An experience not to be missed when coming to Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is always a top tourist attraction, with interesting experiences that only this place has.

Good boy when coming to Hoi An 1Good boy when coming to Hoi An 2
See the old town from above: The first experience suggested for you when coming to Hoi An (Quang Nam) is to definitely sit at a cafe or restaurant with a terrace, sip food and drink while looking at the street. neck from above. You can see layers of houses with red tile roofs, mossy yellow walls, and small streets full of people walking up and down… Photo: Pangza_k, C01408.
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See Hoi An at night: The beauty of Hoi An is only truly splendid when the night falls, hundreds of colorful lanterns are lit up everywhere. Walking in the middle of the old streets with shimmering lights, you will feel like going back in time to the old feudal period. In particular, the night experience that visitors should not miss is participating in the festival of dropping lanterns on the Hoai River on the full moon day of every month. Photo: Lesgourmetsnomades, Bankjourney.
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Watch Hoi An Memories show: Hoi An Memories Real Scene Art show gives viewers an overview of Hoi An’s long history and culture. Photo: Dulichcungmaymay.
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Discovering Cu Lao Cham Island: The pristine island of Cu Lao Cham has located about 20 km from the old town, also a destination worth experiencing when traveling to Quang Nam. Visitors should come to Cu Lao Cham from March to August. During this season, this place has warm sunshine, little rain, calm sea, and poetic landscape. You can participate in activities of swimming, snorkeling, playing in the sea, enjoying fresh seafood… Photo: Samalam_.
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Experiencing coconut forest ecological area: Bay Mau coconut forest is also a destination that is always on the Hoi An travel list of young people. The green coconut forest growing on both sides of the river provides a beautiful background for photography. In addition, the experience of watching the performance of the boat swinging around on the river is also very interesting and leaves an unforgettable impression on the viewers. Photo: Travelingchickpea, Huyendoan_76.

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