, he is happy because he is doing right with his passion and is trying harder and harder to make more unique and beautiful products.

Besides making handmade products to have more income to cover her life, Ngoc Du also conveys through these products the message of preserving the rustic and idyllic beauty of the countryside.

In addition, thanks to the opportunity to come to Tik Tok during the outbreak of the disease and more and more people are interested in the products he made, Du gradually has a good source of income. Currently, with exclusive products, Mr. Ngoc Du sells for 700 thousand (30$) to 7 million dongs (300$).

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