Amazingly beautiful camping sites in Ha Giang that few people know 

You will be blown away by the beauty of the camping sites in Ha Giang introduced in the following article. All are fine coordinates and beautiful scenery. 

Camping sites in Ha Giang are breathtakingly beautiful 

1. White cliff

White cliffs is a camping site in Ha Giang with beautiful, chilled views that every young person loves. This place is called the god cliff located right on Ma Pi Leng pass, about 160 km from the center of Ha Giang city. Visitors can move from Viewpoint Pai Lung to get here. 

White cliffs are beautiful camping coordinates in Ha Giang. Photo: @phuongdidau

Right at the foot of the white cliff is an open space of 15-20 m2, enough to set up 2-3 tents. From here, you can see the whole picture of Ma Pi Leng pass winding between the green mountains of Ha Giang. Especially in this location, you can enjoy both the beautiful sunrise and sunset. 

This stone arch can only build 2-3 tents at a time. Photo: @hikecode

The terrain in this white cliff is mainly a field located in the heart of the rock arch, leveled to accommodate tents. However, if camping overnight, you need to bring a mattress to lie down without pain. Here, everything is completely wild, natural, there is no electricity or wifi, so you need to bring coal and firewood. 

Check-in corner for genuine and beautiful bags in Ha Giang. Photo: @vinh.xuong.3

According to the Ha Giang travel experience of many tourists, camping gear should be small and compact devices. If you want to take a lot of beautiful photos, you can bring a small folding chair. Sitting by the tent, overlooking the Ma Pi Leng pass, sipping tea to welcome the dawn is a great experience not to be missed. 

2. Ban Ang Stream 

There are many beautiful camping sites in Ha Giang that you should try once. One of them is Ban Ang stream in Yen Minh district. From Du Gia, visitors move about 40 km to come to this beautiful stream. The stream with blue water in jade, the water surface is as calm as a sheet, surrounded by beautiful wild trees like a fairy tale.

Ban Ang Stream with charming scenery. Photo: hodongdo

Compared to many other destinations in Ha Giang , Ban Ang stream is a relatively new place, far from the center, so few tourists know about it. However, if you have come here once, you will fall in love immediately because the scenery around the stream is as beautiful as “great love cup”. To serve tourists, people also build more wooden rafts and build a small hut. 

This place is very wild and chill. Photo: @tht.mkt

Around Ban Ang stream in Ha Giang, there are large grounds suitable for you to pitch a tent facing the stream. Camping here, you will enjoy more fully the feeling of hiding, leaving the city and hiding in the pristine and fresh heaven and earth of Ha Giang. If possible, you can also bring SUP and paddle right on the stream.

Very nice check-in corner that customers love. Photo: @anhxu_xu

No need to camp for a long time, just 1 day and 1 night here, you can feel the beauty of this place. The air around the stream is cool and pleasant. If you want to take virtual photos, you can take pictures on wooden rafts that people have built and pay for them. In addition, you can also explore Tham Lin cave located along the stream. 

3. Peak Chieu Lau Thi

Don’t you know what to play in Ha Giang ? Try camping on the top of Chieu Lau Thi. This is the second highest mountain in Ha Giang, belonging to the Tan Con Linh range in Tan Minh and Chien Thang hamlets, Ho Thau commune, Hoang Su Phi district. With an altitude of 2402 meters, this mountain peak is both a cloud hunting paradise and a great place for tourists to camp. 

Tourists camp on top of Chieu Lau Thi. Photo: @billsnguyen

Today, the road to the top of Chieu Lau Thi has been concreted a part, helping to shorten the trekking journey to the top of the mountain. Although it is a bit difficult to climb the mountain, the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road is the reward for visitors’ efforts. The picture of Ha Giang with majestic mountains and magical white mist creates a beautiful scene that captivates people’s hearts. 

This place is also a beautiful cloud hunting paradise in Ha Giang. Photo: @zife_boss

On the top of Chieu Lau Thi , there are open spaces large enough for you to set up a camping tent. The best thing is probably setting up a tent in the afternoon, just in time to watch the sunset and the next morning, get up early to hunt clouds and catch the sunrise. The sea of ​​clouds in Chieu Lau Thi is most beautiful around 5 am, white and dense, no less than any high mountain in the Northwest. 

Welcoming dawn to the top of Chieu Lau Thi. Photo: @me0lu0i

As with many other camping coordinates, you need to bring your tent and essential gear when you want to spend the night on the top of the mountain. The temperature is very cold at night, so remember to bring warm clothes and firewood to light the campfire. Food, water and other personal items are also essential in the journey to conquer Chieu Lau Thi. 

Beautiful coordinates on the tourist map of Ha Giang. Photo: @to_teo

There are many beautiful camping sites in Ha Giang that you should try once to experience. Among them are white cliffs, Ban Ang stream and Chieu Lau Thi peak. Each place with a very different angle about Ha Giang, promises to bring the best experiences for visitors when camping. 

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