Admire the wonder of stone in Quang Ninh

The giant rocks like being placed on top of each other by nature’s “hands” in Quang Ninh have become a destination for those who love to explore.

Da Chong Mountain is an “emerging” destination that is popular with backpackers, but for locals, this place has been known for a long time for its spectacular and interesting landscape. The mountain is located in Bang Ca commune, Ha Long city, about 30 km from the city center to the west.

Although it is only nearly 400m high above sea level, Da Chong has a mountain top consisting of dozens of large stones stacked on top of each other, the strangest of which is a special rocky outcrop reaching out to the edge of the cliff.

The closer people get, the more surprised they are because the contact part of this giant stone block with the rock below is only about 1m2 wide as if a hand has skillfully placed it.

Despite such a precariousness, the cliff does not tilt over time, creating an interesting scene that attracts many young people to come and check-in “virtual life”.

Outside the rocks are steep cliffs. According to an old story told by the elderly in Bang Ca, the river surrounding this place was poetic and beautiful, and two gods one day stopped by to admire the scenery and accidentally wet their clothes. The gods dried their clothes by putting up trees on the high mountains on the Yen Lap side, but because the mountains on the Bang Ca side were too low, they had to put more stones on top, helping to equalize the two sides of the mountain. Therefore, Da Chong mountain seems to be precarious, but it is very balanced and stable.

Not only has an interesting cliff, but the peak is also one of the highest points of the Phoenix mountain range extending from Ho Chi Minh City. Uong Bi to TX. Quang Yen, City. Ha Long should have a very impressive landscape of mountains, rivers and lakes.

From here, you can have a panoramic view of the Yen Lap lake area with green pine forests. In the early morning, clouds drift over the lake, the water surface is as flat as a mirror, gradually brightening up like sunlight.

Sunrise and sunset are the right times to conquer Da Chong and admire the charming landscape, save the most beautiful moments.

However, Da Chong mountain is not a tourist destination of Ha Long or Quang Ninh. The local government has installed warning signs warning about the level of danger, visitors need to be careful when visiting and especially not to climb the precarious cliff outside to ensure safety.

The road to the top of Da Chong mountain is not too difficult but quite tricky, the easiest way is from the foothills of Yen Lap pine hill in Minh Thanh ward, TX. Quang Yen with a climbing time of about 1.5 hours.

The road passes through pine hills to get plastic, green pine trees in the autumn sun make the trip more interesting.

 (According to VOV)